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Sweet Dreams: Maths Nightmare 101

by allielle


Grace under pressure. Remember that mantra as you navigate to the Maths Nightmare page... I mean come on, being attacked by an onslaught of math problems can’t be too bad? Right? Forget your dislike of mathematics as you challenge yourself to this formidable game. Besides a nifty trophy, you can also procure this avatar upon landing in the top 50 high score table and remaining within that top 50 by the time trophies are distributed each night.

Mmm... cotton candy...

This guide gravitates more towards those who wish to attain the avatar and/or trophy, but hopefully those who use this game to make NP daily will also find it useful. =)

1. Preparation

There are four types of problems on Maths Nightmare: Addition, Subtraction, Product, Division, and Random. My suggestion is to choose division, mainly because the majority of answers are either one or two numbers. This is way easier than choosing Product and having to quickly answer 453. ;)

As for the level of difficulty, I’d definitely recommend choosing Brain Tree if you are serious about obtaining the avatar and/or trophy. Even though it is easier to beat Maths Nightmare on Potato Counter mode, you’ll be hard-pressed to receive those accolades. Honestly, Brain Tree mode is much more challenging and enjoyable anyway. Additionally, your overall score will be so much higher. =)

As for a calculator? Forget about it. As you breeze through each level, the math problems will begin popping up faster and those Babaas will become ruthless and menacing. I’m going to be direct: there will simply be no time to type out each problem onto a calculator and to type the answer onto your keyboard without going a bit wonky. Push your calculator back into your drawer, crack your knuckles, and accept the fact that you’ll just have to do without it. :P

Also... don’t forget to type letimiyasleep to get a time bonus. Make sure you save this code for when you seriously need it!

2. Playing The Game

I cannot stress “practicing” enough. This is because each mode has basically the same problems, and after a while, you begin to memorize them and the answers will swim to the surface of your mind as quickly as second nature. Although Brain Tree problems look very intimidating at first glance, they’ll become laughable to you within no time. Seriously. Try adding Maths Nightmare to your favourites list and playing it at LEAST (I suggest three ^_~) once on a daily basis to ingrain those problems into your mind. Even if you don’t want to memorize those problems by simply playing the game, you can always write them down onto a notepad and solve them that way. With this redundant method, you can also learn to quickly recognize what those Babaas throw at you. ;P

In each level, nine clouds will pop up. Thankfully, after each level, there is a “continue” button so you can take a tea break or wipe down all that sweat that has accumulated on your forehead. Or you can just immediately continue because you’re probably so into the game at that point anyway! Also, these sequences follow a pattern: they form an up and down zigzag pattern that gradually moves from the right to left side of the screen. Leave your mouse on the right side of the screen at the beginning of each level and you’ll easily save yourself a few seconds.

You do not need to press “enter” as soon as you input your answer. Move your mouse to the next cloud and let the previous one pop automatically.

Unless you are you using a laptop, you have two options: the numerical keypad on your right, or the number keys on the top of your keyboard. Play around with both options and see what feels more comfortable to you; everyone has different preferences. =) Personally, I use my right hand to move the mouse and my left hand to quickly key in the answers. It’s up to you.

Bonuses! Remember that you only have one minute to complete levels 1 through 3. As you consistently practice, this will feel like nothing in no time. The same applies for levels 4 through 7. This is a bit more challenging, ESPECIALLY on Brain Tree mode, but trust me, I know you can do it. If I may throw in a suggestion, I would recommend playing this game ONLY on a computer that doesn’t lag. This is because some clouds lag upon appearing, and this will affect your overall score and cause a lot of frustration. If a faster computer isn’t possible, just make sure you are able to pound in the answers as quickly as they appear or you won’t be able to finish the game.


3. Miscellaneous

Because high scores can get VERY high mid-month, the best time to try going for the avatar and/or trophy is on the first of the month. Scores reset at midnight, and you have an entire day to try out for it. The best method to end up on the high score table is to get beyond level 7 on the very first day. As long as you practice all month long, this should become easy enough.

Make sure that you play this game when you are the most alert. For example, playing this game while sipping a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee is more advisable than playing it late at night when you’re ready to drop off into bed. Also, please make sure you alleviate all possible distractions. Bring all your groceries in so that you do not have to deal with Mum shouting at you mid-game. ;P

Even today, I love playing Maths Nightmare on a daily basis. It is extremely easy to obtain 3x 1000 NP a day without breaking a sweat. Potato Counter mode is just fine for scoring NP. Anyway, I hope this guide proves helpful for the wandering Neopian who has been hankering after that awesome Babaa avatar.

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