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The Worst Petpet Ever

by pippin_me


Living in a busy household with three siblings often took its toll on me. I was the one that was always forgotten because I didn’t always get in trouble like the twins, and I didn’t have loads of sports events for my owner to have to go to like my older brother. I was quiet and preferred to read and write in the solitude of my own room.

     That was why my owner decided to buy me a petpet. It was a complete surprise. I was sat upstairs in my room doing my homework when I heard the quiet polite knock at my door.

     “Come in!” I shouted. I loved how my owner appreciated that I needed my own space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the neohome. She opened my door slowly and came into the room, holding a big cardboard box against her chest.

     “I’ve got you a present!” she declared happily, setting the box on the floor. I scrambled from my chair and knelt on the floor next to the box. “Go on! Open it,” she screeched excitedly, but before I had chance to open the box it shuffled about and fell onto its side and out fell a tiny puppyblew, who looked bedazzled by his sudden arrival in my bedroom.

     “He’s gorgeous!” I squealed. “But why me? Have any of the others got one?” I questioned. I was all for sibling fairness, as I knew that I never wanted my siblings and me to argue over anything; we were all really close.

     “No, you know your older brother’s always busy with his sports and the twins have each other to play with, and I know you must get lonely up here all alone. So I thought I’d get you this puppyblew. He’s not trained, though, so you have to train him.” Of course I understood that none of my other siblings wanted a petpet. Trey, my older brother, a stocky Darigan Kougra, was a mean yooyuball player and practiced at all times of the day; he didn’t need a petpet in his way. Plus, he was popular and had lots of friends to hang around with. The twins, identical baby Gelerts Lewis and Travis, were always plotting new ways of getting themselves into trouble and causing mischief. Then there was me, the quiet purple Xweetok that didn’t have many friends, and I longed for attention but appreciated that my owner was always busy, what with the twins and the sports games of Trey’s to go to. I knew that a petpet would solve everything; how wrong I was...

     Looking at him now, I could only see love in his eyes. He galloped around the room, pushing his nose into every tiny nook and cranny he could find. I smiled and giggled as he rolled over and exposed his tummy to me. I scratched it and he barked excitedly.

     “It’s good to see you so happy, Dizzy. I know being the only girl and the middle pet must be hard. I’ll leave you two to get acquainted. Just come get me if you need me; his food and everything’s downstairs. You can bring it all up later before bed.” She ruffled my fur and left the room, closing the door behind her.

     That night was the worst night ever. I’d brought my new petpet’s toys and bed upstairs and set them up next to my bed so that he would be comfortable. I thought it was going to be easy. Especially when he jumped into his bed and wagged his tail expectantly at me. I stroked his soft fur and felt content. I climbed into bed and turned off the light and that’s when the nightmare started. He whined and cried and pawed at my overhanging bedclothes, trying to jump up to me. I turned the light back on and reached down, scooping him up into my paws and giving him a little cuddle before putting him back into his bed. “You have to stay there. Please, little one, I have school in the morning!” I watched as my puppyblew lay down in defeat and snuggled back into his bed. I slid back down under the covers and turned off the light again. This time he was quiet and I finally drifted off into a deep, content sleep.

     The following morning I awoke to the sun shining brightly through my window, and the puppyblew stood on my bed wagging his tail. I yawned and pushed him off me as I sat up. Suddenly I saw my room and squeaked in horror at the carnage I saw. The insides of plushies were strewn everywhere and my normally immaculate room was messy and disorganised. My pencils had been chewed and all my papers torn. I looked at the puppyblew and he wagged his tail innocently; how could such a little thing do so much damage?

     Tears filled my eyes and rolled down my face. I’d thought that a petpet would solve all my problems. He’d be my best friend and I’d be able to tell him secrets and he’d love me for nothing other than for being myself. I’d be the most important neopet in his whole world and I’d never have to fight for his attention. But I was so wrong...

     “You’re the worst petpet ever!” I screamed, jumping from my bed and running from my room in tears. I couldn’t look back at him before I slammed the door. I knew he’d be sat on my bed, looking after me and expecting me to turn back and tell him it was okay. I was so disappointed in my new petpet. I knew he needed training and I don’t know why I was so emotional, but I was upset and distraught and I didn’t go into the kitchen, where I could hear my siblings and my owner eating breakfast. Instead I went straight to school and sat in the library alone all day, reading books on how to train a puppyblew. I felt bad that I’d shouted at him and left him all alone. I was determined that my petpet wouldn’t be a disappointment. I was desperate to train him so that he would be my best friend as I knew he could be. After all, the little guy had spirit and he hadn’t ruined anything important; everything else could be replaced.

     After school I ran home. Armed with books about taking care of petpets and puppyblews, I ran up our path and opened the door. “I’m home!” I cried before running straight up to my bedroom. But to my amazement, my puppyblew wasn’t sat waiting for me, as I expected him to be. I threw the books on my bed and frantically searched my room for my missing petpet. He wasn’t under the bed, nor was he hidden in the pile of broken plushies. He wasn’t under my desk or in any of my drawers, and he wasn’t in my wardrobe. I stood up and noticed Trey was standing in the doorframe. “Dizzy... we have a problem.”

     “WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S RUN AWAY?!” I cried. My heart was breaking in my chest. I didn’t know shouting at him would have so much effect on such a little petpet. I’d done this; it was my fault.

     “The twins, they left the gate open. It wasn’t their fault; they forgot we had a petpet in the house... you know what they’re like.” I nodded understanding of my twin brothers’ mischievous accounts. “We’ll help you look for him if you like; he can’t have gone far.”

     We searched for hours and hours, until it was getting dark and Trey finally turned to me. “Dizzy, we should really be getting back. It’s getting late and we’ll never find him in the dark...” I shook my head and tears rolled down my face in anguish.

     “I can’t go home, not without my petpet. It’s my fault he’s missing. I told him he was the worst petpet ever!” I screamed and fell to the ground in dismay. “He’ll never come back to me because I’m the worst owner ever. Why would he want to!”

     My brother knelt beside me and comforted me, but I was inconsolable. “I’m sure he’ll come back in the morning. You’ll be a brilliant owner! Just let’s go home, please. It’s late and the twins are supposed to be in bed...”

     “Okay,” I sniffled and stumbled to my paws, following my brother back home.

     We were almost home when I heard a tiny yap. My ears pricked up and I stopped dead in my tracks, looking around me and listening intently for another sound or hint of my lost puppyblew.

     My brother whispered, “What is it?” to me, but I put my paw to my lips and listened again, and there it was again, that tiny but distinguishable bark. I ran after the sound, not listening to my brother’s shouts of dismay after me. I followed the barks, which were slowly getting louder and louder. As the sound became louder, I could hear the pain in the bark and running became more intense as I searched for my petpet.

     Then suddenly, I saw a flash of blue amongst the undergrowth, and I knelt to peer underneath the bush and saw my beloved petpet trapped by the branches. I leant under, scratching my face and my legs against the branches in my obsession to reach my petpet. Finally I freed my trapped my petpet and pulled him from the bush. I cuddled him close to my chest and he whimpered lightly and licked my face, wagging his tail.

     I was wrong. He wasn’t the worst petpet ever; he was the best. He fit in with our mismatched family and he became my best friend, and in the end he did solve everything. He taught my twin brothers more responsibility as they learnt not to leave the gates and doors open and when to feed him and to clear away their toys (otherwise they’d be chewed)! Trey played sports with Blue (the name I gave my petpet) and Blue helped Trey focus when he was practicing for a big game. And well, for me, he showed me how to let loose and relax and how to enjoy having a petpet, and he was my best friend. I could rest assured that if ever I needed anyone to love me, or give me a cuddle, he’d be there without a second's falter.

     To the best petpet ever, Blue, I thank you.

The End

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