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Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Neopets' Birthday

by ellbot1998


NEOPIA CENTRAL: You’re on the way to the General Store to get some food for your Neopets as well as a toy or two, maybe. The passersby are buzzing with excitement, but you don’t know why. Then you walk past a booth with a banner that says “HAPPY B-DAY, NEOPETS!” with a Meerca giving out presents to commemorate the big day and you suddenly realize what day it is! Oh no, you forgot to plan a party! No worries. You don’t have to worry about planning anything big, with all your friends who play Neopets, with a huge cake with pictures of your favorite pets on it; in fact, here are the top ten ways to have your own little bash, just you and your own pets. Let the festivities begin!

10. Play Neoquest II

If you’ve never played this, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The sequel to the ever-so-popular Neoquest I, a trophy and better prizes than its prequel await you. :P This version is divided into five acts (Meridell, Terror Mountain, Lost Desert, Haunted Woods and Faerieland, in that order) and you beat the game once you complete all of them. Don’t think it’s over when you finally win Faerieland on normal mode, though. There is still Evil and Insane mode left; I assure you it will be much of a challenge. I haven’t beaten Normal yet at the time of writing, but I’ve already beaten those cursed Faeries in the Haunted Woods!

9. Earn Neopoints

Although you probably have already been doing this, why not try increasing the amount of NP you can make in a day? You can try for 15,000 or 20,000 NP a day if you were previously doing 10,000 daily, or 20,000 or 25,000 if you were doing 15,000 daily. If you restock, you can try to increase the amount of items you restock in a day. If you never made it to 100 grand or more for that paint brush, now’s a good time to start. As well as increase your riches, you can also learn more about Neopia by doing this.

8. Have an NC Shopping Spree

With the birthday shop and whatnot, this is a great way to celebrate. After all, who doesn’t love mystery capsules? Neocash cards are available in many different stores nowadays, so locating them shouldn’t be too hard. It may have been a while since you’ve had NC to spend, so this is a great way to “catch up” on NC Mall items as well as celebrate.

7. Paint a Pet

Because this closely ties in with #1, you can multitask and celebrate in two different ways. TNT has released a ton of pet colors and several new species since the beginning of Neopets; you might even want to morph a pet. Even if your pets are already painted, you may consider re-painting. After all, haven’t you seen that Baby Kougra so much you want to throw up? That’s kind of sad. Why not paint him something cool but inexpensive, like Electric? You can really appreciate the uncommon colors.

6. Adopt a New Pet

Even better! Whether it’s a Xweetok or a Pteri, your older pets are sure to appreciate having a new younger sibling. In fact, I think there are a few Cybunnies available right now. Okay, so maybe not if you’re reading this list fifteen minutes or more after it was published. Oh well. But your new pet will be able to boast about being born on Neopets’ tenth birthday, and everybody wants that, right?

Drum roll, please, THE TOP FIVE!

5. Celebrate YOUR Neopets

What would Neopets be without Neopets? That’s right, not much. So why not celebrate yours? How should I celebrate them, should you ask? Well, you can take them to the Training School, buy them those toys they were awing at the other day, as well as clothes and books, and feed them something a bit fancier than omelette and nonexistent jelly for starts. Of course, the best way to make them happy is to spend time with them, and that shouldn’t be too hard.

4. Count Down

TNT has very conveniently placed a countdown on their birthday page. Now we can all count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds. Now you have a really good excuse for not getting off the computer AND for staying up late. “Mom, it’s the NEOPETS BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN! Aw, Mom!” If that doesn’t work, you can always tell your parents the coffee machine is overflowing, then while they realize they never turned it on once they’re in the kitchen and a safe six yards from the computer room, lock the door. Yeah, that will work.

3. Enter a Contest

It’s true that some contests have been closed recently, but the rumor that Neopets is ending isn’t true, and I’m sure new contests will come along and fill in the gaps. By the time this is published, you might not get your entry ready in time for the Neopets birthday, but you can at the very least work on your entry. It’s a whole other aspect of the site, and fame, Neopoints, extremely valuable items, and most importantly a jackpot of satisfaction await you! So hop to it!

2. Change Your Ways

In case you’re looking at me funny, what I mean is to start actually caring for your pets. TNT themselves have let us know that they aren’t on the same side as the Neopet traders are, and they hate seeing people purposely starve their pets for what, that pathetic sad look? I always get depressed when I think about people completely ignoring their crying Neopets to instead sell that full three-meal omelette for twenty measly Neopoints. Really, admit it, there isn’t much benefit with the practice of ignoring your pets, while there is a fountain of joy as a reward for truly loving them. This made it to the #2 spot for a reason. Please, reader. Ignoring your pets is cruel. Put those freebie foods to better use, because being under the care of someone who purposely starves you is ten times worse than being in the Pound.


1. Play Neopets

This should have been obvious the whole time. Really, can you think of any better way to celebrate Neopets than to play Neopets? And who knows, maybe, just maybe, there will be something special for us from TNT on the special day other than sending scores five times and the birthday sidebar!

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