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What'cha say? Want a New Wheel?

by cressant123


Disclaimer: This article is entirely for your entertainment. It was created by my imagination and my daydreaming about Neopets. Although the article is purely fictional, my intentions are that Neopets may actually launch a new wheel. Or even develop one of these concepts into reality. I am also not holding my breath...

That’s right, all Neopian Times readers – a brand new wheel for us to spin! By a shocking and unprecedented unanimous vote (held by secret ballot), Neopets might be launching a new Wheel in the future! There are five new and amazing wheel concepts to choose from.

Wacky, you say? Well, that is certainly possible, but any one of these wheels would be the most awesome wheel in the world! Why, you ask? Because the jackpot for these wheels would have crazy good prizes!

Now, this is what I have in mind for the first new wonderful wheel...

Name: Wheel of Merriment

Location: Meri Acres.

All about the wheel:

This will definitely be an unconventional wheel to spin. It will be shaped as a Ferris wheel with three rotating cogs.

  • The outermost cog: This cog will contain the riders of the wheel. That’s correct; we get to choose our own seat for this wild ride. This cog will rotate at a medium speed rate.
  • The middle cog: This cog contains all sections of prizes. Neopoints, items, and the jackpot prize. It will rotate in the opposite direction from the car cog and will spin very swiftly.
  • The innermost cog: This cog will contain a color changing button. It will not spin. It will blink a variety of colors.

This wheel will have no nasty side-effects. To achieve the avatar for this wheel, spinners must land on the jackpot space. The jackpot space will contain a picture of an oval item. What’s the item, you say? Well, a Draik Egg, of course! What color would it be, you say? Whatever color the innermost cog stops on. Could you just imagine winning a Draik Egg from spinning a wheel? It would certainly scramble my brain!

The second wheel is another humdinger! Here is the info for it... In order to spin this wheel, you must have a minimum of 2500 neopoints before spinning.

Name: Dr. Sloth’s Wheel of Destruction

Location: Kreludor

About this wheel:

This wheel will also be unconventional. It is shaped as a multi-tiered UFO. The prize pointer is not really a pointer at all; it is a laser beam.

  • The top tier: This tier will include all good prizes: Neopoints, items, and the good jackpot prize. It will rotate at light-speed (well, not really, but it will be super fast).
  • The middle tier: This tier will include all bad prizes: negative Neopoints, very cheap items, and the bad jackpot prize. This will also spin at light-speed, but it will spin in the opposite direction.
  • The bottom tier: This tier will pulse in two different colors, Green (good) and Blue (bad).

When the spin comes to an end, the laser beam will be pointing at two prizes. You will only receive one prize, however. That is determined by the color of the bottom tier when the wheel stops. The jackpot for this prize is also amazing! If you are fortunate enough to land on the good jackpot space, your active pet (when spinning the wheel) will automatically be turned into a robot. (I’ve always wanted a robot Mynci...) The bad jackpot prize isn’t that bad at all... it’s the neoflu!

For this wheel, two avatars will be possible: One for winning the good jackpot and one for winning the bad jackpot. Sounds great to me! I am always hunting for more avatars!

Now for the third wheel....

This wheel will take advantage of the most underdeveloped place in all of Neopia.

Name: Wheel of Wonderment

Location: Kiko Lake

This wheel will be interesting. It will work as a roulette wheel. Although, since it is on Kiko Lake, this wheel will be a bit wavy.

The wheel will spin at a medium rate and will appear to be floating on waves. Instead of a roulette ball, there will be a small Kiko that spins inside the wheel. When the wheel stops, the Kiko will land on a prize. The prizes include: many different types of plushies, one disease (sneezles) and the jackpot prize. The jackpot prize for this wheel is a Kiko morphing potion. If you are lucky enough to win this jackpot, the color of the Kiko morphing potion is entirely random...

The fourth wheel...

This wheel will be the most risky in all of Neopia.

Name: Wheel of Wackiness

Location: Offshore Krawk Island

About the wheel:

The edge of this wheel will consist of snapping Krawk mouths. As you spin the wheel, a ball bounces in and out of the Krawk mouths. To win the jackpot, you must land on the jackpot space and the Krawk mouth must be in the open position when the wheel stops. Warning: If the ball is inside a closed mouth when the wheel stops – disaster strikes! Your active pet will turn into a giant pile of dung! (Having this happen is extremely rare, however). Prizes for this wheel include: catching all sorts of random diseases, having an item stolen from your inventory, and having your active pet demoted to level one. Although this wheel is very risky, the payout is awesome... the jackpot for this wheel is a Krawk Transmogrification Potion.

And now for the final wheel concept.... drums, please! To be able to spin this wheel, you must first do some hard work. Collect all pieces of the Lutari Location Treasure Map (these are only lab map pieces that exist in my mind). Once you have collected all the Lutari map pieces, you will then have access to Lutari Island and the wheel.

Name: What? Wheel of Where?

Location: Lutari Island

While this wheel is notoriously hard to find... the payoff is totally worth it. Not only will you be able to try your luck with this contraption, you will now have access to Lutari Island! Also this wheel is not really a wheel at all... It is a circular grid. You don’t actually spin the wheel either... you try to stop it! All prizes are arranged on the grid. A rainbow color light illuminates each space in a random order. What you must do is click on the Stop button. When you click the stop button, the light keeps on moving and will stop when and if it chooses to. This could take ten seconds or it could take an hour. No one knows except the snarky Lutari that runs the place. Prizes include: neopoints, rare items, petpetpets, a mystery prize, and the jackpot prize. The jackpot prize is a sweet Lutari paint brush!

Now that I have informed you of all these crazy inventions of mine... I solemnly hope that all Neopian Times readers will start barraging Neopets with constant contacts about making these wheels possible. I hope that I have entertained, amused, and inspired readers with this article. This is actually the first article I have ever submitted! My wish is that the staff at Neopets is willing to consider any of these ideas.

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