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Draik Eggs: Brunch, Lunch... Hatch?

by danceswithpampers


*crunch* *crunch* *crunch*

Mmm, that was a delicious meal. There’s nothing quite like a good ol’ Draik Egg for breakfast, don’t you agree?... Oh, you disagree? Well, you’re missing out on one fine meal. Aw, don’t you worry! We were merely jesting! Draik Eggs are certainly not a tasty morsel meant for consumption – oh, no. Instead, these interesting little shells hold one of the most elusive Neopets in existence. Yes, that’s right – Grundos! You think I’m jesting again? Aw, you caught us. Too true, it is a newborn Draik that lies within the walls of a Draik Egg – clever naming, eh?

Anyway, as we’re sure you well know, there are two ways to obtain a Draik. The first is by means of morphing potion, and the second is by means of hatching a Draik egg – the latter of which is the topic upon which I shall focus this pretty, little article. With the recent anniversary of the Discovery of Meridell, two new Draik Eggs were released, which for many calls for an extra celebration. With the release of these new Draik Eggs, there are now eight types of Draik Eggs available for purchase within Neopia. Though they are quite expensive, ranging from one hundred thousand Neopoints if restocked at Merifoods to seventeen million Neopoints if purchased from a fellow Neopian (Not to worry! Only a select few Draik Eggs sell for seventeen million Neopoints), these enigmatic Eggs are one of the most extraordinary items within Neopia. With that in mind, it is our sincerest honor to present to you the eight Draik Egg variations in existence.

1. Blue, Red, Green Draik Eggs:

What extraordinary creatures lies within their walls... the Blue/Red/Green Draik Eggs are three of the more inexpensive Eggs in Neopia. On average, their restocking price is generally around ninety-eight thousand to two hundred thousand, and their trading value ranges from approximately eleven million Neopoints to twelve million Neopoints (give or take). Believe us, though, they are worth every Neopoint. Particularly rare items, the Blue/Red/Green Draik Eggs are highly coveted. The reason for this is simple: when brought to the Draik Nest, which is located within the city walls of Meridell, Draik Eggs will certainly hatch into a baby Draik! Now, that is not to say that once it hatches it will be a baby Draik, but instead, it will be a newborn – and quite beautiful, I might add – blue, red, or green Draik – depending on the color of the Egg that you have purchased. Blue/Red/Green Draik Eggs are perfect for Draik enthusiasts, collectors, gourmet food club members (though we would advise you NOT to eat a Draik Egg), and anyone who would love to have a new addition to their Neopian family. Remember: You must have three or fewer pets in order to successfully hatch a Draik Egg!

2. Darigan Draik Egg:

Does unspeakable evil lurk within its thin, dark purple walls?... Of course not, silly! A delectable Darigan Draik lurks within the egg’s thin, plum-colored walls! Oh, wait, did we say delectable? We meant a dazzling Darigan Draik... honest! *wipes face and grins innocently* What sets this Draik Egg apart from the rest? Well, besides its high rarity (r99) and a price tag to match, the Darigan Draik Egg gives way to a majestic Darigan Draik from the moment it hatches. That’s right – a pre-painted Draik! How nifty is that? Not only does this Egg hatch into one of the rarest, most desirable Neopets in existence, it also saves you a trip to the *whispers* Hidden Tower! Nice!

3. Desert Draik Egg:

Whispering sands and the secrets of the ancients lie in wait... One of the newest additions to the Draik Egg family, the Desert Draik Egg looks almost as good as it tastes. Er... oh, why bother. Anyway, the Desert Draik Egg, though yet to be released as we write this article, promises to be one of the most desired Draik Eggs in all of Neopia. While its Trading Post value is currently at a whopping nineteen million Neopoints, one thing is for certain: despite its price tag, this Draik Egg is sure to turn heads. After all, Lost Desert is one of the most popular colors among stylish Draiks; so, it would only make sense that this particular Egg be of high demand. Anybody who’s anybody will want one – and no, we didn’t just say that because it sounded cool... okay, maybe we did, but that doesn’t mean that Desert Draik Eggs won’t be popular!

4. Ice Draik Egg:

Oh, man. We remember when these little Eggies were released... not that we made fools out of ourselves and staked the Merifoods store only to be pwned by someone who actually had the ability to restock successfully... *whistles inconspicuously* Anyway, Ice Draik Eggs are particularly special. Not only do these Eggs hatch into one of the most majestic Neopets in existence, the Neopet within is born already painted one of the rarest colors in all of Neopia: Ice. Yeah, that’s right - Ice. As you may already know, Ice is a color exclusive to the Lab Ray – therefore, for Ice Draik Eggs to have the ability to hatch into a Draik that is painted this exclusive color is quite nifty to say the very least. Some argue that, despite the fact that these Eggs hatch into such an interesting colored Draik, they are not worth their hefty price tag. We, however, beg to differ. This Draik Egg is definitely one for the books.

5. Pirate Draik Egg:

As journalists, it is our duty to remain unbiased in our writing, and as our readers, you know we always fail at that. THREE CHEERS FOR ONE OF THE COOLEST DRAIK EGGS EVER!... anyway, this new Egg was released quite recently, and in the short time that it has become one of the most desired items in Neopia. Priced between seventeen and nineteen million Neopoints, the Pirate Draik Egg hatches into a beautiful, pre-painted, Pirate Draik. It is a smart buy, currency wise, as you could, in theory, actually save a few Neopoints if you buy a Draik Egg, rather than a standard Draik Egg and a Pirate Paint Brush separately. Needless to say, you get more for your money. But, more so than that, the Pirate Draik Egg hatches into one of the most beautiful, in our opinions ;), Neopets out there. It’s definitely worth saving your Neopoints.

In the end, whether you have a Draik, were interesting in being a Draik owner, or were so bored that reading this article actually began looking appealing, Draik Eggs are one of the most interesting items in Neopia. Inside this Egg, which is entirely edible – though, again, we do not advise eating it – a beautiful, majestic Neopet lies. What a marvelous item it is, indeed!

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