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How to Celebrate Jhudora Day in Style

by allielle


Oh sure, Jhudora appears menacing and malicious from the outside. But pull back the veneer and you will see that she is just as misunderstood and lonely as any other Faerie or Neopet. You see, Jhudora sits alone on her throne for hours a day while puny Neopets grudgingly attempt to fulfill her (seemingly) impossible quests. But don’t worry, there are other ways to appreciate Jhudora than trying to drive yourself mad hunting down those elusive r99s.

Jhudora may be misunderstood, but don’t forget that she has the same interests as other Faeries. She appreciates good hard work, listening to good music, using powerful battledome weapons, and collecting rare items.


When “Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll" was first put up for sale in the Hidden Tower in 2002, Neopians everywhere were in an outrage. Considering the exorbitant prices alone for the items stashed there, why would anyone want to muster up 1.5 million neopoints for a creepy looking doll? Additionally, what uses does this doll have besides just being “pretty"?

Well, let me tell you. You could put this doll on your doorstep to scare off smugglers while on vacation. My own Neopet blammie tried this method while we were celebrating his birthday on Krawk Island. I am pretty confident the screaming we heard in the distance were from potential smugglers, but who knows? This doll is almost as scary as Jhudora herself.

This Usuki doll is even scarier than Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll. To accurately describe this item, let me insert snippets from a survey I took while strolling down Neopia Central:

Iris the Wocky: It looks like an angry Usul Jhudora hybrid!

Max the Scorchio: No sissy, it just looks cursed. HEY, DON’T TOUCH THAT!

Iris: It looks like it just blinked at me.

Max: Okay, I want to leave now..

Blammie: I think it’s pretty!

Lily-Anne the Kacheek: I would totally buy that if it could fly.

Current Price: 2 million on TP

This beautiful Jhudora Snowglobe goes for a moderate 100k. If you are lucky, you may even be able to snipe it from a shop for 99k! Turn this snowglobe upside down and you will be able to hear Jhudora cackle and stare at the pretty green clouds. :)

This awesome Jhudora Bobblehead is currently going for a measly 800k. Totally worth it for the entertainment, but please don’t bring this near the genuine Jhudora. Her head doesn’t actually bob that often in real life..

Other Worthy Mentions: Jhudora Balloon, Jhudora Marbles, Jhudora Plushie, Jhudora Puzzle, and Jhudora Swing.

Battledome Weapons

Although the majority of us will probably never own a Wand of the Dark Faerie, we can still take solace in knowing that there are other Dark Faerie related BD weapons we can always use. :) For example, Jhudoras Bewitched Ring is wonderful in cursing your opponent and possibly driving them far, far away! Do not use this on a friend unless you never want to see them again.

At only eleven million neopoints, this shiny purple ring is able to unleash ten dark icons and five physical ones! This ring can also block all light damage for one turn. Many Battledomers love this weapon; HOWEVER, the only flaw is this: this ring will *never* come off your finger. Honestly, this is the perfect gift to hand to your Neopet on its birthday... ;)

Unfortunately, this weapon is retired. Maybe that is a good thing? This weapon only deals a measly five dark icons while not being able to block anything. There aren’t any on the TP currently, which is probably a good thing: this weapon is a bit overrated. Just don’t tell Jhudora that; she hates it when anyone imposes negative connotations to her name.

Jhudoras Potion can be awarded upon completing level 38 of Jhudoras Quests. This foul smelling potion deals over seventeen icons! (It usually averages around 21). However, you can only use this potion once per battle. :( Many Battledomers have rated this weapon as “very potent" and “almost as useful as a Sword of Skardsen". This potion is almost comparable to a Ghostkerbomb but is much more expensive.

Ah, yes. Jhudoras Wand, almost comparable to the Wand of the Dark Faerie in terms of rarity. This is a retired Hidden Tower weapon that blocks all air damage, reflects 75% of light damage, and throws out three earth icons and five dark ones. This item is EXTREMELY rare and expensive, which brings up the question: is it really worth it?

One Battledomer proclaims that the wand is an outstanding weapon for one player battling where icons do not matter much, but is not as useful in two player battling. The icons are easily blocked by Ghostkershields; additionally, other alternatives such as Shield of Soaring, Ring of Weightlessness and Triple Turbo Dryer are cheaper.

Therefore, Jhudoras Wand is worth the bragging rights and prettiness, but not too much for two player battling.

Other Mentionable Weapons: Dark Faerie Collar & Amulet of the Dark Faerie.

For The Novelty

All about Dark Faeries

Ready to absorb all the knowledge you can regarding Jhudora and other Dark Faeries? This wonderful book will delineate all you need to know, starting with the very first Dark Faerie to their (usually) masked accomplishments. Who knew Dark Faeries have contributed so much to Neopian society? This is a r99 book that goes for over 200k, but trust me, it’s completely worth it!

Eraser of the Dark Faerie

This is one of my favorite weapons, and arguably one of the most popular ones among Battledomers. Unfortunately retired, this one-time use eraser randomly permanently wipes away one of your opponent's weapons. Maybe if one of us begs Jhudora, she will perhaps one day concoct a similar weapon again? =)

Dark Faerie Magic

Even if you are a frugal Neopian and would prefer to stick to more cost-efficient items, many Jhudora fans will be happy to know books like Dark Faerie Magic are around. This book will teach your Neopet how to turn its bed into a Usuki doll or vice versa while driving you mad beyond belief.

Happy Jhudora Day, everyone!

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