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Quiz - Determining Your Spooky Halloween Costume!

by butyne


Also by hidden_0_o

As Halloween approaches, one of the biggest dilemmas emerges: what is the perfect evil costume? This selection process is key in determining a Halloween look worth of praise; your costume may get you more treats than tricks; your costume may make your Neofriends talk about it; your costume may even bring the spotlight of fashion as you model it in the walkways of the NC Mall. Because of this importance, I am here to help you choose the look through this short quiz. So take out your pencils, and write down your answers as you go!

The Quiz

1) The Neopets Villain you look up to is...

A. Count Von Roo

B. Ghost Lupe

C. Dr. Frank Sloth

D. Lord Kass

E. Eliv Thade

2) You are out for lunch, you order...

A. Brain Kebab

B. Tentacle Burger

C. Anything dear Edna cooks up

D. Blumaroo Steak

E. I can't recall the last time I have eaten

3) After lunch, you decide to relax with a game. You choose...

A. Fashion Fever

B. Ghost Bopper

C. Feed Florg

D. Darigan Dodgeball

E. Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

4) If you could have one super-power, it would be...

A. Extraordinary speed

B. Flawless mind-reading

C. Crushing force

D. Skillful shape shifting

E. Masterful teleportation

5) Your favorite Neoquest 2 Chapter was...

A. Meridell

B. Terror Mountain

C. Lost Desert

D. Haunted Woods

E. Faerieland

6) You view your strongest subject in Neoschool as...

A. Art

B. Physical Education

C. History

D. Mathematics

E. Luuuunch!

7) You prefer chatting on which of the following Neoboards:

A. Battledome

B. Beauty Contest

C. Jelly W... I mean, uhmm Jolly World

D. Newbies

E. Virtupets

8) During your childhood, you never (choose all that apply)...

A. Went on a trip to Kreludor

B. Walked in your sleep and woke up with a full tummy

C. Bullied another Neopet

D. Covered yourself in a blanket and tried to spook your friends

E. Dressed up Usukis

9) You won your last Battledome fight because...

A. I freaked out my opponent out with my look

B. I pwned with the advanced weaponry Dr. Sloth gave me

C. I tired the opponent out when I was only trying to get him a better outfit and matching swords

D. I convinced him to bow to my greatness

E. Every time my opponent tried to hit me, his weapon just passed through!

10) The phrase that best represents yourself is...

A. "Braaaaaaaaains..."

B. "I am a box full of surprises."

C. "Mwahahah... What? Am I not allowed to master my evil laughter?"

D. "I will quench you, like little Mootixes."

E. "Boo!" -pause- "C'mon, did I really scare you?"

Calculating your results

Ta-da! That was easy and quick - add a D point if you did not use a calculator - so onto the next step. Simply create a chart with the following letters: D, G, H, M, and Z. Next, use the key to match your answers and add up the values.

1) Knowing your idol is a great way of determining who you would try to impersonate.

A. +1 H

B. +1 G

C. +1 M

D. +1 D

E. +1 Z

2) You are what you eat... (Does that mean that I am Weewoos?)

A. +1 Z

B. +1 M

C. +1 H

D. +1 D

E. +1 G

3) This question has two parts, so remember to add points first, and then subtract the ones you need.

A. +1 H, -1 D

B. +1 Z, -1 G

C. +1 M, -1 H

D. +1 D, -1 Z

E. +1 G, -1 M

4) Important question, answers count for 2 points!

A. +2 Z

B. +2 D

C. +2 M

D. +2 H

E. +2 G

5) I wonder what Kat will answer to...

A. +1 G

B. +1 D

C. +1 M

D. +1 Z

E. +1 H

6) Hey, since when is Lunch a subject? Since Neoschool exists, well duh.

A. +2 H

B. +2 M

C. +2 G

D. +2 D

E. +2 Z

7) Drat! I always thought Neopian Writers should be matched with the evilest answer...

A. +1 D

B. +1 H

C. +1 G

D. +1 Z

E. +1 M

8) Early habits tell much about yourself. Remember you may have chosen more than one answer.

A. -1 M

B. -1 Z

C. -1 D

D. -1 G

E. -1 H

9) Battle ducks ready!

A. +1 Z

B. +1 M

C. +1 H

D. +1 D

E. +1 G

10) Another double-point question!

A. +2 Z

B. +2 H

C. +2 M

D. +2 D

E. +2 G

Now, add everything up and look at what you scored the most at.

Assessing your results

Mostly D: Go for Darigan this Halloween. You are sinister, terrifying, and incredibly cunning. You have a remarkable ability to convince your little minions (namely, mutants) to obey you. Your love of mathematics reflect your methodic nature and your tendency to act on logic, rather than emotion.

Mostly G: Ghost is perfect for this festivities. You are experienced, wise, and friendly. Since you have been around Neopia for a while, you have an insurmountable knowledge about our world, a knowledge that some may dismiss, but don't listen to them; they are naive to not believe in ghosts. On the downside, ghost is not what most people consider scary; however, on the upside, it is a relatively cheap way to go.

Mostly H: Customize and mix it up with the Halloween Paint Brush. You are artistic, unique, and always expressing yourself. As a result, your Halloween custom will reflect your desire to truly show your creativity in fashion. Customization allows you to choose a wide range of fun clothes and the seasonal paint brush will spike it up with clothes specific to a certain species! You can also use combinations with other paint brushes. Snazzy!

Mostly M: Spook your friends with a look out of this world! You are evil, strong, but easily coaxed The Mutant look reflects Sloth's ease in inducing you to join him; however, the dark mastermind has contacts within Neopia, explaining why Mutant pets have acquired niftier looks recently.

Mostly Z: Go overboard with the most recently developed Halloween style: Zombie. You are not the brightest Filamen in the box, but by the number of brains you are eating, you will definitely get there. Despite the slow movement and thinking, Zombie is striking for its novelty. The undead color was long awaited by Neopians around and now they finally have a means to embrace this mortifying look.

Ties: Do you not just hate when you take quizzes and after viewing the results you see that you have the same number of answers for two categories. And then you are like, so does this mean that I am a half Meepit, half Orange. Well, worry not. If you did in fact get ties, you may use a combination of colors and clothes now that NC Mall and customization features allow us more freedom. For example, if you got the same result for D and Z, then go ahead. Get a Darigan paint job over a Zombie look, and you will be able to refine your Darigan style with undead bonuses.

This is my advice for you, who are seeking a great Halloween costume whether you are trying to scare your skittish friends, or surprise them with something unique. Have a great season!

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