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Jhudora-Themed Items - A Deeper Look

by xilimirg


Hello, fellow Jhudora followers. What you will find in this article is a list of Jhudora items that I find particularly interesting or just plain fun. Take a peek and see if you find something you like! NC items will be included. The name of the item, the rarity, and the description will all be listed to help further describe these items and their worth.

Jhudora Bobblehead - (r94)

“Uh oh, Jhudora doesn't bob her head like that very often...”

Nothing like a bobblehead to add to your villain collection, eh? Celebrate this Jhudora Day by an army of Jhudora Bobbleheads. Maybe a bit expensive, but I’m sure strolling up to Illusen with your army of Jhudora items might just make her a bit angry, so just be careful.

Floating Jhudora Faerie Doll – (r500, NC Mall)

“She may just be a Faerie Doll, but she still seems awfully powerful.”

The description does not lie; Jhudora is ridiculously powerful. This could be possibly the last item you are looking to add for the ultimate customization. This goes great with Zombie, Halloween, Ghost, etc. Not only is it Jhudora, it is floating! Talk about a spooky environment. I’m sure this along with the floating locker might just go hand in hand for an amazing customization duo since they are not in the same zone.

Jhudora Swing - r97

“This swing is great for when you are stressed and need to think.”

This is one of my personal favorites for many reasons. The thought of Jhudora playing on this swing is always a good laugh, and the description fits it very well. Can you just imagine Jhudora playing on the swing, contemplating her next villainous move? Well, if you can’t, you must be one of those dreadful Illusen followers, ugh.

Jhudora Snowglobe - r92

“Turn this toy upside down and Jhudora cackles as green clouds swirl around her.”

Once again, a very nice collectors item. This one is perfect for a snowglobe gallery as well as a Jhudora/villain gallery, so it’s a dual threat. The claw holding up the snowglobe definitely gives it a touch of evil, and is also one of my personal favorites. Now, can you at least imagine Jhudora using the swing listed before with the green clouds swirling above her? That sure does make for one cool looking scene if you are into the creepy/villain/mysterious themes.

Eye of Jhudora Fountain - r98

“This fountain may make you feel like you are being watched, but you aren't... really...”

Eyes? Fountains? Together? That’s odd. This item is considered a gardening item, which makes it all the better. Can you imagine this one alongside some vegetables coming out of the ground?

“Why hello, Mr. Alton Moughbry. I see you count potatoes. Would you be interested in throwing this fountain next to your potatoes?”


“Oh... okay.”

Well, maybe not. I know I would want it in my garden, and I guess that is all that matters.

Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll - r200 (Hidden Tower)

“Fyora was very reluctant to put this doll in the Hidden Tower.”

I can only imagine why Fyora was slow to put this one in the Hidden Tower... Maybe not. Stop by the Hidden Tower to marvel at this item, but if you want one, you might have to shell out a decent amount of NP. But just remember, when Jhudora takes over all of Neopia, I’m sure she will be looking to see who was loyal to her. *nods*

Jhudora Usuki Doll - r97

“This grumpy doll will make all your other Usukis fetch things for her.”

Once again, another dual item here, featuring Jhudora and Usukis. This is definitely a great collector’s item, but once again, the price might be a bit overbearing for a doll. Usukis make great collections as well, and an Usuki collection and avatar combination would really show your dedication!

Jhudoras Bewitched Ring - r200 (Hidden Tower)

“This ring may never come off your finger!”

A ring that never comes off your finger! What about the whole soap and water trick? No? Oh, I guess it is Jhudora anyway. Be careful before purchasing this one because it cannot be unequipped after your Neopet has it. The good thing is that it maybe is pretty powerful, but just be cautious before spending the big NP on this item.

Jhudoras Battle Claw - r180

“This handy weapon was designed by Jhudora for her most loyal followers.”

Since this weapon is retired, its value in NP has sky-rocketed; however, the price to icon is awful. This is a must have for Jhudora collectors, but I wouldn’t suggest using it in the Battledome. It is a neat item, and if you have your hands on one of these already, you don’t need me to tell you that you have a pretty rare item.

Jhudoras Potion - r130

”Jhudora has stored some of her power in this little bottle. Do you dare to use it?!? Limited Use.”

Jhudora has a few of these stocked up for the lucky Neopians that help her look for some of the items she needs. This weapon is pretty powerful, but once again watch out for the price tag. If you are new to the Battledome, I wouldn’t suggest going out and spending hefty NP on this one, but start small and build your way up. Don’t get too excited when you see all those icons, though; it can only be used once per battle, or what is called a “bomb.” Enjoy this powerful weapon!

Jhudoras Wand - r180

“Powerful, devious and untrustworthy, just like its creator...”

Those words in the description give me the chills! Powerful, devious, and untrustworthy... All words that could describe the famous Jhudora. This item used to be in the Hidden Tower, but it is now retired, therefore making the price increase heavily. It is a very useful Battledome weapon, but not many users will be able to afford this treasure. Look all you want, though; you can always dream!

Thanks for looking through some of my favorite Jhudora-themed items. I hope you enjoy your day of evil, and remember, Jhudora is always watching...

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