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Maximizing Your Neopoint Earning Potential

by terragainsborough


How many of you are like me? You have limited time on Neopets, but you want to earn as many Neopoints as possible? You’re not very good at restocking? You love playing flash games, but you’re not sure it’s worth the effort? I’ve got a foolproof way to maximize your time playing flash games, while also having fun in the process.

To start off, you need to see what games are going to work for you. Play every flash game at least once. See if you like it, how high you can consistently score, and how long it takes you to play one game. If playing a game stresses you out, don’t pick it. If you’re awful at a game, next! If you like a game, but it takes you ten minutes a go, skip it. My general rule of thumb is that if it takes more than ninety seconds to send a score, it’s too slow. I also won’t play games that have too much lag or an annoying sound that can’t be muted, no matter how much I like them. Choosing your games is all about personal preference.

Add as many games as you like to your favorites list. The button is at the bottom of the screen and shows a heart with a plus on the upper-left side. A new account can have twelve game favorites; an older account can have as many as twenty-seven. I usually have around twelve, so you should have enough space.

Add the games favorites page to your dailies. This will remind you to actually play every day and is an easy way to keep track of what you have left to do. The page tells you how many plays of a game you’ve had that day and turns red when you’ve reached the max. Play your games in any order for as long as you like. Remember, you don’t have to play all of them every day. Just do what you feel comfortable with. If you have a time limit, I suggest playing your favorite favorite games first and going until you’ve reached the end of your allocation.

Every 25th of the month, the score ratios change. This can be annoying to see your favorite game suddenly only netting you 200 NP a play, but I like to think of it as mixing things up. It gives you a chance to play games you haven’t in a while and keeps things interesting.

When the ratios change, I first check my favorite games to see how much NP I’ll get from them. The ratio is listed under the game quality selection. The way to see what score you’ll need it earn 1000 points is to divide 1000 by the ratio. Use a calculator if you need to. I like Zurroball, but the ratio just changed to 8.19. 1000/8.19 is 122.1. That means I’d need to score 123 points (always round up) a game in order to get 1000 NP. I usually only play Zurroball if the score I need is 50 points or less because otherwise it takes too long. So I take that off my favorites list.

You need to do this with all games on your favorites and see if it’s worth it to you to play that one. Then go through every game in the arcade (don’t forget the J**** World games) and check the ratios of the ones you have liked in the past. I like to open each game that I might play in a tab and then check the payouts all in a row and very quickly. You may find that even though you didn’t play Meerca Chase II last month, the ratio has changed to make it much quicker to score your 1000 NP. Add any game that’s now good for you to your favorites list. If you change you mind about liking a game at any point, you can always take it off the list.

A game doesn’t need to net 1000 a go to make it worthwhile. Some games are hard to score enough for the max NP, but are really quick to earn, say, 500 NP. I don’t score enough to get 1000 NP in Ultimate Bullseye II all the time, but I can consistently get around 500 NP in twenty seconds. This makes the game worthwhile to me. And if you accidentally die with a score that would only get you 900 points, but you can usually get 1000, just send the score anyway. Is that extra 100 points worth the time to do the whole thing again? On the other hand, some games won’t give out 1000 NP even if you get a perfect score. If it takes too long to play and it’s impossible to get max NP, avoid it at all costs.

Playing the same games day after day can get a little boring. One thing I like to do is listen to music. Another way to break up the monotony of playing the same games everyday is to always check the featured game. It’s listed on the upper-right side of the main arcade page. Check the ratio and see if it’s worth playing, but keep in mind it will give twice as many NP. This might be enough to bump it into your list for the day.

I usually don’t play any non-flash games when I’ve got a time limit. Sure, I like some of them, but the NP payout rarely changes and it’s always very low. If you just have to play a couple of games of Sakhmet Solitaire, go ahead, just be aware that it’s going to ruin your average NP earning time.

What are some games with a steady ratio and good payout? These are almost always on my list:

Adver-Video (all you have to do is watch ads and spin a wheel!)

Darigan Dodgeball

Fashion Fever

Kass Basher


Using this guide, you should be able to earn around 36,000 NP a day in no time at all. Some months will be less, some more, but you’ll soon see that you’re bringing in a ton of NP.

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