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Key Quest: Keeping the Game From 'Ending Abnormally'

by dragonoftheseas2


Hello, gamers and Key Quest lovers! If you’ve ever opened a game of Key Quest, you might have encountered the dreaded ‘Oops! This game has ended abnormally.’ You may have seen this in the beginning of your game, during a mini game, or even worse, right before you are about to win. After more than a year of playing Key Quest, I have found ways to avoid this, and at the time of writing this article, have a streak of 38 games that I started and finished with me and my opponent having no troubles. There will always be an element of luck, but by following the tips in this article, you can reduce your time wasted. First, let’s cover the causes of games ending abnormally:

Cause #1: Your Opponent’s Computer Problems

This is the most common cause of games ending early. Computer problems can mean everything from the browser having an error to the entire computer shutting down. Key Quest is a great game with great prizes, but some computers might have trouble running it perfectly every time. Landing on too many mini games or running a single game of Key Quest can aggravate these problems and make the computer more prone to having an error.

Solutions for Cause #1

Avoid landing on the mini games. Regardless of whether you have a speedy computer or not, your opponent’s computer may have trouble with them. If you notice your opponent really does have a hard time with mini games, then avoid them, even if it means not going the correct path. Not only will they be thankful for not having to be obliterated at a mini game once again, but there is a good chance the game will finish.

People will often extend Key Quest games to get more neopoints as well, which is a bad idea. The longer a game of Key Quest goes, the more the computer will lag. Too much lag can make the game unpleasant and may eventually boot the player, or an error will occur. Focus on finishing games as quickly as you can.

Cause #2: Your Opponent’s Personal Problems

Personal problems include everything from accidentally closing the window to facing someone who intentionally quits the game for whatever reason. It’s possible that your opponent’s parents called them down for dinner, or they had to tend to some emergencies at home that required them to end the game. This is more likely to happen in an extended game rather than a short one.

As stated previously, there are people (dubbed ‘quitters’ on the Key Quest boards) who will intentionally leave a game if it is not going their way. They could have become frustrated by how the game was going (bad luck, losing all the mini games, having power-ups constantly played on them), or they could have set out to do this for fun. Either way, quitters are a minority and not all games that end abnormally are caused by them.

Solutions for Cause #2

Unfortunately, there is nothing YOU can do to keep your opponent’s parents from calling them, or keep their cat from unplugging the computer. However, there is something you can do about a good number of quitters. Although Key Quest is a competitive game and by all means you should do what it takes to win (while playing fairly of course; no cheating!), please try to not be as aggressive if you don’t need to be. If your opponent has 2 keys and no power-ups, and you have 5 keys and plenty of powerups and are close to the door, there’s no need to play anything on your opponent to further harm them. In that scenario, there is nothing they can do in one turn to win that 5-key game.

In another scenario, pretend you have all 5 keys and are in front of the door (all you need to do is roll a one to win) and your opponent also has all 5 keys. Your turn starts and gives you the option of rolling (and winning) or playing a power-up and then rolling. Don’t play a harmful power-up on your opponent ‘just because’. You don’t need to. And in yet a third scenario, imagine your opponent again has only 2 keys and you have a Super Key Grabber. You have 4 keys and need 1 of the keys they have. Use the Super Key Grabber, but take only one key. And lastly, if you’re completely clobbering your opponent in every mini game, either try to take it easy on them, or avoid landing on more mini games. If you’ve ever played someone with a faster computer than yours, you know how frustrating it can be.

Cause #3: Your Computer Problems

You know your own computer better than anyone else, so naturally you know your limitations. You know whether playing a few mini games will make your computer explode or if it will be a walk in the park. You also know about the types of problems you can get with your browsers (if any). We all have computer problems; the trick is playing carefully so that these problems won’t end up causing tears.

Solutions for Cause #3

If you know your computer is sensitive to long games or games filled with mini games, then try to set up games with people on the Key Quest Boards that know about this, because a random opponent won’t know. Also, try to keep your Key Quest games short, since it will make the game lag less for you. In terms of the browser you play on, try to have the most recent version. Always try to keep your computer ‘clean’ and not clogged up with too many files that can make it lag. Only you can prevent your own computer problems, and your opponent will appreciate it.

Cause #4: Your Personal Problems

We all have personal issues that may come up during the game as well. They can be events that we can’t control (having your indoor cat run out the door for example), but they can also be events that we can control (going to the bathroom for example). Most importantly, playing power-ups on each other is a part of the game, and one should never get frustrated because of it. You may not be able to prevent your opponent’s personal problems, but you can do a lot to prevent yours from occurring.

Solutions for Cause #4

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of events you can’t control, but there are many you can. If your family normally eats dinner at 8:00pm, then don’t start a game at 7:55pm, because you’ll most likely have to end it. If you need to use the bathroom, do it in between games (your Key Quest games shouldn’t be lasting more than 10-15 minutes) rather than during the game. In terms of your opponent playing power-ups on you, don’t take it as a personal attack, or their way of saying they don’t like you – they are simply trying to win. Remember that it is a game and they are there to be used, so if an opponent uses power-ups on you, don’t get angry – fight back!

In short, always try to be conscious of your opponents before you start a game; don’t just think of yourself. That’s how games end abnormally. Hopefully by following this article, you’ll quickly make good friends, play some competitive games, and rack up gold keys towards great prizes! Just remember to always be courteous.

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