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The Many Rejected Games of Neopia

by skittleiciousgirl


GAMEROOM - Ahhh, the gameroom. Where millions of Neopoints are made each day. There are so many games here, that you don't know where to start! There's Destruct-O-Match 2, Dice-A-Roo, Extreme Herder, and Sutek's Tomb just to name a few.

But have you ever wondered if there were other games out there? Ones that just weren't good enough to make it? I mean, there is the game graveyard for those old games that had been taken off the site before, but I'm talking about the kind of games that just weren't good enough to get into Neopia. There must've been loads of games out there that were just too strange or different to fit in. If every game invented made it into Neopets, we'd need a dozen game rooms.

And so I started thinking, which usually isn't a good sign. I have never seen a single trace of these sort of games. And I want to see a list of some of these games. I searched every corner of Neopia, but none of these odd games were found. These games deserve a chance to have everyday Neopians know about them. So I got out my handy pen, discovered it was out of ink and was forced to use a pencil to compile a list of all these odd games that just may have been thought up of and rejected. These are just possibilities of the many games that weren't good enough. I must warn you though, some of these game possibilities may make you cower in fear. And some may cause you to believe that the author of this article is a complete and utter loon. Either way, remember, you have been warned...

Wormball- It's just like Gormball... Except, the ball's slimy and when it explodes you're covered in worms. Not my idea of a fun one.

Splat-a-Space-Faerie- It wouldn't surprise me if Sloth invented this game. The reason it didn't make it was because Space Faerie fans may form an angry mob and cause mayhem in the gameroom. *hides pitchfork behind back*

Adverb Attack- Ahh! It's the attack of the grammar! *hides under desk* Too... much... education...

Better Than Me- Instead of you trying to beat someone's high score, they have to beat you! Muahahahahahahahaha-*inhales*-hahahahahaha... ha.

Whack-A-Skarl- For all you Kass lovers out there...

Kadoatie Rescue Team- Instead of the Warfs rescuing the Kadoatie, the Kadoatie rescues the Warf! Not as fun because Kadoaties aren't very stackable. And they tend to get ugly when the Warf is too stupid to climb down. And beware of the constant loud racket they may cause if they're hungry, because they won't hush up until you feed them some fancy and expensive gourmet food.

Skies over the Citadel- You're even higher up in this game. And the skies are red instead of blue. But otherwise, it's just the same as Skies over Meridell! Oh, and watch out for those dark clouds and all those angry Darigan Eyries.

Extreme Tomato Counter- This game is very similar to Extreme Potato Counter. The only difference is when the tomatoes land, they tend to get all mushy and squashed. This game can still be played when someone is performing rather badly and there's a vegetable stand nearby.

Chomby and the Dung Balls- Eeeeew! Only dung lovers would like this game. This never got in because Dung Balls aren't as fast and as evil as Fungus Balls.

Cowards of Neopia- Is there a poor innocent pet being robbed by the Pant Devil? Have fear! Here you can master the fine arts of curling up into a little ball, whimpering like a baby, sucking your thumb, and getting someone else to beat up the bad guys! Be pathetic and be proud! Remember, weaklings RULE!

Gourmet Club Plates- Who needs to roll those silly old bowls, when you can chuck into the air specially designed plates! Just watch out for those grumpy rich pets that may get hit in the head. Yeah, you don't mess with them. They suck the fun out of everything.

Test Your Weakness- This is one of the easiest games ever created. The lighter you hit the button with the hammer, the more Neopoints and prizes you get!

The Vegetable Machine- With a bit of luck, you can win anything from cauliflower to turnips! Mmmmm... healthy food.

Petpetpet battles- Get your magnifying glasses ready as you watch your petpetpets battle each other. You can even pick the petpet you'd like to stage the fight on!

5000m Peanut Dash- Instead of a Puppyblew, watch the little Spardel run after a peanut... and run... and run...and run... still running.

Lunch Box Escape- Oh no! The sandwiches are getting away!

Kass Scramble- Another game for all you Kass lovers...

Attack of the Muffinmen- Ahhh! The muffins have betrayed us! *nibbles muffin* But they are still very tasty. Mmmmm...

Sloth Bubbles- No wonder Sloth was so angry about Faerie Bubbles. Look's like he's just jealous that his game didn't make it.

Dung Processing Plant- A game that's so smelly, it's bad for your health. *puts on a gigantic noseplug*

Turmac Pull- Now that's ONE heavy Turmac. Just watch out when you go over the hill.

So there you have it. Over twenty games that just weren't good enough to enter the game room. Some were just too scary, some were just too strange. Some were just too hard or too easy. And some were just simply beaten by similar games. And some were just too educational. Maybe someday, when Neopets is desperate, one of these could actually stand a chance. Perhaps, if given the chance, some of these could become the best games in Neopia. But hopefully, this won't happen anytime soon. *shudders*

But just remember, there are those type of games are out there in the land of the unknown. Somewhere... *eerie silence*

And now, *grabs pitchfork* I must end this article so I can form an angry mob and rampage the bakery for some free muffins. YAAAAAAAAA-*trips over and lands flat on face*-aaahhhhh...

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