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The Month of Sleeping

by rck2002


It's the Month of Sleeping! So what am I going to write about, I wonder? Those things you sleep in... BEDS. Yes, this is a bed review. A selection of beds I am going to find and sleep in (and depending on how good Neopia's beds are, I could be doing that for a while) and then tell you all about. I just hope you guys will stay awake long enough to read it.

Air Faerie Canopy Bed

1: Air Faerie Canopy Bed

This is a bed made by the air faerie for the air faerie and sold in Faerie Furniture. It is in a pretty shade of blue and white and would look really elegant in any neohome. It has little curtains all the way around to make sure you are undisturbed all night long and the mattress is so comfortable you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Costs around 10k.

Beauty Bed

2: Beauty Bed

This is a really lovely looking bed in a pretty shade of pink, perfect for a girly neopets bed room. The Description tells us "Get your beauty rest in the lovely Beauty Bed" and you really do get a lovely night's sleep in this bed. This bed is rather pricey at around 65k, but most will say the beauty you get from the beauty sleep in this bed is worth every NP.

Chocolate Bed

3: Chocolate Bed

Made out of REAL chocolate. Yes, ALL of it. Covering yourself in chocolate blankets to sleep in a really good way to keep warm too. And the smell of chocolate is really relaxing to send you off to sleep. Although I LOVE this bed in theory, I personally would see myself waking up without a bed. Whether you want to spend around 5k a day replacing your favourite bed is really up to you, though.

Pinklet Bed

4: Pinklet Bed

You either love this bed or you hate it. Some say it looks adorable/hilarious and love the idea of having eyes and the nose as pillows. Others say the idea of sleeping on a petpet is really really mean. I love it. I also love how big and comfortable this bed is. Really good for a lovely night's sleep. Costs around 10k.

Rainbow Bed

5: Rainbow Bed

This bed is pretty and I like the little cloud pillow on it but I don't think it would go well in many bedrooms unless the walls and the furniture were also rainbow to match. And there is such a thing as too much rainbow. Also I think this bed is a little too small and doesn't have much room for you to really stretch out.

Esophagor Bed

6: Esophagor Bed

Yikes! This bed is for the really brave. Your head goes on a rock - pillow (and the pillow really is as hard as a rock) and it's right next to... yes, you guessed it - the Esophagor's mouth. If you can put up with that without getting nightmares, you then have these two branches right near the bottom of the bed and they do nothing to aid comfort. I'm not really sure what they are for, but I know I don't like this bed at all. It costs about 1k at Spooky Furniture if you are still interested but I really beg you to reconsider.

Dung Bed

7: Dung Bed

Made entirely out of Dung. This bed is really good for keeping you warm and cozy and it is a really good size too. But... IT SMELLS. It smells, which means when you sleep in it, you smell. And you have to spend ages getting the dung out of your hair/fur. It only costs about 400 NP; I wonder why.

Judge Hog Bed

8: Judge Hog Bed

The Description tells us, "The perfect place for any Judge Hog fan to sleep." I say it is a great place for anyone who wants to feel safe at night to sleep. This bed designed for fans of the Defenders of Neopia star has Judge Hog looking over you as you sleep. Its only fault is it seems a little bit small in size, but it's perfect for the younger ones. Perhaps, if you have trouble getting your young neopets into their own bed at night, having Judge Hog looking over them will help. Costs around 60k.

Orange Jelly Bed

9: Orange Jelly Bed

This bed is lovely and soft. If you have any pets who like to jump on the bed, I would advise you to choose a different one, however, as this bed is made from real jelly and... well, have YOU tried jumping on jelly? It breaks! Again as with the Chocolate bed, I would worry about waking up without a bed, and at around 14k, this bed isn't one I would want to be replacing every day. This bed also has a lovely smell of orange jelly, which not only drifts you off to a lovely sleep, but is refreshing and awakening as well. It also looks great in any neohome.

Tyrannian Fur Bed

10: Tyrannian Fur Bed

This bed is nice looking and big and comfy. My worry with this bed is some people say it itches. Some say the furriness is lovely and comfortable and not itchy at all. I guess it's all a matter of taste. This is from the Tyrannian Furniture shop and after seeing the Dung Bed I was really quite impressed with it. It costs around 20k.

Now onto Petpet Beds. Because Petpets need sleep too.

Blue Moon Petpet Bed

11: Blue Moon Petpet Bed

I love this little petpet bed. It's cute, comfortable, and it has a toy for your petpet to play with until they wind down to sleep. Best of all, it is really cheap. It only costs 1 NP; this is because you can win one of these at the Lunar Temple.

Disco Petpet Bed

12: Disco Petpet Bed

This is perfect for any girly neopet's petpet. The perfect Disco Diva bed. I really like how it is in the shape of a little cave, as this is what most petpets would sleep in with a choice. You will also notice the entrance to the bed has a fur lining - lovely. So much better than the ordinary "Pink Domed Petpet Bed". Only costs around 9k.

Brown Petpet Bed

13: Brown Petpet Bed

While I think this bed looks really dull and boring and not the nicest thing to put in your neohome, it isn't without its good points. It has low sides, so a really lazy petpet can get in and out with ease. Not that we should be encouraging laziness in petpets or anything else, actually, but I suppose it does help. Costs about 4k.

Luxury Castle Petpet Bed

14: Luxury Castle Petpet Bed

At 300k, this really is the King of all petpet beds. It has high sides which keep in the warmth and is nice and fluffy on the inside too. Also it has a little drawbridge which is easily raised by your petpet when it wants to be left alone. Always nice for the petpets who like a bit of privacy. It isn't particularly nice to look at, however, and I don't think I would be paying the price to have it in my neohome.

Mootix Petpet Bed

15: Mootix Petpet Bed

The Description tells us, "A luxurious bean bag that your Petpet will love to sink into." Which sounds lovely, but certain petpets have been known to sink down and not be able to get back up, slorgs for example. What not having legs can do to a petpet, hey? If you have a petpet who is rather good at climbing out of trouble, however, this may be their perfect bed. It also has an adorable mootix pattern. I hear it attracts real mootix to the neohome, but I cannot be sure of how true this is. Costs around 2.5k.

That's all for now. I'm tired and ready to snuggle down in my bed. Maybe with a cup of hot chocolate, mmm. Good night, don't let the Breebly bite. Sweet Dreams.

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