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Creepy Companions

by neom_777


Halloween is just around the corner. Everything is ready to go. You’ve got candy, costumes, candy, street maps, candy, decorations and just to be on the safe side, more candy. Yes, everything is ready. Or is it? You seem to have forgotten one vital thing. Your Neopet can’t go out into the Haunted Woods alone. They need a guardian, a companion, a petpet. But a simple warf or angelpuss won’t do. They’ll flee at the first sign of danger, and besides, all your careful costume planning will go to waste. What you need is a spooky spirit, a creepy critter, a petpet that screams Halloween, or at least roars at the appropriate time. But there’s so many petpets, how can I choose the right one, I hear you cry. This, my friends, is why I wrote this article. Listed below are the top 13 spooky petpets, just in time for Halloween.



It can get very irritable if it’s fed the wrong foods!


An organ without a body! Creepy or what! For about 2,900 NP, you could have a petpet that’s perfect for your mad scientist or mutated Neopet.


Not only is a bodiless organ creepy, it is also gross. Make sure your pet has the stomach for such a petpet. Painting options are limited, with only six colours available. In addition, intesteens are fussy eaters, so the money saved on its purchase will most likely be spent on appealing to its tastebuds. Wait, does it have any tastebuds?



Ohh... this Spyder is creepy... make sure your Neopet isn’t afraid of it!!!


For less than 1000 NP, you can bring home this creepy guy. If your pet doesn’t have a phobia of spyders, they will be useful in tricking fellow Neopians. In addition, there are 20 paint jobs for this little fellow, so they are sure to match your Neopet’s costume.


Spyders are very common. They are also not overly scary, unless they surprise someone or your pet has a phobia. And you don’t really want to give this little guy to your poor Neopet if it DOES have a phobia, do you?



You’ll find these little critters hanging around Edna’s tower begging for treats.


Furwitches are both cuddly and spooky. You can even use them as pillows! *Ahem* sleeping items aside, these petpets would go perfectly with a witch-themed costume. They are reasonably tame, and can even be taught to perform tricks for sweets.


Furwitches fit the Halloween theme well, but they aren’t exactly scare material. Their witch look and the fact that they only have six colours limits the amount of costumes they would match. What's more, at 900,000 NP each, they are pretty hard on the bank account.



You can always hear this petpet coming, their claws make a clicking noise as they run.


This sinister petpet would match a Darigan Neopet well. Their tiny little wings are quite strong; some use them to carry messages and presents to their friends. At 2,700 NP they are quite affordable; however, they are not as common as most cheap petpets.


Chumablahs can only be painted six colours. They can also be hard to control, only listening to those they feel are worthy of their attention. On the ground they can never sneak up on someone, due to the clicking of their sharp claws. Regular trimming is a must to prevent injuries. Furthermore, chumablahs may accidentally shred whatever message they have been assigned to carry. For the majority of Neopia, post-by-weewoo is still the most reliable form of communication.



It’s sticky and slimy and wants to be your pal!


If you’re worried about your pet’s ability to control a spook, a green tentacle is your best bet. They are very friendly and won’t run off. They’re priced at 44,000 NP, so they are also affordable.


For a lone limb, green tentacles aren’t very scary. They may, however, gross out your pet, especially since they’ll have to carry this petpet around unless they plan to spend a week walking along their home street. Furthermore, you’d be hard-pressed to find a matching costume for this single colour petpet.



This poor little guy is always hungry, no matter how much he eats.


For 6000 NP you can have your own skeleton petpet. Their bones are strong, so they’ll be able to keep up with your Neopet and can help carry the candy. There are also 10 different colours to choose from.


Little warning bells should have gone off as soon as you read the description of these critters. As they have no stomachs, they do not need to eat, but that doesn’t stop them wanting to. Where the food they eat actually goes, no one is sure, but wherever that may be it has yet to be filled. While they can easily carry your Neopet’s loot home, there won’t be much left of it.



There’s always one in every bag...


What’s more Halloween spirited than a feral piece of candy? Despite being unpaintable, this petpet should fit in with most spooky outfits due to its classic appearance. Candy vampires are always ready to freak out unsuspecting Neopians if you’re looking to pull some high rank tricks. And no one will be able to steal your pet’s hard-earned candy. At around 97,500 NP, it’s a petpet that’s not unreachable for the average Neopian while being pricey enough that it won’t be too common.


Not only will thieves be unable to get your candy, but neither will you! Candy vampires are extremely defensive, especially around candy corn. If your pet tries to take some sweets from its carry bag it may well lose a paw!





What a cuddly looking petpet! How could anyone call it scary? Well, you would be scared if a carpet suddenly lunged at you, roaring loudly. These creatures are good for pulling pranks, but they are also useful for collecting candy. They are very strong; no one will be stealing candy on their watch. They can be painted 10 different colours, though this may affect their hiding abilities.


These petpets should be called roaring carpets. They are very noisy. They are only quiet when lying in wait for some hapless Neopet to scare. Once full grown, they can be a handful.



Slorgs may be happy little fellows, but they leave massive slime trails wherever they go.


This petpet is both friendly and spooky. At only 3800 NP, it’s easy on your wallet. And with 28 different colours to be painted, it’s virtually guaranteed you’ll find one to suit your Neopet’s attire. If that wasn’t enough incentive, play with your slorg long enough and you’ll get an avatar. If you aren’t too keen on slime, you can get a slymook, a relative of the slorg. However, it does not have as many colours or give out an avatar.


In case you haven’t realised, slorgs are slimy. Even slymooks, with 20% less slime, leave a slimy trail wherever they go. They are also rather common, due to their cheap price. Despite their vast array of colours, if you want a rare spooky companion, slorgs aren’t for you.



This friendly creature sees all; however, it probably won’t know what to do with it.


At last we come to the famous meowclops, and adorably spooky one-eyed petpet. With 20 colours to choose from, this rare critter will match any costume and give you a cool avatar at the same item!


Since the cheapest meowclops on the trading post is 7,000,000 NP, this petpet is the probably the most expensive out there. As it is retired and gives an avatar, the price will most likely only go up. Only for those hard-core Halloween enthusiasts.



There is something awfully spooky about those big staring eyes...


One of the rarest, and most definitely the scariest, spooky petpets in all of Neopia is the meepit. Despite its bright pink body, no one will be complaining about it clashing with your pet’s costume. They’ll probably be too busy surrendering all their candy in an effort to get you to leave. However, if you shudder at the thought of clashing, never fear, there are 21 creepy colours to choose from.


Meepits are, how can I say this without being obliterated-


... well, uh, let’s just hope the 3,000,000 NP price tag will be enough to dissuade you. *Please don't obliterate me, it’s only my second time in the Neopian Times!*



He followed you home from those spooky woods, didn’t he?


Zomutts are very loyal, if kind of creepy. They can carry stuff and won’t eat your candy. And thanks to their sensitive noses, they never get lost. They also have a neat avatar that you can share with your friends. For 105,000 NP you can have a rare pet that is still affordable.


A zomutt’s loyalty can be bothersome, especially if they get too attached to your pet. You may never have a moment of privacy again. Make sure rules are set up from the moment this petpet enters your home, it will save a lot of trouble later on. The limit of seven colours can also affect costume ideas.



If you blow your nose on him he will not be very happy. Ghostkerchieves haunt Neopets’ pockets!


These petpets prove that you can be cute and scary at the same time! The fact that they can pass through objects makes them valuable tricksters. The price for one of these lovable spooks is around 78,000 NP (though if Tarla keeps giving them out you may start seeing them cheaper). They can match almost any Halloween costume with 17 different colours. Live in Maraqua? Don’t despair! The ghostkerfish, a relative of the ghostkerchief, thrives underwater.


The main downside of the ghostkerchief is that it’s small. If lost, it is very hard to find. Make sure you check your pet’s pockets before you put their clothes in the washing machine.

So there you have it, the top 13 spooky petpets. If you didn’t find one to suit your fancy, why not pop down to the petpet puddle and take a look at the Halloween painted pets. Hey, maybe those warfs and angelpusses aren’t so bad after all. *cough* Well, anyway, that’s all from me. With a bit of luck you’ll be seeing my next article in the Neopian Times really soon. *crosses fingers* Happy Halloween!

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