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Affordable Holiday Shopping!

by xoxkar


It's that time of year again! The month of Celebrating is always a great time of year; however, it can also be a bit stressful when your bank is low and you want to give your friends a nice holiday gift. Whether your holiday fun is walking around Neopia while the snowflakes are falling, or sipping a cup of hot borovan in front of the fireplace with a good book, stringing up lights and decorating the tree, you always want to spread some holiday cheer to your neofriends. So I have found a list of 20 items under 100,000 NP that are fun, festive, and affordable which will make a perfect gift! After all, it's the thought that counts.

christmas paint brush

1. Christmas Paint Brush

You can never go wrong with the good ol' Christmas paint brush! Unlike most paint brushes that are outrageously expensive, this paint brush is quite affordable, whether you want to use it to paint a pet or as a gift in a gallery, this item is always in style.

Approximate cost: 40,000 NP

christmas tree negg

2. Christmas Tree Negg

Who doesn't like neggs? This negg is pure festive with its green and red tree pattern! A perfect something to add to your shopping list as it will truly fill whoever you gift with joy.

Approximate cost: 20,000 NP

merry christmas card

3. Merry Christmas Card

What could be a better way to wish someone a merry Christmas? This card is something you could send to all your neofriends and wish them happy holidays!

Approximate cost: 1,500 NP

christmas petpet paint brush

4. Christmas Petpet Paint Brush

A bit more expensive than the Christmas paint brush, but if you can afford it, then it's something you do not want to pass up! Whether you use it to paint a petpet or give on its own, this petpet paint brush is pure holiday cheer.

Approximate cost: 65,000 NP

candy cane negg

5. Candy Cane Negg

Like the Christmas tree negg, this negg is all about the pattern. Big bright red and white stripes make it a sight to see. Who doesn't love a good candy cane treat during the holidays? This negg will fulfill anyone's candy cane craving!

Approximate cost: 25,000 NP

deluxe candy cane

6. Deluxe Candy Cane

Deluxe is right! This candy cane is absolutely fabulous. It might cost a bit more than your ordinary candy cane, but it is sure worth it! Red, white, and green stripes tied with a beautiful red ribbon will show your friends just how deluxe you think they are when they receive this!

Approximate cost: 3,000 NP

christmas puppyblew

7. Christmas Puppyblew

Hmm, now what does this remind of us? Nothing like this festive petpet with its bright red nose to spread some holiday cheer!

Approximate cost: 40,000 NP


8. Fir

I think this petpet doesn't need an introduction for why it's a great gift, but I'll give it one anyways! Who doesn't love a good old Christmas tree? Well, here it is in petpet form with a great grin on its face, which is what whoever you give this to will have! Another great gift is a Snow Fir for only 30,000 NP.

Approximate cost: 2,000 NP

acara stocking

9. Acara Stocking

There's nothing like a stocking to get into the holiday spirit! Also Cybunny, Lupe, and Wocky stockings for around the same price!

Approximate cost: 10,000 NP

snow petpet paint brush

10. Snow Petpet Paint Brush

Nothing like snow to make you think of the holidays! This snow petpet paint brush is perfect gift for any snow lovers out there. Unlike some petpet paint brushes, this one is quite affordable!

Approximate cost: 30,000 NP

gigantic decorated christmas tree

11. Gigantic Decorated Christmas Tree

When getting a Christmas tree, you may as well go gigantic! This tree is a perfect little something to add to a gift while spreading some holiday spirit! The wonderful star and the bright lights will get anybody feeling festive.

Approximate cost: 3,000 NP

christmas grundo plushie

12. Christmas Grundo Plushie

Plushies have always been a good ol favorite and this Grundo plushie is no exception! Dressed up like Santa this plushie will make everyone cheer when they see it.

Approximate cost: 41,000 NP

christmas gruslen

13. Christmas Gruslen

If you're looking for something that's a little more special, you cannot go wrong with a Christmas gruslen! Who wouldn't smile at this adorable petpet?

Approximate cost: 68,000 NP


14. Jinjah

When buying a gift, it's always nice to add something a little fun to it, and this Jinjah is the perfect fun item! If you are a jinjah fan, you can also get a Jinjah desk, bed, rug, and usuki set as well for an affordable festive gift!

Approximate cost: 5,800 NP


15. Raindorf

Raindorfs make the perfect holiday gift! Their antlers and the silver bell they wear gives it a nice holiday touch. If you like Raindorfs, you can also get a Raindorf plushie, Raindorf rug, Raindorf feeding bowl, and Raindorf petpet bed! Anyone would be pleased to have these for their gift!

Approximate cost: 16,000 NP

sprig of mistletoe

16. Sprig of Mistletoe

What is Christmas without some mistletoe? Wrapped in a beautiful red bow, this mistletoe will show someone how much you care! You can also get a Mistletoe Wreath for 1,000 NP.

Approximate cost: 10,000 NP

deluxe holly wreath

17. Deluxe Holly Wreath

When you put this up in your Neohome, your home will be filled with seasonal joy! The low price it is makes it a perfect goodie to send out as a gift.

Approximate cost: 1,200 NP


18. Snowman

Once the snow is down, there is nothing more fun than building a snowman on your front lawn! Which is why this cute little snowman is a perfect gift to get anyone into the holiday feeling.

Approximate cost: 3,800 NP


19. Wreathy

Aww! This petpet is adorable. It will be sure to warm anyone up on a cold day when they receive this! If you are looking for some other Wreathy items, you can get a Wreathy ball, Wreathy rug, Wreathy plushie, Wreathy yoyo, Wreathy table, Wreathy bean bag, Wreathy bed, and a wind up Wreathy!

Approximate cost: 12,000 NP

gingerbread house

20. Gingerbread House

There is nothing like the smell of ginger coming from the kitchen on a cold snow day. This beautifully decorated gingerbread house will brighten up anyone's day!

Approximate cost: 1,200 NP

There you have it! What I think are great gift ideas that will truly put a smile on anyone's face. I wish you all happy holidays and happy shopping! Have a great month of Celebrating, everyone!

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