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10 Crazy Things About the Rainbow Pool

by lovesdogsago


Hello! I’m K9 Angel, an aspiring NT writer and a fairly normal neopets player. I have an account, and that has four pets on it. (Don’t pity them, they like me... I think.) You’re probably wondering what on Neopia that has to do with the Rainbow Pool, but I’m getting there. Slowly, but I’m getting there. Anyways, out of those pets, three out of four I have painted using the Rainbow Pool. (The last drank some weird potion that ‘accidentally’ got slipped into his drink. *shifty eyes*)

But how many people have actually studied the Rainbow Pool, rather then running there like a maniac, pushing their pet in, smothering it with paint, then victory dancing home? Cause... er, I have always taken the latter approach; which my ex-Poogle did not like so much. She’s afraid of water. Then she got angry. And bit me. And it really hurt. She belongs to my friend now. And believe me, she likes it much better there. So, as I was saying, I decided to actually stare at the pool and then share my findings with you, partly because I’ve already painted my pets their dream colors (if I re-painted them, they’d hurt me), and partly because I wanted to write an article about something. What I have found may shock and amaze you! It may give you nightmares! Or even-- bore you to tears. Well, hopefully not the last two...

Now onto the findings!

1. It is Small. Considering how many people go to it every day, it’s really rather small. Too small, in fact. Thinking on it; how many pets can fit in there at once, anyways...? Wait. I don’t think I want to know... Of course, someone is going to do the calculations, now that I’ve said it.

2. It Has a Giant Rainbow in it. And it takes up a LOT of space. Which brings me back to my first finding. But back to the rainbow: if you look at it, there is no orange in it! It goes like this instead: Red, Dandelion, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Lilac. WHY NO ORANGE? Is TNT against orange for some strange reason?! Poor orange... Because now, instead of the Rainbow Pool, it’s the Red dandelion yellow green blue purple lilac Pool. Doesn’t have a nice ring to it, does it?

3. It Is Surrounded by a Green Meadow. Um... how? On the map, it’s shown as being in the center of Neopia Central. So why surrounded by a green meadow in the picture? It sorta looks like where gormball is played... So does Virtupets have some way to transport to the Rainbow Pool?

4. Pets Can be Painted More Colors than Just Rainbow in the Rainbow Pool. Amazing! See, this is a true mystery. Why don’t they name it the Purple White Red Yellow Green Blue Rainbow Silver Glowing Striped Shadow Split Invisible Cloud Disco Electric Fire Speckled Sketch Skunk Strawberry Starry Spotted Checkered Halloween Faerie Christmas Golden Desert Brown Tyrannian Baby Pirate Island Pink Plushie Darigan Maraquan Usuki Snow Royal Grey... okay, I think you get the idea.

5. It Has Got a Giant Rainbow In It. You’re probably thinking: ‘Okay, Angel. You said this one already. We knew you were crazy, but we didn’t think you were this crazy!’ Well, I’ve got more on the topic! Could the rainbow be the source of the water somehow? How about this: Where is the rainbow from, anyways? On the Neopia Map, it shows that Neopia Central is connected to Roo Island by a rainbow. Could this be the rainbow? But if you visit Roo Island, there’s no rainbow there. Another mystery, perhaps?

6. The Rainbow Pool Feels Sorry for You When You Can’t Paint Your Pet. Here’s the message it comes up with if you don’t have a paint brush: ‘You don't seem to have any magical paint brushes :(‘ Aww! It gives a little frowny face when you don’t have a paint brush! It really does feel for you. So, instead of complaining to other people that you don’t have a paint brush, complain to the pool! It truly cares!

7. Paint Brushes are Very, Very Rare. As it says at the Rainbow Pool: ‘[Paint Brushes] are magical items that are given to you in the game at random. They are very, very rare however.’ So... They’re given at random. I like being random! But I haven’t gotten one at random before... poor me. :( *Pity Party*

8. There is a Puddle Next to It. It’s called the ‘petpet’ puddle. This is about ten times smaller than the Rainbow Pool, which brings up a question of its own: How can something this small be visited more than 1000 times a day? (According to ‘The Search for Princess Lunara’) There must be a HUGE line! Furthermore, neopets cannot be painted in it. 'Cause, for one thing, they won’t fit. Probably not even a baby JubJub. For the second thing, it’s only for petpets. And lastly... er... I’ll give you that reason when I think of it.

9. It Is Quite Shallow. So it must take a LONG time to paint a Skeith, Grarrl, or Elephante. And you can’t dive into it! And certain mutant pets won’t fit. In fact, many pets will have to roll around in it. Doesn’t work so well.

10. Apparently, Judging by The Shops Map, The Money Tree is About a Foot From the Rainbow Pool. So how is the Rainbow Pool surrounded by a meadow?! It also looks rather circular from this map. But on the Rainbow Pool picture... It’s shaped like a peanut! Optical illusion? Instant-change ray from Sloth? Perhaps I’m going insane? What if the Fountain Faerie is jealous? And she doesn’t want anyone to visit the Rainbow Pool? So she might have changed the shape of it on accident, when trying to make it disappear... Hm.

Well, I hope this made you think about the Rainbow Pool more. Maybe you can stare at it instead of, say, painting your pets, feeding them, or doing the equally-fun activity of watching grass grow. Believe me, it’s more fun than it sounds... Or you can go accuse the Fountain Faerie of conspiring against the Rainbow Pool. Which is also very fun. And dangerous. Believe me. Well, now I sound really strange. Which I am. So, enjoy my Rainbow Pool findings! Farewell!

~ K9 Angel

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