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The Totally Terrific Tastiness of 10!

by tyleraapje


This being my 10th article for the Neopian Times, I wanted to kind of celebrate the achievement in some manner. The questions was how? Finally it came to me. I thought it would be something of a challenge for me (and a bit fun for you too) to seek out some ties between this accomplishment and that of every day Neopian life. So I packed up my pen and paper and began my journey. I trekked through the hot, steamy jungles of Mystery Island to the treacherous, snowy ice peaks of Terror Mountain and on towards the bright and glorious city of Altador and beyond. Well, there might have been some swimming in between there somewhere, but you get the idea! I searched through written documents and browsed numerous shops for various wares that had that something special. My journal quickly filled with hastily jotted notations and after many hours of sorting through them, I managed to compile the following. So without further ado, I present to you a somewhat lengthy list of fun facts and odd bits of trivia pertaining to the "magical" number 10.

"Ten" spelled backwards is "net." o.O Creepy...

The Gift Shop honors this wonderful number with their offer of 10-Pack postcard sets featuring favorite vacation spots like the Virtupets Space Station, Meridell, Faerieland and Krawk Island. What a fantastic value for the spend-thrifty traveler!

NC Challenge Ticket Packs (including those from the Altador Cup season) come in a handy count of 10. They come in packs of other amounts too, but they do not really concern us now, do they?

There is a silver colored Ten Dubloon Coin that features crossed bones on its coin face.

Some very lucky cowboy fans will be happy to know that Neopets even has a Ten Gallon Hat. As far as I know, it is not actually wearable yet. Perhaps because it would cause severe neck pain. Lovely to admire it from afar, though! Yeehaw!

Rainbow Neodrops are yummy sugar coated treats that Neopets of any age can enjoy; also, each one comes in at least 10 delicious flavors!

The Lemon Neodrops package promises an extra 10% in each bag, if you just cannot get enough of them.

The Battledome item Supersize! powers up your pet and makes them grow 10 times their size for one round in the Battledome. Whoa!

The Plantmelon weighs a beastly 10 pounds! Still no match for the Meridell Marrow, though...

The aquatic petpet Bubbles amazingly can inflate itself to be 10 times its normal size, which means your pet can also use its petpet Bubbles as a beach ball. Spike!

Another aquatic pet called the Bowla can suck in water to make itself grow to 10 times its normal size. Instead of using it as a beach ball, though, your pet can handily water the plants as its Bowla squirts all the water back out. It does not do windows, though!

The Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg, along with many other fancy colored Easter Neggs, is worth a whopping 10 negg points at the Neggery. Ka-ching!

The Mutated Negg, which is obviously not so prettily decorated as the Easter Neggs mentioned above, is oddly enough also worth 10 negg points at the Neggery. Strange Coincidence? I think not.

One in every 10 tigerbuggles grows into a full Tigerfruit. When you split it open, you can eat the swollen, tasty purple seeds. But what to do with the rind? Where is a Grarrl when you need one, eh?

The Green Alien Aisha (limited edition) Plushie was only available on November 10th, 2001.

The drying process for Dried Blusops reduces the Blusop to 1/10th of its size. Good with salt! Yummy!

The Buried Burger has been aged to enrich its flavor. Let us hope it tastes as good now as it did 10 years ago! If not, well, there are always those shriveled up Dried Blusops I just mentioned.

Mild Cheddar Jetsam Fin Crackers are made with 10% recycled cracker material. Yuck! Makes you wonder what the other 90% is made of, or perhaps it is better not to know. Yes, ignorance is definitely bliss.

The Magic for Beginners book offers an easy to follow guide that takes you through 10 simple magic tricks to impress your friends. Hocus pocus!

The Great Kau Caper is a hilarious tale involving a million NP, 10 Kaus and a Babaa. Now if that teaser did not make you want to read it, I do not know what will.

Spooking the Competition is a book detailing how to scare your opponent off the playing field in 10 easy steps. I assume each step is perfectly legal and in no way violates any game rules. *cough*

Neopets celebrated its birthday last year, giving out nifty Year 10 goodie bags, which contained a wide selection of toys and cakes and who knows what else. I never opened mine, so I am really just guessing at this point.

The Usukicon Y10 Attendee Badges, gummies, dolls, keyrings and much much more helped ring in the big Y10 too.

There are even items from the Halloween Goodie Bags, the Advent Calendar and the NC Mall that marked Neopets' Y10 celebration. You would think Y10 was, you know, like a really big deal.

To make Grilled Chokato on Toast, simply take one Chokato, grill it for 10 minutes and voila! Kids, be sure to have a parent present before trying this at home!

It costs 10 NP per night to stay at the Fleapit Motel. This is not a recommendation, of course. I am just pointing out that if you were really desperate and had absolutely no other option, this could be the answer to your pets' prayers. Myself, I would rather stay at Aunt Marge's, even if she does snore like a Grarrl on a food frenzy.

October 10th is Eyrie Day. Break out the bubbly!

Even some of the games in the Games Room have a connection to the number 10, such as Double or Nothing. It only costs 10 NP to play!

As well, there are some Neopian competitions that get in the spirit, like the Caption Contest. You have a chance to win 10 thousand neopoints if you can prove yourself the wittiest.

We have come to the end of my article. I hope you have found it impressive, or at least mildly entertaining.... vaguely interesting? Okay, so really it was just something to pass a few boring minutes away, but at least you did not burn any brain cells in the process (I hope!).

I am certain there are many, many more examples of the number 10's influence in Neopia. If I tried to find every single last one, I would probably never be seen or heard from again. Much as you might hope for that now, I think at least my pets would miss me!

In closing, perhaps I have inspired one of you to embark on your very own hunt for numerical references of a different sort. What a great way to make a better acquaintance with this wonderful world. Who knows? Perhaps you will be the next to get your article published. Even better if it is your first article, praising the glories of number 1! ;) Have fun and good luck to all you writers out there!

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