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Neggs: What Are They?

by dragonstorm_75


They permeate through our everyday lives. We eat them; we wear their likeliness as costumes for Halloween, and represent them in furniture. We even have games based on them, and important figures painted on them. The negg is one of the most important items in all of Neopia, used in so many ways that the infamous dung is faint in comparison. And yet while we use it in conversation, many of us are wholly unaware as to what neggs really are.

A Neopia-wide poll confirms it. Two out of three people have no idea what neggs are, except that they are sometimes expensive and easy to sell. We at the Negg Headquarters in Neopia Central were appalled by this information, and thus sent out our journalists to seek out the negg experts. We wanted to create an article for the Neopian Times to explain neggs in detail, so that two out of three becomes a far smaller ratio.

We are pleased to announce that Professor Robert Xufaux, a well known grundo from the Virtupets Space Station and a self proclaimed negg expert, has given our journalists an audience.

Hello Professor and thank you for your time. This is probably the first question on everyone’s mind: what are neggs exactly?

Glad to be here. Neggs are small, oblong fruits of Negg Trees that come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. They have a soft flesh and are highly sought after by Neopets because of their delicious taste. Most neggs are only for consumption, but others exist that are used only for the benefits they offer. For example, happiness neggs brighten one’s mood, while fireball neggs are battledome weapons that can do fire damage.

Where can you find neggs of either type?

Food neggs are commonly found in user-run shops, auctions and the trading post, but they can also be restocked at the Neopets Fresh Foods Shop or even found on the ground around Terror Mountain. I also hear that King Roo’s Dice-a-roo game gives them as prizes. Powerful neggs are usually sold at the Neggery in the Ice Caves, and are hoarded by the fierce Snowager!

Neggery? What is that?

The Neggery is a building run by the Negg Faerie, who protects magical neggs from the outside world. It is a trading hub for neggs, where food neggs are converted into tokens which can then be used to purchase more expensive and rarer neggs. You can tell how much a negg is worth when you look at its description, but beware! Some neggs cannot be converted into tokens. A pyranegg is a good example of this.

What are the most frequently used ‘power’ neggs?

I did a study on this and found that Super Neggs, Sneggs and Cool Neggs are used often, mostly by pets who want to train to higher levels without the hassle of paying for codestones and waiting for training to finish, since they increase stats like level, strength, health and movement. Other well used neggs include ferocious neggs, power neggs, (both of which are stat increasers as well) and the infamous kaleidonegg. This negg is notorious for its ability to randomly increase or decrease stats and change the gender, colour and even species of the neopet. Kind of like a single-use lab ray zap.

Can you give us a list of your favourite neggs?

Why, of course! I have five favourites, but please don’t let my choices influence your opinion on neggs; they are all equally juicy and delicious.

Fish Negg

Rarity: 180

Description: This lovely negg tastes just like fresh fish, which is my personal favourite. They even look like fish! These neggs are light blue in color, with a smiling face and darker blue fins and stem. I find it disappointing that they became nearly extinct after the Year 4 negg incident. I’ll speak of it later.

Gold Gem Negg

Rarity: 98

Description: The Gold Gem Negg is simply gorgeous, its skin covered in wafer thin plates of real gold studded with precious stones. These neggs are hard to find, as they are coveted by royalty. Rumour has it that the Royal Family of Sakhmet owns three of these rare and priceless treasures.

Sunflower Pattern Easter Negg


Description: This more common negg has a beautiful sunflower pattern painted on it with ochre, brown and green edible paints. It is quite plentiful around springtime and has a fresh taste with an aroma reminiscent of freshly cut grass.

Jelly Negg


Description: This gelatinous negg is wobbly and extremely fun to eat. A light lilac colour, one may expect it to taste like grape but it actually seems closer to raspberries. The negg is hard to find and expensive, but is a definite must for jelly-lovers out there.

Chocolate Negg


Description: This negg is made entirely from chocolate, and is a must-have for those with a sweet tooth. The outside of the negg is a light shell of fine milk chocolate, and the center is a sweet liquid chocolate that bursts out in one bite.

You promised to tell us about some Year 4 negg incident. What happened?

It is an odd story, actually. In the fourth year some nasty Meercas managed to find the vault where all the fish neggs for the Meerca Chase game were kept and ate them all. No one knows why Meercas are so fond for neggs, but then again neither do we know why Lupes like Chias so much. Anyway, the problem was so immense that Fish Negg stocks crashed, and to save the fish negg from extinction it was retired. It is quite unfortunate that this happened; Fish Neggs are very tasty and are still beloved at the Gourmet Club.

Wow... okay then. One last question about neggs: is it true that they can be made at the Mystery Island Cooking Pot?

Yes, of course. There all sorts of different combinations for negg dishes, all of which include mixing normal neggs, (orange and blue) with some other food item. Some just become rare food items, like Negg Stew and Deviled Neggs, but there are some rare combinations that the Negg Faerie accepts for nine tokens! I won’t tell you what they are, however. :)

All right, thank you very much for your time, Professor Xufaux. We hope you all enjoyed this article on neggs and now have a better understanding of what these delicious morsels really are.

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