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My Own Theme Day

by tinybaby_orange1


I have always enjoyed the different “Random Themes” that Neopets has for us users, Faellies, Gnomes, even Snot! After Carrot Day, I got to thinking, why can’t MY favourite vegetable have it’s own special day? I mean, aren’t all vegetables equal? Don’t all vegetables deserve a chance to shine? So, in order to bring this concern to everyone’s attention, I thought I would tell you all the wonderful, magnificent, superb, outstanding, fantastic things about my FAVOURITE vegetable: tomatoes.

Why Tomatoes?

Well, that’s a pointless question! I mean, doesn’t every one of us just want to climb to the very summit of Terror Mountain and shout for all of Neopia to hear, “I LOVE TOMATOES!!” Don’t we all share that dream?

If not, I will educate you on the glorious veggie that is the Tomato.

I think that tomatoes, unlike some other veggies, *cough* carrots *cough* have a unique, sweet taste that appeals to almost everyone. Also, it’s a really nice colour. Tomatoes are juicy, tasty, pretty, and yummy, what’s not to love?

Now that you are all dedicated Tomato fans, lets move on.

The Different Types Of Tomatoes

Obviously, there isn’t just one boring tomato that you use for every tomato recipe! Naturally not! There are many different tomatoes in all shapes, sizes, and colours, okay, maybe not all colours. Mainly, you only want to eat a red tomato.

First, the plain old, grown-in-your-own-garden Tomato. These are usually round, red and tasty, but we can’t always hope for the best. They can sometimes be hard, misshapen and greenish. It takes a skilled hand and a green thumb to create the Perfect Tomato.

Second, the Organic Tomato. Grown without the aid of pesticides or chemicals, the organic tomato appeals to even the most sensitive tomato eater. Organic Tomatoes are often fatter, and juicier than your average tomato. The unskilled tomato eater can usually not tell the difference between a Tomato and an Organic Tomato. Shame.

Third, the Baby Tomatoes, tiny tomatoes that grow more than one to a vine. These tomatoes are usually sweeter and not as juicy as your average tomato, but still as tasty. Personally, I prefer these tomatoes to the other varieties.

Fourth, the Smooshed Tomato. Yes, the name is unappealing, but the taste is amazing! The road to creating the perfect ‘Smooshed’ is a long one, which not many have traveled down. First, the tomato is baked in an oven. When warm and gooey, it is smacked onto a plate and Voila! You have a soft, warm, squishy plate of heaven!

Fifth, Chocolate Covered Tomato. This is a treat perfect for the tomato and chocolate lovers among us. The cook takes a ripe tomato, and drips melted milk chocolate onto its surface. When the chocolate is hardened, its chow time! The crunch of the chocolate shell combined with the tenderness of the tomato is too scrumptious for words!

And last, but not least, the Tomatoes (TCG). Although it is not exactly a food, it is very nice to look at.

Tomato Recipes

There are hundreds of ways to prepare a tomato, so I thought I would share a few with you.

The Tomato Omelette: A wonderful treat for a light breakfast. Just scramble some eggs, pour them into a pan and add tomato slices! Yum, yum, yum!

The Tomato and Pepper Omelette: Made like the Tomato Omelette, the Tomato and Pepper Omelette is for those who crave more spice! With its unique mixture of veggies, it is perfect for breakfast or a snack!

Tomato Sauce: Tomato Sauce is good with almost anything. One of my personal favourites is Chip Butty with Tomato Sauce. Just toast some bread, butter it, pile some chips (also known as fries) on top, and pour on a generous helping of tomato sauce!

Lettuce and Tomato Baguette: This is a great sandwich to send with your little Neopets on their first day of school. Just slice open a baguette, add lettuce and throw on some sliced tomato pieces.

Tomato Striped Hot Dog: What creativity! What genius! Imagine this, a hot dog, with tomato sauce baked right into the bun! Who could ask for more!

Cheese and Tomato Sub: Again, a great Neoschool sandwich. I believe they even sell them at the Sub shop…hmm…

BLT sandwich: A delicious mixture of bacon, lettuce and tomato, on wholesome bread!

Tomato Kebab: My favourite! Tiny tomatoes, cooked over an open fire on a metal skewer! Great for camping trips and family get-togethers!

Tomato Shoyru Meatball: A little bit of a strange food, but good non the less. The Tomato Shoyru Meatball is just a Shoyru Meatball, covered in that all-purpose food we know and love, tomato sauce!

Giant Tomato Kebab: Similar to the Tomato Kebab, this treat is made using one, very large tomato. Oh yes, and if you are cooking them with friends, make sure you have some old knifes!

BLT Croissant: Just like the BLT sandwich, only instead of bread, you get a freshly baked croissant stuffed with your bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Egg and Tomato Sandwich: A wonderful breakfast sandwich, made with top quality eggs and the best organic tomatoes in Neopia!

Tomato Chia Pop: Ah, yes, the chia pop, tasty, but has a tendency to give you brain freeze, or turn you into a tomato.

Blueberry Tomato Smoothie: An icy mixture of blueberries and tomatoes. Comes in three sizes: Small, Large And Mega.

The Good and Bad of the Tomato World

Unfortunately, all is not good in the tomato world. There are some tomatoes that, how you say, have lived past their prime. Here, I would like to pay tribute to all the Very Rotten Tomatoes out there who are sitting in a shop or SDB, rotting away with no one to eat them.

Do not fear, rotten ones, some day, you will be worshiped and loved by all! One day, you will be cool and pure and awesome! And, in the words of ACDC, “For those about to rot, we salute you!”

So there you have it. Tomatoes, the vegetable overlooked by so many, are much more than meets the eye. I encourage you to venture out into Neopia with your newfound knowledge and taste some of these featured recipes. Also, always remember the very rotten tomatoes, never scorn or tease them. For they too were once round and red and juicy! They too were once yummy and gooey and sweet! Also, remember this above all, Chose Tomatoes over Others, and you will live a happy, healthy life!

Thank You!

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