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Gifts to Show Your Un-Valentine That You Don't Care

by popolopolis_the_3rd_


Ahh, Valentine’s Day, that time of year filled with love and joy. It’s a very happy time, where Neopians can show other Neopians how much they care about each other. But not all Neopians enjoy this day dedicated to showing caring for other Neopians... So what do they celebrate? Un-Valentine's Day of course!

This list will help you complete all your Un-Valentines Day shopping!

1. Unvalentines Quiggle Plushie- Now this cute little fellow is crying... what better way to wipe that smug smile off your Un-Valentine’s face.

2. Discarded Tuskaninny Plushie- This plushie has been thrown away and unloved, just like your Un-Valentine.

3. Prom Date Usuki Reject- Awwww... this Prom Date Usuki doll has been rejected. A perfect way to reject an invite to a Valentines ball from your Un-Valentine.

4. Bride of Frankenstein Usuki- Give this to your Un-Valentine to remind her she is as ugly as Frankenstein.

5. Single Grey Flower- There is something romantic about giving a beautifully vased flower to someone... but not when the flower is droopy and depressing. That makes for a perfect Un-Valentines gift.

6. Sugar-Free Tooth Faerie Cake- “I am giving you this to let you know, you are as sweet as this sugar free cake!”

7. Poisonous Flower- Much like the Grey flower, this poisonous flower makes a good Un-Valentines alternative to the traditional flower. Your Un-Valentine goes to sniff the flower, and passes out from the poison. How devious.

8. Blumaroo Steak- This gift will not go down well with your friends... especially if your friends happen to be Blumaroos...

9. Worn Gym Socks- The only thing more annoying than getting socks for a present is getting smelly worn socks. By giving this gift to your Un-Valentine you are telling them: “Hey, I don’t care about you enough to buy fresh socks... so here have these ones from my locker!”

10. Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack- Tell your Un-Valentine you think they look derelict with the Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack and a card to go with it saying: “To my Un-Valentine, I bought you this dress. I think it will really suit your style.”

11. Torn Valentines Day Card- Return the Valentine they gave you- ripped.

12. Torn Unopened Valentine- Return the Valentine they gave you- UNOPENED and ripped.

13. Torn Homemade Valentine- Return the HOMEMADE Valentine they made you- ripped.

14. Bowl of Yuck- Ewww, what is that in this bowl!? Disgusting, just like love! Give this to your Un-Valentine to show them that you don’t care this Valentines Day.

15. Escaped Pixel- This Escaped Pixel is next to nothing. Which is synonymous with your feelings for your Un-Valentine.

16. Empty Healing Potion- This bottle is empty, just like your heart for your Un-Valentine.

17. Ripped Valentines Chia Plushie- A specially designed Valentines plushie which has been wrecked? Self explanatory, is it not?

18. The Big Book of Hate and Anger- If Valentines Day is all about Love and Happiness, then Un-Valentines Day is all about Hate and Anger. Luckily there is a book all about it!

19. Scroll of Sadness- Another feeling that is alive on Un-Valentines Day is sadness...

20. Sad Spell- A way to magically make your Un-Valentine sad. Give this to them as a gift and you can guarantee that they won’t be chipper this Valentines Day.

21. A Grey Day Background- The perfect way to darken up your Un-Valentine’s Day.

22. Book of Fake Scratchcards- What a way to get your Un-Valentine’s hopes up!

23. Fake Chocoball Invite- Your Un-Valentine will be thrilled to receive this invitation to the Chocoball... that is of course until they turn up and are not let in because the invite is fake. They will be devastated. Perfect outcome!

24. Devilpuss- This cute little kitty could probably bite your arm off, if you want to buy your Un-Valentine a new little “friend”.

25. Evil Cybunny Plushie- A cute little Cybunny plushie with er... issues. This is sure to give your Un-Valentine a few nightmares!

26. Discounted Cake- It’s discounted because it is stale, dry and no-one wants it. Therefore, give it to your Un-Valentine and tell them they are stale, dry and no-one wants them.

27. Uncomfortably Large Rock of Pain- Uncomfortable and painful? A terrible mix which makes for a wonderful Un-Valentines present.

28. Useless Crystal- “My Un-Valentine, I want to spend as many days with you as the amount of uses this useless crystal has! None!!”

29. Basket of Gross Berries- “Our love is like these berries, long since gone bad... and just festering away even more.”

30. Bag of Broken Neopoints- Money for someone to buy something they love is always a good gift to give... but not when said money is useless. Then it is just cruel. Unless of course, you want to give that gift to someone as an UN-Valentines gift.

31. Broken Heart Cookie- A delicious way to show your Un-Valentine they break your heart.

32. Dung Heart- “My dear, love is like dung, it stinks and everyone wants to get rid of it”. What a loveless Un-Valentines message!

33. Happy Birthday Card- Show your Un-Valentine you don’t care about Valentines by buying them a present which has nothing to do with Valentines Day!

34. Perfume- Giving your friends perfume as a gift is essentially saying “Man, you stink”... even skunk pets would find this offensive. Perfect!

35. Giant Fake Diamond- “Aww, thank you so much!! What a beautiful diamond!!... What? IT’S FAKE?? HOW DARE YOU!!”. This gift is the perfect gift to show your friends “Hey, you are not worth the money it costs to buy the real one so I bought you a fake one instead”. Do you really want to give your friends that message?

36. Broken Heart Shower- These hearts are broken just like yours, and just like your Un-Valentine’s will be when you give them this.

37. Serious Sadness- This isn’t just any sadness... this is SERIOUS sadness. Which makes this not just any good Un-Valentines gift, it makes it a SERIOUSLY good Un-Valentines gift.

38. Defaced Portrait of Illusen- “This portrait of Illusen was once really pretty... but just like you it has been wrecked.”

39. Poems to Rot Your Heart- Maybe this poetry is bad enough to make your Un-Valentine turn against the Valentines tradition too.

40. Pant Devil Attractor- What better way to show your friends you hate them than buying them a gift that will attract that pesky blue devil to their neohome to steal all their other Valentines gifts... A perfect Un-Valentines gift!

41. Poison Muffin- I wouldn’t want to be the one who eats this, and nor would you. Makes it a perfect gift for an Un-Valentine.

42. Rude Daffodil- Because who needs manners on Un-Valentines Day...

43. Dull Grey Pearl- “Our love shines almost as brightly as this pearl... and that isn’t very bright.”

44. Dirty Old Gloves- Who would want to wear these things... they are dirty, they are used... and who knows where they have been (for all you know the workers at the Meridell rubbish dump could have been the previous owners). AWESOME!

45. Rotten Egg Stink Bomb- Who doesn’t like a good pranking on Valentines Day! Don’t hand this to your Un-Valentine wrapped up. Lob it into their neohome when they are eating a romantic Valentines dinner with their some-one-special.

46. Mouldy Chocolate Heart- “Yum, chocolate! ....EW MOULD!” The bitter sweet thing your Un-Valentine will exclaim upon receiving this gift.

47. Broken Heart Keyring- Give this to your Un-Valentine and they can carry this broken heart on their backpack everywhere they go as a reminder that you don’t care about them. How thoughtful... I mean... how Un-Thoughtful!

48. 100 Percent Fake Uni Mask- Not only is giving your friend a mask for Valentines Day basically suggesting that you find their face repulsive and you can’t stand to look at it, the mask is 100 Percent Fake, and as such, makes you look 100% Cheap! Another Brilliant Un-Valentines gift.

49. Gift Box- What good is a gift box without a gift inside it? What could be worse than this!? Perfect to show your Un-Valentine you don’t love them!

50. Reused Gift Box- Oh... This could, a SECOND-HAND gift box without the gift.

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