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Werelupes: The Pros and Cons of Ownership

by harleydane999


Lupes are very popular pets in Neopia. In fact they rank 4th in the Most Popular Neopet polls, and over 13 million are currently owned. And is it really a huge surprise? Lupes are loyal, courageous, kind, and a great pet for all the family (except if you happen to own a Chia), but what about the Lupes that aren’t so kind and huggable?

Werelupes have been known in Neopia for a long time, and are often collected for their avatar value, but do they make good pets? Doing research along side my own Werelupe, Wraith, I have compiled a list of the pros and cons of owning one of these dangerous creatures, the benefits of having such a scary looking pet, but also the disadvantages of having a pet that may want to eat you or your family when your back is turned.

The Pros: Protection, Avatar, Extra Fluffiness

There is no doubt that Werelupes are strong and fearless, so having one is a sure protection against n00bs, flamers, beggars and any other threat you can find in Neopia. Plus, you don’t have to worry about going to the scarier and more dangerous places in Neopia, like the Haunted Woods, Krawk Island, or the abandoned city of Geraptiku. A Werelupe can protect you against nearly any threat.

But first you need to gain the trust of one, as Werelupes don’t just trust anyone; they need to be sure you are worthy of their companionship. Food is the way to a Lupe’s heart, and it is the same with Werelupes, so a big juicy steak should help sway them. Other ways are to help them with a near impossible task, as even Werelupes need help sometimes, or to save their lives (but some may take this as an insult). Once you do gain their trust, though, you have a bodyguard for life.

As mentioned before, Werelupes are sought after because of their avatar status. Simply owning one adds a wonderfully creepy avatar to your collection and can intimidate your enemies nearly as well as the Werelupe itself. But this ends up with many Werelupes without proper homes as they are continuously carted from person to person.

The extra fluffiness is a special extra feature on all Werelupes. By comparing one to a normal Lupe, you can see they have extra fur on the necks (creating a mane effect), legs and tail. This makes them soft to cuddle, but a risky manoeuvre no matter how well you know your Werelupe. This also gives them a misleading pleasing appearance, and once they hit their prey with puppy dogs eyes, they become immobile from the cuteness and are easy to capture. This can be used against owners as well, but if you are sure they won’t eat you, it can be a lovely “aww” moment and can provide entertainment for the whole family.

The Cons: Food Bills, Being Eaten, Reinforcements

Werelupes have ravenous appetites and need a huge daily intake of food, preferably meat. So if you want to own one, you should have plenty of Neopoints set aside for your weekly food budget. Werelupes enjoy Ransaurus Steaks and can eat about thirteen a day. On average a Ransaurus Steak costs 450 NP. Therefore you can be looking to spend 40,950 NP a week on just basic food supplies for one pet. If you take into an account the cost of Lupe Treats as well (the cheapest being the Chocolate Lupe Treat at only an average of 10 NP) and the fact that Werelupes can get through over 100 treats a day (400 if left unattended in the kitchen) you can be looking at an extra 7,000 NP a week minimum. Therefore, owning a Werelupe costs at least 47,950 NP a week, plus costs for destruction of the furniture, carpeting, walls, lamps, floorboards...

Being eaten is always a huge risk when owning a Werelupe, especially if you fail to feed it enough. Many Werelupe owners have trained to master the skill of sleeping with one eye open simply for the purpose of protection from being eaten in their sleep. It is always important to remember as cute and fluffy as Werelupes can look sometimes, they are wild Neopets that prefer life in the forests chasing Chias and hiding in the shadows than in the family home being pampered by day and being locked up by night.

Despite their solitary nature, Werelupes are natural pack Neopets. In the wild they live in packs with sometimes over ten other members, all doing their part to help the pack. They are very sociable with their own kind, but can also be aggressive, something to look out for when meeting other Werelupes. Your Werelupe may look tougher with a Battle Scar Marking, but your pet will surely hold a grudge and be naturally more aloof and aggressive from then on.

Letting your Werelupe out at night can be risky, as they may like the free space and the night air, but this gives them a chance to meet with other wild Werelupes and these outsiders often enjoy preying on their weaker domesticated cousins. They will either bully your Werelupe or plant ideas of the wild and freedom in their heads until your (possibly) faithful Werelupe will want to leave you. Any resistance from you or your other pets will often mean trouble and if the Werelupe is not allowed its own way, there are cases when they have called on their wild friends for assistance. And nobody wants a large pack of Werelupes at their door...

So now you have been informed all about owning a Werelupe, I’m sure many of you are put off by the thought of this fluffy but dangerous creature living in your home. But despite the dangers that come with owning a Werelupe, if you treat them right, with respect, a caring attitude, and food, you can always nearly guarantee a loyal friend and a rewarding friendship, even better than the unconditional friendship offered by any other type of Lupe (except Darigan, but that is another story).

It is only fair that a Werelupe has the final say in this article, so my own Werelupe and favourite member of the family, Wraith, will take over from here.

“We Werelupes are a tough Neopet to look after, but despite our frightening personality and vicious attitude, we are rewarding pets that can offer so much. So don’t delay, adopt a Werelupe today!”

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