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Sir Chivulry - A Knight's Story

by sharmed


One day in the meadows of Meridell, a Blue Poogle by the name of Chivulry was born. His owner, Jake, enlisted him in the stealth branch of Meridell's army, so he was painted Camouflage for extra protection from being spotted. Chivulry, being the young boy he was, was amazed at all of the knights' shining armor plating. One day he asked Jake if he would ever be able to wear those. Jake just replied with, "Chiv, you know you're sneaky, not blunt. We can have dreams, but that is a little too much."

     With this statement, Chivulry was heartbroken. He knew that he was the stealthy type, but he wanted to be in the action. One day, while walking to practice, he noticed a line of knights marching down the road. He stopped and asked one of the Techos if he could ever be a knight. The Techo made no reply and kept walking. Chivulry continued onto practice, but the thought of the Techo not replying stuck in his head. At least it wasn't a no, he thought.

     When Chivulry arrived at practice, the leader of stealth operations had nothing for him to do. He decided to sneak into the knights' training area, since that was what he did best. He snuck his way through the training grounds and to the weapons room. He grabbed a sword, and dashed to the armory. He put on metal plate armor, and it was extremely heavy. He swung the sword around a few times and it felt so right. He knew that he was supposed to be a Poogle Knight.

     While he was removing the armor, a Krawk showed up in the doorway looking very displeased. "Yer' wearin' my armor, chump. Move it or lose it." With this, Chivulry slipped out of the rest of the armor and ran away crying. He got back to the stealth training grounds, found an axe and a knife, and ran to a fallen tree. He began cutting a basic rectangle out of the tree. When this task was done, he went to carving his piece. After a few hours of work, the sword he had whittled was finally done. He held it up in glory.

     "I am Sir Chivulry, head knight of Meridell Castle!" he shouted to no one. A Korbat and a Techo who were also enlisted in the ninja program snickered at him. "Weirdo!" one shouted. He was sad all over again. He finally accomplished his first step to knighthood and got shunned for it. He clenched the sword in his mouth and ran for home. When he got there, he put the sword in his room and ran to Jake. "Dad, where are some sandbags?" he said.

     "I think there's some in the back room. Why, Chiv?" Jake replied, and Chivulry quickly said, "Dummy," and ran. A few hours later, Jake looked out the back window of his Neohome and saw that Chivulry had built a sandbag dummy and was swinging at it with a crude wooden sword. He now knew that the little Poogle was serious about becoming a knight.

     The next morning, Jake woke up Chivulry very early. He said, "Chiv, I know you're serious about this knighthood thing. I saw you training in the backyard. If you truly want this, I can sign you up as a page."

     "Really, Dad? You mean it?" Chivulry asked happily. Jake said yes and to get ready. They walked down to the training grounds and Jake removed Chivulry from stealth training and gave him to a knight to become a page.

     A few months later, Chivulry was a great fighter. He knew how to swing, block, parry, and even sidestep. He was one of the best in the pages. He and his master had gotten a request from King Hagan of Brightvale to guard him on a quest to Neopia Central. It would be a long walk, but well worth it. Chivulry knew he would be promoted to Knighthood if this task went according to plan.

     A week later, Chivulry and his master, the same Techo he had asked about knighthood as a child, were standing at the sides of King Hagan the Wise. "Men, we are going on a long journey. I must go to Neopia Central to form a peace treaty with them." He snorted. And at that, the two Unis started to walk. Chivulry was prepared for the harshness of this. He had to walk alongside a carriage for about a hundred miles and then back.

     About fifty miles in, Chivulry's legs felt like rubber. The Unis needed a rest too. King Hagan decided they would camp out here for a while. Chivulry's master said, "Page, you've done well so far. Upon succeeding in this task, you will no doubt be promoted to the ranks of knights. I'll throw in a good word as well."

     Chivulry was happy at this comment, and lay down. He couldn't fall asleep from excitement. He decided to stay awake through the night. Around morning, right as the sun came over the horizon, and Kreludor was going down, everyone started to wake up. Chivulry was still at his guard post, unwavering and not tired.

     They started off towards Neopia Central again, when suddenly, Myncies with weapons dropped from the trees. Chivulry charged at the left one, his master at the right. Chivulry fought hard, and had his Mynci down in no time. He looked over to his master, who was quite the opposite. He was pinned, and right as the Mynci was about to pierce his sword through the Techo's chest, Chivulry dove and knocked the Mynci off. Chivulry hacked at the Mynci, but he dodged every single one. Chiv swung at the Mynci with all his might and hit him with the blunt side of his blade. The battle was over.

     About fifteen days passed, and Chivulry had successfully escorted King Hagan the Wise to and from Neopia Central. He prepared himself for the big celebration waiting for him back at home. His master said they should stay the night in Brightvale, because they had a long day of walking back to Meridell tomorrow.

     In the morning they got ready and set off for Meridell. His master stopped, and bowed at him. "Chivulry, thank you so much. You saved my life back at our encounter with the assassin Myncies, and for it I respect you. Live your life with knowing that I believe you are knight material."

     Chivulry almost cried at this statement. His master's words were heartwarming and felt good to hear, especially coming from the old Techo. They arrived at Meridell earlier in the day, and when they walked through the castle gates, confetti dropped and people cheered. There was a feast waiting for them.

     After four hours of eating and socializing, Chivulry was approached by King Skarl himself. The big Skeith said, "Chivulry, your bravery shown on this mission means only one thing. You are ready to be accepted into knighthood." Chivulry knew this was the greatest moment in his life.

     Chivulry bowed down, and Skarl touched both of the young Poogle's shoulders. "Sir Chivulry, you are now a knight. Your new sword and armor will be made by the best smiths in Meridell. Congratulations. Go celebrate your success."

     And at that, Chivulry went home. He ran to Jake and wrapped his arms around him. "Dad, I'm a knight! I did it!" he exclaimed.

     "I know, Chiv. You're growing up so fast. I'm so happy for you," Jake replied. "Congratulations, Sir Chivulry," he added.

     And at that, the end of Chivulry's beginning came. He ended up spending the rest of his life as a respected knight, doing the usual things. Saving princesses from castles, fighting evildoers, lunch breaks, and most importantly, remembering about the events happening that resulted in his knighthood.

The End

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