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Collecting Site Themes

by rider_galbatorix


If you're reading this article, it was probably because you are confused at what site themes are. For about a year on Neopets, I was ignorant of this part of Neopets. I also had no idea what that Star in my User Lookup meant, which showed site themes. However, lately, I figured out a lot about site themes or sidebars, and so first let's lay out the basics:

Site Theme/Sidebar: They are basically the layout that all of the pages on Neopets show. To see which ones you have, go to Preferences at My Account and it will show a list near Site Themes. There are five site themes which are "default"- and can be used by any Neopian. The basic ones are Neopets basic, red, blue, green, and yellow. Also, they affect the characters that appear below the page, like with the Halloween Theme you can see a MSP Poogle.

Event Icons: The small pictures that show up at the top of the page when something like receiving a neomail or neofriend request happens. They are different, like on the default themes, a Neomail will show up as an envelope of different color, while with the other sidebars the envelope will be slightly different.

Site Themes on Your User Lookup: If you look at the "Collections" section of your User Lookup, you will notice a star, with the title "Site Themes". It shows the Site Themes that you have earned, not including the default lookup. Still, unlike your avatar count it does not show which one that you are currently using.

Do they do anything?: Besides the Birthday Theme, no. They're just a way to personalize your Neopets account to your liking, and show up on your User Lookup.

I want to start collecting, is it hard?: No, because aside from a select few Sidebars, there is little that you can do to earn them. Most are retired, and were only available in plots. So, if you want to collect, it's a passive thing that actually takes years, but you don't have to do much. Don't be frustrated, concentrate on the Sidebars that you can get, participate in plots, and check when new ones are released.

So, now that we're finished with that, let's carry on with the different types of sidebars. They are:

1. Clickables: Yes, like with avatars there are also 'clickable' themes. Currently, the only one is Neopets Purple, but more might be released. So, that's one theme that you can get easily.

2. Plot/Retired: These sidebars were released long ago, and unless you participated in them you can't get them ever again. So, get over it, and try to collect the themes that are going to come.

3. Seasonal: These themes are available a particular time of the year, like Valentines, Halloween, or the Birthday theme. While everyone gets the Halloween theme on Halloween, you have to unlock it to keep it and have it show on your User Lookup.

4. Premium/Real Life Items: There is one Premium theme, and you'll have to refer five people. On the other hand, there is also the Quizara's Curse theme, and you had to buy a game to get it. These are my least favorite to get, as you have to pay real money to get them.

So, there you have it. Those are all of the types of avatars. Now that we're finished with that section, let's study some specific themes for Neopets. I will only list the themes which are not retired, but will include the seasonal ones. They are:

1. Neopets Purple: The only clickable theme that there is! To get it, you have to visit the Neopet Lookup of a purple painted Neopet with a purple painted petpet attached. You don't have to do it; there are petpages which list many such pets.

2. Altador Constellations: At the bottom, you see a nice picture of Altador, and at the bottom right-hand corner you will see a picture of the founders of Altador, on the page in that book in the plot. You get this by completing the plot, and visiting the rewards page. The plot is still open, so go get it!

3. Halloween: Boy, this one features some spooky things, and everyone has it on Halloween. You can get it by refreshing at the Haunted Woods between 11:59 P.M.-12:01 on Halloween. The exact time is unknown.

4. Valentines Day: There is an item called "A Mysterious Valentines Card". You have to send it to a user on Valentines Day, and both you and the sender get the avatar. They cost 30K before February, and the costs increase as Valentines Day comes near. This is a nice way to make profit, and if you want the sidebar I would suggest to get the Card as soon as possible. The card then disappears, which is why it costs so much.

5. Winter: You get this on the last day of the Advent Calendar. TNT says that it is not random, but till date no one knows how to get it. They say that the time of the day does not matter, so maybe you'll be the one to solve the mystery.

6. Birthday: This sidebar increases your chances of getting Random Events, and is only available on your Birthday and Neopets', and if they fall on the same day, well, too bad. Unfortunately, you can't keep this sidebar and on those special days it will always be there, no matter which theme you choose to use.

7. Premium: To get this, you have to refer five people to Premium. If you cancel it, the theme stays, but you lose the avatar.

8. Altador Cup: Participate in any of the Altador Cups to get this theme, and you will unlock this at the prize shop. You have to participate, and the Altador Cup happens once per year.

9. Daily Dare: Achieve Scoretacular, Ultimate, or Uberiffic trophies in Daily Dare.

So, there are the site themes. Now for a FAQ section:

Q. What's the point of site themes?

A. No one forces you to collect, they are just a hobby like stamp collecting.

Q. Is there a high-score table for the themes?

A. No, there is no official table for the themes.

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