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The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Your Lupe

by randomsilliness


Has your fanged and furry friend been extra good this year? Are you unable to decide what to purchase for your Lupe this holiday season? Is the Advent Calendar your only source of inspiration for gifts? Are you considering just buying yet another Patchwork Chia Plushie?

With input from Semmek, my Darigan Lupe, I’ve put together a simple list of rules to help you pick the perfect gift. Now, the rules in this guide are not about to be enforced by the Shadow Usul (or a roving pack of Werelupes). We promise that nothing will happen should you choose to buy a Red Chia Dress, other than having to live with a rather upset Lupe for a few months. And no, reading Inside the Mind of a Lupe isn’t going to help you make a decision.

Semmek: Erm, yeah. If you really want to make a Lupe happy, don’t force them to help you write an article for the Neopian Times. Just sayin’. But other than that, Random’s actually managed to get some pretty good ideas together, and I can’t complain about what she’s trying to do. So, enjoy.

1. Lupes like Chias.

And not a “let’s be best friends forever” sort of like. More of a “mmmmm, dinner” sort. So, that means that books like The History of Chias are out. No self-respecting Lupe would appreciate the Anti-Lupe Cake either.

However, this part of a Lupe’s personality opens up a wide range of other gift opportunity. Indulge a gourmet with an Anti-Chia Cake or a Box of Chocolate Chias, or give a young Lupe a Chia plushie of his or her very own. Lupe treats, which come in the shape of Chias, are also extremely popular.

Semmek says: My personal favourite, when it comes to food, is the Caramel Chia Parfait. I mean, everybody likes parfaits, right? But when it comes to plushies, the Asparagus Chia Plushie wins every time. According to my sources, the current favourite when it comes to Lupe Treats is the Sugar Coated Lupe Treat.

2. Lupes are brave.

So, a shiny new set of Battledome armour is always appreciated by the more adventurous Lupes. For those who’d rather read about the epic adventures of other Lupes, books like Lupe Legends or Guide to Lupes are always good.

Younger Lupes may enjoy pretending to be their favourite heroes with items like the Lupe Warrior Lunch Box, as they’re rather immature to be fighting in the Battledome. Some older Lupes may be too. Although, if they’re really intent on becoming a fighter in the Battledome later on, buy something like the Lupe Reflector Shield, so they can pretend to fight without causing much damage.

Semmek: After being banned from the Battledome (long story, please don’t ask*), I don’t really have a chance to battle anymore, but I’ve heard that the Iron or Golden Lupe sets of Battledome gear are appreciated. My favourite book has to be Robin Lupe.

3. Lupes like surprises.

That means that gifts like a Lupe Stocking or Lupe Cracker are out. Take a look at your Lupe’s preferences while making a decision. Does your Lupe love the winter weather or spend his or her time in Terror Mountain? Have you considered a Lupe Snowcone? Does he or she prefer Shenkuu? The Lupe Sticky Rice Cake may be for them. Do they enjoy gardening? What about a Musical Lupe Gnome?

Another option would be to choose something that matches their colour, like an Orange Lupe Wind Up Toy for an Orange Lupe or a Striped Lupe Scented Candle for a Striped Lupe.

Semmek: When in doubt, go with a nice, non-land/colour specific gift like a Deluxe Lupe Cake or something equally thoughtful yet edible. Food is always loved.

4. Lupes are fashionable.

There are numerous Lupe-related clothing items out there. Just take a look through the NC Mall, or any other clothing shop. The Multi-Coloured Lupe Ruffle Dress is always pretty, while other Lupes may prefer to join the Defenders of Neopia with the Lupe Hero Suit and Lupe Hero Wrist Guards. You may even consider buying a book for him or her like Lupes in Fashion. But be sure not to go overboard with buying accessories; something like Lupe Dance Show Makeup may not be appreciated.

Hopefully you’ll have at least a vague idea of your Lupe’s fashion preferences (for instance, I wouldn’t buy Semmek the Multi-Coloured Lupe Ruffle Dress despite how entertaining his reaction would be and how adorable he would look), and be able to pick accordingly.

Semmek: Don’t tell anyone, but my favourite clothes are the Purple Lupe Pyjamas. The purple is extremely flattering, and the fabric is rather comfortable.

5. Lupes like to laugh.

They’ll always appreciate something entertaining. Like the Red Lupe Chia Plushie, for example. Or the Chia Lupe Fruit Hat. You may even consider buying a joke book, like Jokes and Riddles (although maybe not Hilarious Chia Jokes), if he or she is a bit of a prankster. It may even help them make King Skarl smile!

As long as it’s not at their expense, something funny will always make your Lupe smile.

Semmek: Why did the Lupe cross the road? Because the Chia was on the other side! I’m hilarious. But seriously, we all like to laugh, so keep that in mind.

6. But most of all, Lupes are loyal.

I’ll just let Semmek explain this one.

Semmek: Even if you get a Lupe an absolutely horrendous gift (like Random does every year), they’ll love you anyways.

The last word of advice I can give you is pick a gift from the heart. It doesn’t matter if you find the absolutely perfect gift; if it doesn’t matter to you, it won’t matter to them. Good luck shopping and happy holidays!

*It turns out Chiazilla is extremely big. And MUCH stronger than a Lupe may think. And apparently, if you try to run away screaming from a battle, you get in trouble.

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