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Paupers Gourmet Foods

by lorrawins



Picture the scene: Your pet is hungry, and whenever you refresh, you see the bolded red writing saying “Starving”. You realise you probably really should feed your pets, and go to your inventory. It is full of food, but none of them look very nice, they’re all Spooky Foods you’ve inherited from Test Your Strength. You select the one that looks the LEAST disgusting out of all the foods you have, and click on it. An Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry). You select Feed to ####”...andddd....”Yuck, I’m not eating that!” But don’t despair, my guide to Gourmet Foods will help you find a delectable range of foods that won’t break the bank!

We’ve all heard of Gourmet foods, and I’ve seen evidence on the Neoboards that people immediately assume that all Gourmet foods are expensive and out of their reach! Believe me, I used to think the same! When I asked the lovely people on the Neoboards whether they thought “expensive” when people mentioned gourmet foods, a whopping 85% of them said YES! When I asked, I received the reply, “Yes, definitely! It makes me think of draik eggs! =P” from one user. I’m here to prove you wrong! For the most part, these foods will be unbuyable, but expensive food is only defined by how many neopoints you have available to spend! Within this article, I shall be telling you about ten gourmet foods that are under 5k! The current scores for the trophy would mean you would have to buy a LOT of gourmet food, which will inevitably add up to a hefty sum, but this article will give you a list to get you started. We all need to start somewhere, right? :D So if your pet has a penchant for Gourmet Foods and fine dining, have a mooch through this list and find the favourite type foods for your pet. Or alternatively, take them to Kelp!

1. Flotato!

“This bizarre fruit floats if you put it in a bowl of water.”

Looking a little bit diseased with its yellow spots, this particular item might make one worry about feeding it to our expensive little neopets. Fluffy and light on the inside, it’s a gourmet food suitable for a light lunch. These lovely little pink potatoes can be found for the low price of 3 NP* on the Shop Wizard!

2. Puntec Fruit!

“Puntec Fruits that get too ripe are known to explode, sending messy green slime everywhere!”

These spiky looking fruits (although not as spiky as a prickly pear) can be found for the low price of 44 NP* on the Shop Wizard!

Just be careful they don’t explode on your neopet, or else they might just be mistaken for Meuka! A coating of slimy green goo is not what your pet will be expecting from their gourmet meal, but who can complain for less than 50 neopoints?

3. Ghost Marshmallows!

“Hang on, I swear one of these just winked at me...”

These delectably fluffy looking marshmallows can be found for the low price of 50 NP* on the Shop Wizard! Just be careful they don’t all disappear before your pet gets a chance to eat them ;D! Ghost Marshmallows are perfect for your neopet to roast over the open campfire!

4. Honey Blossom

These are spore like... fruits? Not exactly the prettiest of foods for your darling neopet, but with a name like Honey Blossom, how can it possibly taste bad? :D Yours for just 75 NP*.

Just make sure your pet doesn’t have hay fever or this could potentially be a problem food and a trip to the Neopian Hospital will be in order.

5. Raptraphant Leg

This item of food is quite brutal and bloody, but if your pet is against vegetarianism, it’s the perfect gourmet food! A delectable rarity 99 for your little cherub! According to my Ixi lofireva, it tastes just like chicken! Cook thoroughly to avoid having to take your pet to the Neopian Hospital! This one won’t cost you an arm (and a leg, ba dum tsch), at the meagre price of 340 NP*.

6. Dark Chocolate Covered Toffee!

“This toffee square has been dipped in melted dark chocolate.”

A truly delicious gourmet food for your pets, especially those with a sweet tooth. If you find your pet hanging around suspiciously outside of the Chocolate Factory, they might be trying to get their hands on one of these yummy, chewy treats. Guaranteed to give your pet a nice jaw ache if they eat enough, but who can resist the sugary temptation of chocolatey toffee? You can pick up this sugar laden treat for your chocolate addicted pet for 570 NP*.

7. Clam and Meatball Pizza!

“It’s a pizza, it’s a meatball and it’s a clam - wow, what a dish!”

This is exactly as the name says! It’s an open clam full of pizza, with a single lonely meatball in the middle. If your pet likes the taste of strange combinations, then here’s a gourmet food for you to buy! The delightful concoction looks like it should have been mixed up in Chef Bonju’s cooking pot and eaten only by pets without taste buds! One meal only. (Unfortunately). You can buy this charming combination for your pet for 590 NP*.

8. Banana Grub!

This disgusting piece of fruit is surprisingly also a gourmet fruit. Who’d have thought? ;D It looks a little like someone’s trampled on the banana, which has then been attacked by witchetty grubs. Apparently, though, it’s really sweet and full of Iron and Protein, particularly good for your non-growing baby pets! You can pick up this gourmet mush for 950 NP*.

9. White Chocolate Asparagus Souffle!

“Delicate souffle, topped with asparagus and smothered with melted white chocolate! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in year 5 (but you can buy it in shops, too).”

This bowl of white wonder is actually a concoction of the crazy! As the name (and description) say, it’s a soufflé with asparagus and white chocolate! Plenty of vitamins and minerals (as well as hardly any calories and no cholesterol for those pets watching their waist lines!) for your pet with a dash of sugar and sweetness for the sweet tooth! The diuretic effect of the Asparagus is enough to put any neopet off from eating too much! (It is actually nothing to do with the horrid taste :D!) You can own this delicacy for only 1,120 NP*!

10. Banana Achyfi!

“Achyfi is the biggest competitor to NeoCola! It is the great new sparkling drink with root extracts to give your Neopet energy!”.

The last item on my list for you today is none other than a can of the wonderously fizzy Achyfi! What’s better to wash down all this gourmet food that I have taken you through than a lovely can of carbonated banana fizziness? A favourite flavour for neopets far and wide, this drink is enough to send them bouncing off the walls of your newly decorated neohome. Be careful not to give them too many cans as the sugar content is quite high! Yours for the purchase price of 2,200 of your hard earned neopoints. Your pet is worth it, though, right? :)

So now you’ve been through this article, I hope that you have realised that not all gourmet foods have sky high prices! If you want to feed your neopets some delicious gourmet snacks, there are loads out there for less than ten thousand neopoints, and my guide here should get you started on the route of gourmet feeding! So let’s hear a cheer for the food you’ve seen here ! Hooray.

* denotes that all prices are accurate at the time this article was written. :)

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