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Time for Limes

by rck2002


Hey there, Neopia! Are you bored of eating the same old boring fruit and veg struggling to get your five a day? I went 'round Neopia asking people what their favourite fruit was. Not many people mentioned the lime. This lovely fruit seems to be one many people forget about. Perhaps it is because when you search "lime" on the Shop Wizard "slime" and "splime" items frequently pop up and who wants to eat slime? I have composed a list of ten lime-tastic items to hopefully encourage Neopians not to deny themselves the delights of this tangy fruit.


1: Lime

Well, this was obvious for a first choice, wasn't it? The Lime, the fruit that makes this article possible. Without it, a variety of scrumptious items would cease to exist and I would have to find something else to talk about. As its description tells us, "Delicious in all kinds of things but not so great to eat on its own". I fed the lime to my pets. My Draik tells me, "Yummy, that was my favourite food". The others scrunched up their faces and spat it back out. Perhaps Draiks have a palate more suited to the sour flavour; I have to agree with the others. So on with the dishes that Limes flavour to perfection.

lime brucicle

2: Lime Brucicle

Brucicles are a cold treat in the shape of a cute little Bruce. Perfect in summer for those hot days and generally lovely at any time of year. Also nice to look at before you start munching. Who doesn't love a Bruce-shaped food? A sharp lime flavour perfects this icy delight. At a reasonable price in the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow shop, it is always easy to get your hands, paws or claws on.

lime neodrops

3: Lime Neodrops

Neodrops. Those simple little candy delights. Their simplicity is what makes this item so wonderful for me. Perfect for any neopet who doesn't care much for fancy new foods. Any flavour of neodrop is nice, but the sourness of Lime Neodrops makes them that extra bit special.

lime achyfi

4: Lime Achyfi

The lime is a wonderfully refreshing fruit. So what could be better than putting it into a drink? Achyfi contains root extracts which give you energy. So if you are looking to be energised and refreshed at the same time, this is the perfect beverage for you. Note: too much Achyfi could result in bouncing off the walls of your neohomes. Delicious as this drink is, please try to avoid damage to yourself and to your home.

lime jelly jubjub

5: Lime Jelly JubJub

...Or any Lime jelly neopet shaped sweet, really. There are a few different kinds, but I'm in a JubJub mood right now. This is another example of a lime flavoured candy. These are nice and soft if you prefer soft sweets to the hardness of the lime neodrops mentioned above. The sweetness of the jelly and the sourness of the lime makes a yummy combination. If you have a destructive pet, they can also have a few moments of amusement pulling off the jelly JubJub's feet. Apparently this is quite common behaviour and although some Neopians try not to encourage this, I prefer to let my pet get it out of their system on a lime jelly JubJub rather than on some poor real JubJub.

lime faerie bubble

6: Lime Faerie Bubble

This is a lovely thing to give your pet as an occasional treat, sugary and gooey. I wouldn't recommend it too often, but the bubble makes it truly delightful to look at and fun to eat so long as your pet knows how to handle the faerie bubble correctly and to eat it without popping it to save you many hours of getting sugary goo out of your pet's fur or from between scales and tentacles.

lime kougra cake

7: Lime Kougra Cake

Again, not to single out a species as there are other lime cakes relating to other neopets species, but it is the design of the Kougra cake which makes this the most appealing to me. The blend of lime and cake and the combination of black and green stripes perfectly topped off with a swirl of cream and a red cherry and its compact size make it a wonderful cake to look at and eat and fill your pet up without being too much.

lime wiggle cake

8: Lime Wiggle Cake

Another delightful Lime cake. If you are a little far from home and looking for that perfect sweet and sour treat pop into Grundos Cafe. This cake as well as delicious is fun too. It wiggles when you are trying to eat it. If you don't find that weird and off putting or if you like to fight with your food before you devour it, this is the perfect cake for you. Also, wiggle rhymes with giggle and everyone loves to giggle, don't they?

lime swirly negg

9: Lime Swirly Negg

This is a really pretty negg to look at, and tasty to eat too. Or, if you don't want to eat it, you can give it to the Negg Faerie for three negg points. What could be better?

sour lime pizza

10: Sour Lime Pizza

The perfect non-healthy-but-fruity meal. This is the one savoury food I have added to this list. It is by no means the only savoury lime food in Neopia, but as pizza is a favourite food loved by all Neopians, it is the one I have chosen to add. It doesn't look very nice compared to other pizzas, but it is one interesting and tasty combination. Don't think you can handle a whole pizza? Buy a half or two thirds or even just a slice.

This brings me to the end of my list. It's not the end of the list of all the limey food in Neopia, but it is the end of me talking about it. I also wanted to add a note to warn Neopians to be careful when shopping for limes that you do actually pick a lime and not a Lime Chia doing his or her own shopping. Lupes should also be warned not to try cooking with Lime Chias on purpose.

That's me done now. Get lime hunting.

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