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Thoughtful Gift Giving

by vvhisper


Everyone loves getting the perfect gift. You probably even have a special dance or noise to celebrate when you get the perfect gift. I for one, scream and dance around with it. My neopet, Talishata, screams, “Thank you,” over and over again. Maybe you run around your neohome waving your gift above your head and reciting the Terms of Service to the tune of your favorite song. I don't blame you. Feels good, doesn't it?

Perhaps the only thing better than getting the perfect gift is being the one who gave the perfect gift away. It brings a certain joy and satisfaction watching your loved one do their “awesome gift victory celebration” and knowing that your thoughtful and caring shopping skills are what caused it. If you're reading this guide, you probably have no idea what this feeling is like at all.

So why can't everyone find the perfect gift? Why do people still run around buying pink tutus for their Darigan pets? I think the reason is that most Neopians forget why they are buying presents. It is to show the person you are buying for that you are thinking about them and that you want them to be happy on Valentine's Day. So when you are buying for them, you should actually think about them. Take some time to really think about them and think about what they might like.

To help out I have decided to compile this list of surprisingly thoughtful gift ideas that will leave your loved ones feeling special and, well... loved!

Mouldy Chocolate Heart

Do you have a friend who is enthusiastic about saving the environment? Someone who spent all their neopoints buying reusable altador cup grocery bags after the last Altador Cup? Show them you really listen when they tell you to save the environment by recycling last year's uneaten candy and giving them their very own mouldy chocolate heart. If you want to go all out, you can even give it to them in a reused gift box.

Stinky Old Gym Bag

This is the perfect gift for your couch potato friend. Give them this smelly gym bag and they can set it in the corner. If they want to make friends with someone who is into sports, they can show them this gym bag. It's obviously been used often so it will keep their secret life as a couch potato from being discovered and let them make friends in a group of people they would never make friends in otherwise.

Heart Breath Mints

Everyone knows someone who has less than pleasant breath. If your friend's favorite thing to drink is Garlic Juice, than this is great for them. By giving them this, you let them know that you are their friend and you won't let them walk around with stinky breath any longer! Plus, the container is nice and cute and keeps along with the theme of Valentine's Day.

Polka Dot Heart Frame

This is for those out of town Neofriends who you rarely see and find yourself missing when they don't send you a neomail and months have gone by since the last one. Slip a picture of yourself inside of it giving them a big warm smile. They'll be able to look at you, looking at them, every day. When do, they will know you really care. Maybe they'll even start mailing you more often.

Fruit Leather Socks

Let's face it, socks are always a wonderful gift. You care about the person you're shopping for, right? If you really care for them, you don't want their feet to get cold. What if they stumble across a random event that carries them away to Terror Mountain? You don't want them to get frostbite. They need nice warm socks. Everyone needs socks. Socks are great.

These socks are extra great because they are also flavored. They come in Lemoran, Twirly-Fruit, Flatfruit, and Azzle. Their description says, “The tastiest socks to wear when you put your foot in your mouth are made from fruit leather!” and I couldn't agree more! If you've got to put your foot in your mouth, you might as well enjoy it. So as if these weren't already the perfect gift for anyone, they can double as the extra perfect gift for that special someone who doesn't always watch what they say.

Whoopee Cushion

What can possibly be funnier than a well placed whoopee cushion? This is great for any fun loving Neopian; it will leave hours of laughter. It will be like having the Flatulence in A Minor Music Track playing all the time! Hilarious!

If you think these gift ideas sound good so far...

Then STOP right there! You obviously understand that you're supposed to be thinking of who you are buying for, but you're going about it the wrong way. This is probably the hidden culprit for why no one does their dance of joy when you give them their presents.

Let's take a look at these presents. You've already seen why they may be good gifts, but let's look at why they are bad gifts in disguise.

Mouldy Chocolate Heart

Anyone's first reaction to this gift is going to be, “EWW!” I'm sure your eco-friendly friend might understand that you are trying to recycle old gifts and save the planet, but only after a lengthy explanation and maybe some therapy. If you're going to give candy, be sure the person you are giving it to will like it and isn't allergic to it. Or that it's even edible in the first place.

Stinky Old Gym Bag

It doesn't matter if your friend is an Usuki doll collector or a gaming fanatic, don't ever buy them something that you think will change them for the better. While you might think it's nice to meet people you might otherwise not talk to, I'm sure your couch potato friend might not agree. You should be supporting the interests and hobbies your friend currently enjoys, not trying to change them. Instead, you may want to buy your couch potato friend a Popcorn Machine or a Fluffy Cloud Sofa.

Plus stinky old gym bags are, like mouldy chocolate hearts, just gross. Avoid gross gifts.

Heart Breath Mints

Breath mints and other grooming products should be avoided as gifts. Even if your intentions might be great, it comes across as rude or hurtful. As with the stinky old gym bag, you shouldn't target people's shortcomings. It puts them to the forefront of their mind and that will upset them.

Instead, you should focus on something positive about your friend. For example, if you are buying for a Grarrl, get them the book Grarrls Are Great. It will leave them feeling good about their species.

Polka Dot Heart Frame

Started out as a great idea but it went all wrong. If you are buying something that is meant to be displayed all season long, don't make it season specific. Then it will end up in a box for eleven months out of the year. A gift that spends most of its time forgotten about doesn't seem like a very good gift, does it? Didn't think so.

Also, don't give someone else a picture of you. Especially not a picture of you staring. It's creepy and just strange. Chances are if they want a picture of you on their wall, they already put one there. Instead, put in a picture of the two of you having a good time. Or just leave it blank, and they can put what they want in it.

Fruit Leather Socks

Okay, socks are undoubtedly one of the greatest things ever for keeping feet warm. But they do NOT make good gifts. When someone is opening a present, they don't think about socks, they imagine candy, toys, books, anything but socks. Unless you're buying for someone with a huge sock collection and it's the one pair they need, don't get socks.

Especially not fruit leather socks. That's just odd.

Whoopee Cushion

Avoid this and any gift you might be buying just for laughs. Gag gifts aren't really as funny as you think they are and by next year they will be forgotten or given away to someone else. It will also make the person or pet you are giving to feel like you weren't really thinking about them, you were thinking about the “lol” that might come from giving them a joke gift. If you still want some laughter, you can pair a gag gift with a serious gift, but don't make the joke gift the only thing you give them.

Reading through these bad gifts a second time, you can hopefully now see some of what makes a good gift and what doesn't. Of course, these are only a small sampling of the many possible bad gifts out there, but if you look at why you originally thought the gift was a good idea and why it is actually a bad idea, you can train yourself to realize when you are making the same mistake with other items.

If you still can't see where you went wrong in thinking these gifts were a good idea, don't be afraid to go for common Valentine's Day gifts and include a special message from yourself. Chocolates, flowers, and heart items can still be sweet instead of cliché if you write them a little note that makes them feel special. They say, “It's the thought that counts.” I'm not really sure who “they” are, but they weren't very specific when they tried giving good advice. Yes, it is the thought that counts, but not just any thought will make your loved one feel special. Be sure you're thinking about them in a good and positive light. Sometimes a positive thought is all it takes to make a gift count.

I hope this guide helps you make good shopping choices. Have a great and happy Valentine's Day!

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