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Escape From Meridell Castle Ultimate Guide

by thepatriotfan


Welcome! The fact that you're reading this means that you're having trouble completing the game Escape From Meridell Castle. Well, I’m here to help you get through it (and not to mention earn a bunch of neopoints). I should probably mention that this game just takes practice (and okay, I admit it. It also takes this guide). I will walk you through this game in categories. You will soon find that it is actually quite simple.


Okay, if you're like me, you hate all of the enemies that get in your way. Well, they won't be getting in your way for much longer! Here's a list of all the enemies and how to defeat them (in difficulty order).


Grarrls can be a real pain if you don't know how to handle them properly. These enemies can be defeated by using your sword. It's best to attack them when they're coming toward you. Now, if you're an experienced player (like moi) you can try attacking them from behind, but be aware that you may get killed. To me, it's not worth the life. Grarrls are the most common enemy in the entire game. They're on almost every level. But as long as you don't get ahead of yourself, you should be fine with these guys.


Korbats are harder to defeat than Grarrls. First of all, they fly. Now, you can obviously fly, but while flying, you can't use your sword. The best way to defeat Korbats is to hover above their flight path and wait for them to fly below you. When they're directly below you, drop down on them and use your sword. Problem is, this technique can be hard and you may just end up dying. It's not the only way to defeat a Korbat, though. Another way is to fly up to them, let go of the "up" arrow key and use your sword just as the Korbat is flying into you. This way is even more dangerous than the first.


These, in my opinion, are the hardest enemy to defeat. First of all, they move in a rapid spinning motion, making it very hard to aim. You can only hit them when they are not spinning. When they are spinning, they can't hurt you. But, if they stop spinning and you are right on top of them, you're a goner. These enemies start appearing around level nine or ten. Your best bet would to just try to fly around or over them.


Like many of the enemies, you can't attack Spikes. They are just there to throw you off or trip you up. They are in almost every single level. The only advice I can give for these is to watch where you fly!


Cannons are very dangerous. If you get hit by one of the cannon balls, you're a goner. I don't think that you can attack these guys, but I have heard rumors that if you attack one while it's not shooting, you can receive major bonus points. If you want to try that, then by all means, no one's holding you back! But if the rumors are wrong...

Acid Blobs

Acid Blobs cannot be attacked. If you try, you're just wasting your time and lives. The only advice I can give you for these is to dodge for your life!


You cannot attack Flamers. They just move in an up and down motion. When you come across them, all you can do is just try to dodge them.

Time Limit

This is just the time you have to complete the levels (300 seconds).

Now that I have covered all of the bad guys, I am going to cover the good things.


Stars are available in every level (note: in level five, there are only two of them). However, they are sometimes very hard to get. My advice: don't waste your time trying to collect them all. Often times, they are not even worth it! But, if you collect one hundred of them, you get an extra life. It's up to you whether you want to take the risk or not.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are the little boxes that you can hit for extra points. There are different numbers. Here's a list of them and how likely you are to hit that number.

Getting a 1 = 56%

Getting a 2 = 17%

Getting a 3 = 16%

Getting a 4 = 10%

Getting a 100 = 1%

As you can see, chances of getting a high Mystery Box score are slim. But if you want to risk losing a life, then by all means, hit the Mystery Boxes!

Okay, I’ve given you enough information to make it through the basic levels of the game. Now, I’m going to give you a list of helpful tips that will get you through the harder levels.

Helpful Tip #1

Always rest up! If you find that your energy is really low, take ten and rest on a ledge or something. If you try to fly the entire way in one shot, chances are that you’re just going to fall (and die, but only if there are enemies or spikes that you go past).

Helpful Tip #2

Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT try to get all of the stars on the level. A lot of them are hard to get and you WILL end up dying.

Helpful Tip #3

If you’ve found that you are running out of time, type in valrigard to reset your time limit (note: this will not reset the level).

Helpful Tip #4

If you’ve found yourself in a tough situation with only one life left, don’t panic! Just relax and try your best! If you end up dying, it won’t take you too long to get back to where you were (maybe you might get back there with more than one life).

Helpful Tip #5

If you’ve just lost the game one level away from completing it, don’t go throwing a fit! Calm yourself down and try again.

Helpful Tip #6

Practice, practice, practice! I know that sounds really weird, but it’s true! It took me years to actually complete the game. The better you get at the game, the more likely you are to beat it!

Helpful Tip #7

Don’t try to be a showoff and try and defeat an enemy the wrong way. Chances are you’re just going to lose a life!

Helpful Tip #8

Time your moves carefully! This way, you don’t waste any of your lives.

Helpful Tip #9

Actually plan your moves! If you just try to run (or fly) through a level randomly, you’re going to lose a life! Advanced planning helps you get through the levels!

Well, this is all of the advice I can give you (After all, you want to discover some of it on your own). Are there more secrets? Yes. Do I know all of them? No and I’m positive that only the Neopets Team knows them. I hope that you find this guide useful and good.

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