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Scoring Big in The Haunted Shootery!

by _zscd___


Who wouldn't walk through the Haunted Woods on a dark, scary night? It's only natural something strange will happen to you, such as a weird wagon appearing. You walk in, and a friendly pet comes to you, in a friendly appearance. BUT! The sides of the wagon open up and guess what, you're at a shooting gallery! How wonderful.


In the Haunted Shootery, you will have to shoot the cardboard indexes of characters as they move across the screen.

Basically, to shoot, you will have to left-click. To move around, you simply move around your mouse.

The points for each character is different, so observe in some manners in which you would shoot for more points in a tight position.

The moving gravestone is the least. It crosses the bottom of the screen, and all you need to do is hit it twice. Succeeding in knocking it off gives you 7 points, the minimum of all.

The flying crokabek will need to be hit 3 times, and knocking it off will give you 8 points.

The tree that stays in the background of the scene is 9 points. All you need to do is shoot it twice, and you'll be good to go. But be careful, it moves away quickly.

The gravestone in the background, with the eyes on it, is also worth 9 points. It doesn't move, making it easier to shoot. Shoot it twice, and it'll be knocked off. But this gravestone moves away faster than the previous ones, so develop some good speed tactics.

Ah, the ghost meepit. Who doesn't love those cute little meepits.? *eye twitches* These meepits are worth 15 points! And all you need to do is shoot it once. But, the meepits' domain consists of their own rules. That's right. The meepit appears either at the mid right section or the mid left section and runs to the opposite. It moves extremely quick, and vanishes approximately before a second. Also, these little beasts... err, I mean friends- only appear in the third level.

The boss at the end of level 3 is the devious Blathering Beech. This... creature... appears randomly on level 3. Beating him means you finish the game. The Blathering Beech has 5 parts which you have to shoot off. The arms will need to be shot 5 times, and they give you 2 points each. Next are the two feet. You will have to shoot them 10 times; each; and they reward you with 2 points per shot. Finally, you will have to shoot off the Blathering Beech's body. You will have to hit it a random number of times above 5. One very important tip in getting more points is hitting the Beech when he falls. This rewards you with a big point bonus for each shot, around 10-15 each shot.

The final character is Reginald. Reginald appears frequently, but make sure not to shoot him! He will isolate your shots for a couple of seconds, which can be valuable in getting a top score.


PLAY ON LOW QUALITY! “Studies” have shown that the highest scores have been achieved in low quality, which results in quicker shots and faster game play, which can be essential or non-essential to getting a top score.

In getting the trophy, there are many factors dealing with getting the top score. The first one is the number of characters you shoot. The number of characters you shoot in the game is essential to the top score. Once you shoot 100 characters (excluding Reginald), you will be rewarded with a 100 point bonus. Wow! It is also possible to get another point bonus when you shoot 200 creatures and so on, but the chances are so low, nobody has declared it anywhere, so we are not sure of how it goes. Shooting more creatures will result in more points. Upon defeating the Blathering Beech you will be rewarded with a 1,000 point bonus which over scores competition.

Another factor in getting a high score is luck. Luck is a thesis in the top score. Luck, luck, luck, luck, LUCK! For what might luck be for? Well, just for the amount of characters that you get! But seriously, it is needed for big points. A good amount of hits for Level 1 would be around 25-30. For level 2, the average given on a basis was 55-70. But it is VERY possible to get around 80-90 characters by the end of level 2! And by level 3, the spotlights turn on. The meepits appear. Try to shoot at least 3-5 meepits. Along with that, succeeding with the 100 characters shot off, you'll get a 100 point bonus; which is important. It is very possible to shoot 150 characters by the end of Level 3,. But, like I said, it's all LUCK!

The final factor(s) are Reginald- and speed. Shooting Reginald might just help you get more characters across the screen. For example, if you have a feeling that the level might end and you have few points/hits, I advise you to shoot Reginald so that it MAY result in more characters on the screen. Keep in mind that you don't lose any points. Now, the main statement of the factors- speed. Many people say that the game is based on speed; I say- not really. I achieved a score of 2,450 by shooting Reginald 3 times and going at a decent speed, as well as a lot of luck. Speed is not a definite essential to getting a top score, but it depends mainly on your luck.

Well, these are the main centrals and spotlights of the Haunted Shootery. I give you my sincere luck to a greatest extent, because this is certainly one tough trophy to achieve; to me of course. Keep in mind that you can always find new techniques and strategies as the game develops. Practice makes perfect in some aspects of the game. Good luck on getting the trophy!

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