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Bad Names: Learn to Like Them

by lovisa966


Many Neopians have a hard time thinking about a good name for their new pet. What they have to learn is to not make it too hard for themselves; it is so much easier to come up with a great name. And yes, I do mean that the name will contain numbers, but please! Don't leave this little article yet! I'm going to show you how a name with numbers will be both personal, and beautiful.

But first, here are a few words about what I really dislike with this "very well named" thing, so you'll understand more what, and why, I am trying to teach you...

Pets are getting thrown around a lot these days... If you check the pound board/chat (PC), you will see a lot of titles like:

"VWN Pirate Lupe UFT!!" or "WN UC darigan mynci UFT!! Looking for draiks/krawks!"

The most common things that about 80% of all people on these boards look for are pets with good names. People always think that is important, maybe a limited edition species and the pet's colour; that is, for a lot of people, obviously the only thing that matters.

Now, what I am going to teach you in this article is how to ADORE a "bad" or "decent" named pet, how to make a great name without having to add or take away a letter. Even if it is a pet you are trading for or creating yourself.

If you are creating a pet, but the name is already taken:

First, I'm starting with the fact that a lot of people don't like names with a non-capitalized first letter and numbers in the name. I ask why? I adore names that start with, let's say "molly" (it does not matter if it is capitalized) and then with a few numbers to follow. My favorite numbers are 3, 6 and 9, so I would make the name something like Molly6339. And, of course, that name was by far not taken! If it would be taken, just throw around the numbers and voila!

Now, why do I like these names? And why should you? I think these names are just wonderful! Just think about it; you can have ANY name you want, Kacheeky, Flower, Batty, Pepper... Choose whatever you want! In this way, your favorite number will also be in the name! Isn't that just great? Your pet will have a beautiful name and it will be more personal when it contains your lucky number as well! The pet will be very happy, if you ask my own pet, 966Lili, who I made this way. Both she and I feel great now that Lili got an awesome name, that even matches my username, and it is so much more personal now when it has even got my lucky number in it.

When I was creating her, I thought of a LOT of different names that sounded like Lili, but that was waaaaay too hard. I added about four more letters to make the name available, but then the name was not at all the name I wanted from the beginning. It will only end up as a mess!

But... If I am getting the decently/bad named pet by trading? Yeah, that might sound like a problem. Because if you are trading for a really cool dream pet, and you can't choose the name yourself, you will have to think in a slightly different way. I checked the Pound Chat when creating these ways of thinking, so I have some ideas about how the bad names can look.

Not a bad name, but I don't like it / It's too long which makes it bad:

The pet's name might not be so bad, really. The name might just be long and not really your taste, maybe hard to pronounce? It might be a pet who has been created the way, when you have a name and have to add (specially add, add a lot of letters) or remove letters. The person who has created the pet has usually added letters they think sound good or cool. You can no longer actually see that beautiful name the pet was supposed to have. Instead of "Oscar", it might be a mess of the letters O, C , A (which come from the starting name), Y, R and two Fs for example. This could end up like "Oryffca" or something. See the "Oscar" part in the name? Of course not! They wanted the name to sound like "Oscar", but it became something totally different! This is exactly what I talked about earlier. In this case I strongly recommend to come up with a nickname! If we use this name I came up with, "Oryffca", the nickname might be "Orry" or "Ryff". Just take a part of the name and make the rest invisible! I always have to check my little Kacheek Tiaith's real name cause I ALWAYS, only, call her Tia. Even through Tiaith is not such a bad/decent name, I am just not such a great fan of it, but I love, love her nickname!

Another example name I have come up with is "Acatthys". His or her nickname could be "Acc", "Ace" or "Acaty"; the possibilities are endless!

Tell me any name you aren't such a fan of, which you cannot give a great nickname; I promise it will be impossible!

The name is simply bad:

This is probably the most common example. The name may contain something like "straw", a few underscores, numbers and "berry" in the end. This is a bit more tricky, since it does not have to do anything with you; maybe you don't like strawberries? And the numbers may be your unlucky numbers! In this case, I would not adopt the neopet. Actually I wouldn't. But that is still only if you really, really don't like the "word" or "name" and the numbers are so many that you can't even remember them! Though, if the "name" is something you like, and the numbers are not the worst, I suggest you to base his/her personality on these words. Maybe she is a great fan of strawberries? Give her clothes to match and you have a great name actually! But, she also needs a good name, right? Of course! Think of ANY name you'd like and write it in her description. What matters is if YOU like the pet, and knows who she really is. If you do want others to see through the bad name, you can add likes/dislikes, a story, or just write a short text about them in their description.

The name does not really have to say anything about their actual name. The name can be just their personality, and isn't that the most personal name of them all?

If you ask me, there are no "bad names".

If you just try to copy another name and add letters, such as a "H" at the end, or two "I" instead of one to make it available, it will never be as personal, beautiful, special and cool as if you follow these steps.

Have a great time coming up with names! It does not have to take a long time, after all; make it fun instead!

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