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Lookin' Good, In A Desert

by eternalnightmares


Picture this: the smoldering hot Lost Desert, void of a warm summer breeze, palm trees standing high up in the sky, and then a speckle. Up close, that distant dot in the horizon is not a mirage; no, that's a Lost Desert pet. One of the many Neopets who reside in the arid sands of the deserts, painted by a "Lost Desert Paint Brush".

Lost Desert pets are, not surprisingly, quite popular. The brush itself is rather expensive, at a hefty two million three hundred thousand neopoints, but buying the brush from the trading post is not the only way one can acquire one of these exotic beauties. Oh, no, no. If you have the Lab Ray (by putting together all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map puzzle), you might just get a lucky Lost Desert zap! You need not worry any further about your pet's dreary basic colouring, for he or she will be instantly decked out in gold and airy fabrics!

But this guide isn't about how to make a Lost Desert pet, no sir. It's about how to improve on their already sophisticated looks through the use of customization. Included is a section for those who do not have access to the Neo Mall, and a section for those lucky Neopians who do, with simple and cost efficient items which will have your Desert pet looking better than ever.

Neocash can be purchased from the NC Mall, or also won from playing the Qasalan Expellibox (a Lost Desert favourite). There's a large selection of items there that can be worn by your Neopets. Here are some suggestions on how to really accentuate the already great look of your Desert pet.

Lost Desert Oasis Background (200 NC): At a mere cost of 200 NC, your sweaty (or perspiring, if your Neopet is a girl) pet will be situated beside a nice, cool oasis. Where else would they rather be than in an oasis? With shade, water, and pretty opening-and-closing flowers a plenty, your pet will no longer be gasping for a ice-cold glass of Krawkaid, they'll be splashing around in the warm waters of a Lost Desert Oasis having the time of their life!

*If you don't like the idea of giving your beloved friend a shady spot to lounge around in, might I suggest the equally cool Coltzan's Shrine Background? Also at 200 NC, your pet can romp around the sands with a spooky ghost.

Winter Prince Jacket & Trousers (300 NC, or 150 NC each): Although most of the Lost Desert pets come wearing their arid attire, you might not like the look their paint brush clothes give them. That's where these ultra-cool clothes come in, Coloured white and gold, they will surely match the tanned complexion of your Neopet pals, and provide a lightweight, airy outfit suitable for the warm conditions of the Lost Desert.

Telescopic Monocle (75 NC): Is your pet an aspiring archaeologist? Without this spiffy monocle, I don't see how he or she could possibly find any ancient Grarrl bones with an untrained eye. *May not appear with some Lost Desert headdresses.

Sun Shower (150 NC): It's hot. It's really hot. How else can you tell without the sun radiating brightly above your pet's head? I'm practically sweating just watching it!

Suteks Tomb Music Track (100 NC): Music your thing? With this ancient sort of tune playing in the background of your pet's scene, there'll be a constant reminder of how hopeless and lonely your pet is sitting in the middle of the Lost Desert, all alone. Perhaps hunting for evidence that Grarrls were once much taller than they are now, and much more ferocious.

There's six items, two unnecessary if you like the default Desert clothes your pet comes with, totaling 825 NC or 525 NC! Very affordable, and your pet will be looking more like a Desert dweller than ever.

Don't have Neocash? Well, that's all right, too. Here are a couple of Neopoint items that'll have your Lost Desert pet looking better than ever.

Inside the Lost Desert Background (700 000 NP): You get what you pay for with this awesome background, the only Lost Desert background purchasable by neopoints. In it, your pet is situated within a bustling street of the Lost Desert! Where else would your pet rather be than off the hot sands of Lost Desert, and around the historic city itself?

Desert Fan Staff (1 200 NP): This striking fan is perfect for fanning yourself after a warm day in the sand. Perhaps your pet is a peasant in the city, fanning the pharaohs, sheltering them from the hot desert sun? Or maybe you just want your pet to look very stylish with a pretty designed fan? The colours look great with the Desert Bori especially!

Smarmy Monocle (33 000 NP): Don't have NC for the Telescopic Monocle? The Smarmy Monocle is just as, if not smarter looking, than its telescopic brother. Interpret those ancient Lost Desert hieroglyphs with startling accuracy that'll make other pets envious.

* Got a Desert Kacheek? Why not pair it with 30 proof Kacheek Sun Screen? At 18 000 NP, it will really go great, well, with the hot weather and all.

Your Desert Pet looks good, but sitting by an Oasis in the Lost Desert, Desert Fan Staff in its hand, monocle sitting in front of his or her left eye, sun shining brightly overhead, he or she will look brighter than a star. Desert life has never looked this good until paired with some awesome customization wearables. The rich life has never been this sweet, and your pet will be the envy of all its friends, Dr. Sloth and Boochi will see your pet, smilin', shinin' and lower their zap-guns.

Now, with all these suggestions and options, what reason do you have not to customize your Desert pet today? They might be a bit pricey, but boy do they look good, even more-so when customized right. There's just so many choices for you when it comes to Desert pets, they'll look good wearing almost anything! Don't be afraid to stick your pet in things that you think match their own unique personality.

Look for my upcoming colour/customization guides, and most importantly, have fun!

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