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Lookin' Good, While Glowing

by eternalnightmares


I'm sure you've seen it; everyone has: glowing things. Everywhere you look, glowing items. Well, maybe not that many, but nevertheless, we've seen glowing curved drawers, glowing petpets, glowing toy swords, glowing paint brushes...

Wait, glowing paint brushes? Does this mean, by gosh, it does mean what I think it does! Glowing pets?! Yes! Many pets can be painted glowing, and one would hope you've got your own glowing pet stashed away somewhere safe for all to admire. I think people have a bias, personally. Hatin' on the poor glowing pets because they're a bit different than every other pet. Well, my aim is to bring up their status and have them placed at as high of standards as every other colour. These simple steps will have your Glowing Pet looking like a celebrity.

So, you've got a glowing pet you want to spice up a bit, eh? Glowing pets aren't always pretty, but hopefully you can assist them in lookin' good, while staying within budget.

If you don't already have a glowing pet, the glowing paint brush is relatively cheap. At a mere 55 000 neopoints, it's the perfect starter paint brush for a newbie just starting out looking to get their first coloured pet. I'm not saying this fabulous colour can only be enjoyed by newbies, either. Glowing pets are toxic waste monsters from out of this world, and they need to be appreciated as much as any Faerie or Maraquan pet.

So, you're probably wondering, 'what on Neopia could possibly make this neon green oddball look any better than he/she already does?'. Customization is key. I, myself, am a thrifty shopper. I like to stay in budget, making my pets look the best they possibly can while at the same time remembering not to overdo it.

What are the items which will lead to the glorifying smile of confidence seen on the faces of glowing pets Neopia-wide? Well, for starters, we'll need some Neocash.

Green X-Ray Goggles (100 NC): At a mere 100 NC, your glowing beast can be transformed into ... a crazy glowing beast! The swirling lenses of these super-cool glasses provide an out-of-this-world glare that no pet but a glower can produce. The green swirls match perfectly with the radioactive glow your Neopet is emitting, and the lemony-yellow highlights add that extra POP! that every pet envies.

What's Cooking Cauldron Background (200 NC): What possibly screams "RADIOACTIVE SPILL: CAUTION" louder than this background? Your glowing pet isn't a source of confusion and horror anymore; we clearly see where that glowing colour came from, and it ain't pretty. The bubbling, frothy neon green is contained in this cauldron, but for how long? How did this happen? This background is a must have for every glowing pet.

Non-Ionising Lab Ray T-Shirt (150 NC): We need to be reminded that your pet was once a happy, normal Blue, Red, Green, or Yellow pet. This shirt will do that, while at the same time give us a flashing reminder of what he/she has become. The shirt gives us a look of what your pet used to be like; neat, professional, average. The skeleton flashes also let us see his new self: bizarre.

So, now you can customize that pet to glowing perfection. Three NC items, all together costing under 500 NC. Your pet will have a glowing smile that will not fade, no matter what radioactive mess he/she gets themselves into next.

Don't have Neocash? Well, that's alright too. Here are a couple of Neopoint items that'll have your neon pet looking better than ever.

Resistance Headquarters Background (75 000 NP): Whether you're fighting the evil Sloth minions of Kreludor or being treated for radiation, your glowing pet will fit in snazzily with this very radioactive-chemical-laboratory-esque background. The darker shades of green will set your glowing pet ... well, aglow.

Toy Slime Gun (10 000 NP): Your glowing pet is most likely angry about being a neon green ball of irradiation. You can bank on him or her wanting to get back at the beautiful, soft, sweet plushies, and the expensive, posh looking royals. How else can they if they don't have a Toy Slime Gun? This is an essential tool and accessory to every Glowing pet.

Resistance Honour Badge (30 000 NP): What is a better way to prove you fought in the resistance, and won? Well, even if your glowing pet didn't fight in the resistance, they'll look sharp with this dark green badge shining brightly on their glowing body. Every pet needs to wear a badge to prove they're important, but this one suits a glowing pet so well, it'd be a crime not to buy them one.

Spooky Skull Mask (50 000 NP): Spooky. This skull mask just clicks so well with the radioactive glow radiating off of your pet. It also cries "FEAR ME!", which is pretty rad, too. If I was a glowing pet, and I was ticked off because I was a gross bright green colour, I'm positive I'd get a grin on my face if I saw this goofy, yet frightening mask.

* Got a Glowing Aisha? Why not pair him or her up with the Alien Aisha paint brush clothes? It's a sweet combination that even the authentic Aliens will be envying.

Picture this, a glowing toxic monster crawling out of a cauldron (full of slime, goo, and probably the glowing substance which has assimilated your dearest pets body). The pet looks at you, his X-Ray goggles spinning rampantly, his slime gun locked and loaded, pointing directly at your precious Maraquan Draik. You'll forget all about the fate of your Draik, because you'll be overwhelmed with how smart and sophisticated your glowing pet looks.

Now, with all these suggestions and options, what reason do you have not to customize your glowing pet today? They're non-expensive, super customizable, and if done up just right, they're sleek and chic (or fierce and frightening) to look at. Irradiating toxic materials will be a worry of the past when your pet looks in the mirror and sees what a 'beauty' they have become. We promise.

Look for my upcoming colour/customization guides. Coming to you in a time in the future.

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