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Top 10 Notable Neopets That Go Unthanked by the Public

by lynnalice


Every Neopian knows the really famous Neopets out there- Sloth, King Kelpbeard, Eliv Thade, Lord Kass, King Altador, yada yada yada. But there are a bunch out there who deserve to be recognized. I'd like to salute them for their jobs and hard work efforts with this nifty little article...

10. The Buzzer Game Techo Master

This poor Techo has to sit there all day while helpless neopets attempt to beat his game. He does put himself through it, but could those neopets be a bit more respectful? All that buzzing is turning the poor Techo deaf. Then again that poor Techo won’t let me past level 3... maybe I don’t feel too sorry for him.

9. Alton Moughbry

This lovable yellow Kacheek is actually well known. So why is he here at number nine in the countdown? Well, when you saw his name, did you know who he was? No, I bet not. Alton Moughbry is better known as the Potato Counter. Yes, his passion is potatoes and he likes his nickname. But would it hurt every now and then to just show the cute Kacheek that you care? I don’t think so. So next time, don’t say I’m going to see the Potato Counter. No, that Potato Counter is a neopet! Say you’re going to see Alton!

8. Matt

Matt the Wocky is better known as the Sewage Surfer Guide. No, he does not do his job to get covered in sewage, that is just disgusting. But, as he puts it, “Who else has the awesome plumbing skills?” Certainly not the millions of Neopians who attempt to help him in the game Sewage Surfer. Matt is here at number eight because while you play the game you curse his existence, but really that is his job. You can simply walk away undeterred by a leak in the sewage pipes, but once you’re gone, it’s Matt who has to clean it up.

7. Sabre-X

Sabre-X is best known for his job as Supervisor in Chief of the Giant Omelette. However, he is also a rising political star in Tyrannia. This Prehistoric Lupe is a powerful politician and courageous military leader. He is always on the watch for hostile neighbors and is just trying to protect Tyrannia, his birth place. Sabre-X was appointed Tyrannia’s Head of the Strategic War Division by Grand Elder Kyruggi who was grateful for the Lupe’s help in his campaign. Because Sabre-X is already pretty well known for his work to protect the Giant Omelette, he comes in at only number seven in our countdown.

6. Kyishi the Limbo Queen

Kyishi comes in at number six as a forgotten queen. The poor Aisha! She discovered her super powers over a game of hide and go seek with her brother (which she is proud to say she won). Later in her career, as she was practicing her awe-inspiring limbo powers, she slipped and twisted her ankle because someone greased under her pole with coconut oil! This terrible injury ruined the Aisha’s career. She is number nine because she was once a Limbo Queen, now she is simply an injured athlete who has been long forgotten by the cult-like fan clubs that follow the tough sport of limbo. Hey, if you can’t take the height, get out of the Limbo...?

5. The Ghoul Catchers

Yes, this may be a group of neopets, but I believe they are notable and should be thanked for their services in catching ghouls. This group consists of Brave Bren the large yellow Wocky, Professor Vinsjin the blue Kacheek, and Doctor Boolin the red Kiko. When one looks this group up in the Neopedia, you find a brave bunch searching for an old diary that will rid Neopia of vampires. Although the story leaves the Ghoul Catchers unsuccessful in their mission, do you see any vampires walking around Neopia? No? Well, neither do I. However, since we cannot be sure exactly what this group accomplished because of a lack of evidence, it brings them to number five in the countdown.

4. A Mysterious Kiko (no that’s not his name, he doesn’t have one!)

This Kiko is falling into number four in our countdown for... well, really, one reason! He is an excellent planner. I am talking about the Kiko, who every year on the 15th day of the Month of Gathering hosts the spectacular Annual Chocolate Ball celebrating all things chocolate, of course! This Kiko pulls out all the stops, making this invitation-only, best-attire-wearing event truly a sight to see. Although you can’t thank him because he is after all mysterious, I think we should all just think a few nice things about this Kiko, for he is an amazing host and a wonderful party-thrower!

3. Senator Barca

This Acara has been involved in Sakhmetian politics for more than three decades! We owe a lot of what has been accomplished in Sakhmet to her. Amending the Safe Drinking Water Act and removing the threat of evil bugs attacking Sakhmet City are just a few things she’s done. Barca once said, "In my own quotable words, I am an irreplaceable asset to this city. The inhabitants of Sakhmet would be lost without me. I'd really hate to see the city fall into the wrong hands." And it’s true if you visit the Royal Palace of Sakhmet you will find her dutifully sitting beside King Coltzan III. However this Acara can sometimes seem like a snobby senator and so she is just number three in our countdown.

2. Mr. Lupid

This wonderful blue Lupe has been teaching neopets the art of... well, art for years! He is an inspiring figure in the Neopian World of Art. In a time when art is cherished so much, Beauty Contests, Comics, Screenies, etc., one would think that Neopia would remember the sweet teacher who taught them the basics way back when? Well, then ‘one’ is wrong! Neopians have forgotten about this poor Lupe. The poor guy has been tossed aside just like that old grundo plushie was some time ago... but hey! Maybe one day he’ll start giving us neopoints! Will we like him then!? Huh!? See my point? Well, if you do, just make sure to stop by and say hi to Mr. Lupid every once in a while. (:

1. Pacha

Pacha the prehistoric Elephante is better known for his work as a veterinarian and shopkeeper of Tyrannian Petpets. His inspirational story starts way back in Tyrannia where he was once care-free. However, he became ill with NeoPox at a time when there was not yet a cure in Tyrannia. Pacha was bedridden until a rather intelligent Dr. Chombasha invented a cure. When Pacha was cured, he vowed to help others who were in need of medical assistance. However, as he studied to become a doctor for neopets all around the world, he discovered there was a greater need for petpets. And so Pacha opened up a shop where he nursed petpets back to health, then gave them a loving home with new owners. This Elephante is a great Neopian who deserves to be thanked. Next time you drop by his store, be sure to give a little tip and say thanks, even if he only says, “Ugga Ugg Ugga” back. I’m sure he’s grateful.

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