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Diary of Drama

by drama4ever_6


“Where are you going, Mom?” I asked curiously. She normally doesn’t leave the house much, as she’s more concentrated on random hobbies she picks up from seemingly nowhere.

     “Oh, hi, Zauber. I’m just going to go challenge one of my neofriends to Pterattack,” she replied. Without any further explanation, she leaped out the door. Not walked, but leaped. She’s not called Drama just because of her username, you know.

     I sighed and clip-clopped my way to the living room. I had to find something to do with my time, as once Mom gets into an arcade, she’s gone for quite a while. Just as I was settling in to read a book on the couch, my sister, Kyatsoni the Kougra, wandered over. She was positively glowing. Really, she was. She is painted glowing, after all.

     “What’s up?” she asked, happily jumping up onto the seat cushion next to me.

     “Oh, Mom got into an arcade. You know how that turns out,” I replied coolly.

     “Yeah, I do. I can see her now, running from game to game in that big old arcade. Scoring just enough points to get a good amount of Neopoints, and yet grumbling that she can’t get the high score.” Kyatsoni chuckled a little. “She may not get a very high score, but she plays as intensely as AAA himself.”

     “Definitely!” my cloud Lupe sister, who was eavesdropping, agreed. Her name is Courtney, named after some long lost neofriend of Drama.

     “Okay, does everyone have some kind of radar that tells you guys when I’m trying to relax? Seriously, I sit down for two seconds, and suddenly everyone surrounds me and chats up a storm!” I grumbled.

     “Oh, don’t get your mane in a bunch, you Christmas Uni,” Courtney teased. She turned to Kyatsoni. “Hey, since Drama is probably going to be gone a while, and since I see her neopoints every once in a while rising, you want to go shopping?”

     “Yeah, of course!” Kyatsoni exclaimed, stretching before leaping off the couch. She paused. “Oh, wait, what about Billy? He needs some exercise for a young Christmas Blumaroo.”

     “Oh, I last saw him hanging out in his room. He’ll be fine. Hurry up and go, you guys! I need to finish my book in peace,” I told them. They both looked at each other, at me, back at each other again, and giggled annoyingly. After they were both gone, I rolled my eyes at their girliness. I think if I had been a natural Uni, I would be like them. I shudder at the thought as I continue reading my book.

     After a few chapters, I put the book down out of boredom. I raised my wings and flew down the hallway leading to the bedrooms. I was too lazy and bored to walk. Just as I flew past Drama’s room, I sensed something was a little off. I stopped flying and walked cautiously over to her room.

     What I saw shocked me. Billy was sitting on her newly messy bed, trying to pry at the lock on some book. I rushed over to him and snatched the book from him.

     “Hey! Give that back!” he whined, reaching for it.

     “Why? It’s Drama’s book, not yours! Why would you even think that you could do that?” I retorted.

     “Because it’s her diary!”


     “Yeah! It’s her diary! I was just hanging out in my bedroom when I saw something peeking out from under Drama’s pillows. I snuck over to her room and took it. It had the words Diary of Drama on front, so I tried to open it. I was just about to open the lock when you rudely interrupted! Now give it back!” he explained, angrily reaching for it again. He got it this time, as I was too surprised to defend it.

     “Can I help?” I heard a voice ask. I looked around only to realize that I had been the one to say it. I was so curious it slipped out. But Billy nodded and held it out to me. I kicked at the lock on the diary, and it snapped open.

     “Wow...” Billy and I both said, staring at the entry it flipped open to. Strangely enough, it was the only entry. The place where the past entries were supposed to be were ripped out.

     “Dear Diary,

     Hey, it’s me again. It’s been a while since I last wrote in here, so I thought I would do a little catch-up.

     I keep trying to send my stories the Neopian Times, but every single time, it had a big rejection stamp on the front of the envelope. I don’t even open it to read the letter inside. I just take the copy of the story they taped to the front of the envelope (with the rejection stamp on the story as well) and I stick it in this book near the back so I can look back on them to see how I can improve them. I tried a few other times with a few other stories, but those get rejected as well. The only successful story this family has sent to the Neopian Times was the one Zauber_Chiara wrote after I first adopted her as a newbie. I guess her enthusiasm is what TNT was looking for. I just don’t have that spark, I guess. I’ll just resign myself to my poetry that I don’t ever send in. Why? I care deeply about every single poem I write, no matter how bad it is.

     I don’t want it to be scrutinized and tainted with a bright red rejection stamp.”

      I hastily close the book. I would never have guess that my fun-loving, slightly clumsy Mom was ever jealous of me. Some of her rejected stories fluttered to the floor, adding to the impact of what I read. Billy picked them up and carefully put them back into the diary. We suddenly heard footsteps behind us. I didn’t have to turn around to know that it was Mom.

     “So, you finally read that entry, didn’t you?” she asked in a slightly sad voice. We both nodded without turning around.

     “I’m... I’m sorry, Mom,” Billy replied. I turned around, expecting to see tears in Mom’s eyes. Only her eyes told of any speck of sadness. Otherwise, her posture was just as relaxed as normal.

     “Don’t be sorry. I don’t need any pity. That’s why I ripped out the entries before them.” Drama went to retrieve the diary, which I gave back to her. She hugged it a little bit, then hid it in the place Billy found it.

     “Where are your poems, Mom?” I timidly asked. She stopped, and turned around to look at me.

     “Those poems are hidden, Zauber. And they’re not on paper.” She paused again, then grinned at us in her usual silly manner. “The poems are in my slightly cluttered mind. I can never find them when I want to.” I giggled a little, and Billy chuckled a bit. The atmosphere became relaxed and more light-hearted.

     “Now, enough with all of this sadness,” Mom declared, striding to the front door. “We have to get to those sisters of yours before they spend all of my Neopoints.” We started to all head out the door. On the way out, however, Mom pulled me aside.

     “Hey, um, Zauber?” she whispered. “If you ever wanted to write this in a story, you have my permission. I would really like that. You can even add my diary entry. That is, if you want to.”

     “Are you sure?” I asked. She nodded eagerly.

     “Of course, Zauber! You have that magic spark for writing stories.” She winked. “Besides, if it gets rejected, we’ll just start our own paper! How does that sound?”

     Billy, oblivious Billy, came back to us.

     “Are we leaving or not? Sheesh! The time it takes for girls to leave a house!” he exclaimed. Mom and I chuckled a little, and followed him out the door.

The End

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