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Vintage Neopians: Who We Are, And What We Can Be

by wylddarkheart


Addiction to the joy that is Neopets is nothing new for most everyone reading this article. We just recently celebrated Neopets’ 10th birthday, and over the years many of us have found ourselves coming back to the site over and over again.

As someone who has played Neopets for just shy of nine years, I am very familiar with the charm and amusement which keeps us addicted even into adulthood. I’m sure we’ve all heard the random claims on the Neoboards that this is a site for kids; however, if I remember correctly, the game was actually started by college students looking for a fun way to spend their time online!

So what does it mean to be a “vintage Neopian?” Someone who has played for over 50% of the world’s existence? Well, we are an eccentric and assorted bunch as you may imagine. We are Neopians who frequently lament how we miss the old style of Bottled Faeries and the original Gelert design. We reminiscence about how the Lost Desert became a world, and the days when Maraqua was unavailable to us, or the discovery of Faerieland.

A common misconception is that all “vintage Neopians” are rich billionaires who surely have done everything on the site at least once. That our user lookups are full of fancy trophies and most avatars, with huge galleries of items most Neopians can only dream about owning.

I am here to tell you this is quite false.

Being a member of the precious few with accounts older than 6-7 years is a privilege and a bragging right for certain; however, many of us continue to play the game similarly to Neopians with a quarter of our time on the site.

In January of year 12, I finally obtained my very first Draik – a species whose introduction I remember from years ago! I even remember when a Ghost Draik Morphing Potion was only 200k on the Trading Post! So, imagine my utter joy at finally obtaining Vaehlia.

Those of us counted among the “vintage” lot do have one thing in common; experience. Many of us have learned which games work best for us, know the tricks of the trade, and hopefully can help newer players find out what methods make their time in Neopia the most enjoyable!

The flip side of that coin is that those of us who have played for the majority of Neopia’s 10 years is our attachment to our Neopets and our accounts. Quite a few of us have at least one original Neopet, well over 3,000 days old! We’ve participated in site events and activities which are no longer offered, obtained Avatars which were only available for a brief time.

So please, the next time you encounter a Neopian with 9 years under their belt, do not assume that they are a rich snob out to profit or sneer. These are players who have returned to Neopets loyally all this time, who have strived to always be honest and fair.

And if you are a member of the “vintage Neopians,” please take pride in your achievement but vow to use your experience and status for good. Take the time to tutor a newbie! Wear your user lookup Shield with pride, but set a good example for others. We are the elders of Neopia, and with that honor comes responsibility.

Here are some tips for enjoying your “vintage” status and using it for the greater good:

#1.) Tutoring a Newbie; you don’t have to haunt the Newbies or Help Neoboards to assist an inexperienced player (though I recommend both!). Finding someone who needs advice is as easy as checking your Guild message board or taking the time to Neomail someone if you notice a comment or wish list request which is unreasonable. Always remember to approach other players in kindness and consideration, and don’t be offended if they decline your help!

#2.) Zapping Neopets for Adoption; many vintage Neopians have access to at least one Lab Ray daily (and many of us remember when you could obtain the pieces for free!), so why not take the time to rescue a Basic Neopet from the Pound and zap them into something special? Provided the new player is over 4 months, you can help someone obtain an adorable and special Neopet without them needing to save up for months and months to buy a Paint Brush.

#3.) Volunteering in your Guild; quite a few Neoguilds offer programs to help new players and new recruits get established in their new home within Neopia Perhaps your Guild would like an “official welcomer” who takes the time to Neomail new members or new players with a friendly, personalized message.

#4.) Being extra generous in Trades; if you notice the person bidding on your collection of Bottled Faeries is a new player, consider accepting a lower offer. They probably don’t have the resources yet that a more established Neopian has, and this type of generosity can encourage a frustrated Newbie to continue to try. I remember when a kind player allowed me to purchase a Fire, Fire, Your Pants Are On Fire Paint Brush at a much lower rate than what it was actually worth (an impressive 50k at the time!). It meant so much to me, and I have strived to do the same for other players.

#5.) Writing guides and articles for the NT; share your experience with your favorite games and give others tips and tricks of the trade! Provided you aren’t spilling an “top secret” information, you can help others learn to master all sorts of Neopian activities with just a little bit of your time. Plus, you get a nifty trophy for your user lookup – bonus!

I hope you've enjoyed my suggestions, and congratulations to both the "vintage Neopains" continuing to enjoy Neopia and those newcomers whom may benefit from the wisdom and generosity of the "elder" citizens! We all share this beautiful, spinning planet; why not make it a better place for everyone, one "random act of kindness" at a time?

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