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The Wheel Ordeal

by ecstasybliss


It’s a short whimsical tale about the Neopian Wheels written during Biology class. :3

A ravishing Light Faerie stood at her post beside the oh-so-glorious, world avowed Wheel of Excitement. Her job was one of the most important jobs a person could have; she was the one in charge of collecting the 150 NP and handing out the prizes to the lucky (or not-so lucky) Neopians. Though, today seemed to be quite a slow day at the wheel for some strange reason and the Faerie was getting a little bored. She let out a sigh as she tried to think of what could possibly be keeping the usual wheel-spinners away on such a fine sunny day in Faerieland.

     “Maybe everyone’s spending their NP somewhere else,” she thought aloud as she put a dainty finger to her chin and thought harder at all the possibilities. “Or maybe...-”

     Her thoughts were cut off when she noticed two Neopets, a Mynci and a Scorchio, walking not too far from where she stood. She got excited and quickly poised herself in front of the wheel like the people would do on the game shows she used to watch on morning neovision. “Step right up and come spin, spin, spin the Wheel of Excitement!” she cheered, but much to her dismay, the pets paid no mind to her. In fact, they seemed to be immersed in deep-conversation. The Faerie couldn’t help but to try to listen in; she has always been quite nosy.

     “Yeah, and you wouldn’t believe what I got!” the Scorchio said excitedly as he bounced up and down. “They gave me a Greater Healing Scroll which turned out to be worth a lot more NP than what I paid to actually spin! Can you believe it?!”

     “That’s so awesome!” the Mynci gasped. “I got pretty lucky too at the Wheel of Mediocrity. I ended up getting a wicked awesome Tyrannian Petpet. I named him Steve.” She was just as enthusiastic as her friend as they both giggled and chatted giddily about their earnings.

     Back by the wheel, the Light Faerie pouted. “So I guess everyone’s more interested in the Wheel of Mediocrity and the Wheel of Wisdom than the good ‘ole Wheel of Excitement,” she mumbled to herself. But she had to explore this phenomenon further! So she gracefully skipped over to the two Neopets who looked up her her with curiosity.

     “Oh, hello there,” the blue Mynci said with a welcoming smile to the Faerie who was beaming at her and her friend.

     “Hi!” she greeted back in a very cheerful tone. “I couldn’t help but overhear you guys talking about the prizes you’ve won at other wheels. I was wondering if you guys would like to test your luck again with the Wheel of Excitement?” she inquired sweetly.

     The red Scorchio let out what seemed to be a scoff. “The last time I took a chance at that, I ended up with the Neezles and was bedridden for three whole days.”

     “And I had my Faerie Queen Doll stolen by the Pant Devil.” The Mynci spoke up, her face falling upon remembering her favorite doll that she would never ever see again.

     The Light Faerie’s smile waned as she heard of the woe that the wheel had caused them. “Well, I’m very sorry to here that,” she said softly. “But the chances of that happening again are very slim. Why don’t you give it another try?”

     Both the Neopets shook their heads and began to walk away.

     “But think of all the possible marvelous prizes you could win!” she yelled desperately after them. “The Wheel of Excitement is one of the best wheels in all of Neopia!” But it was too late; they were already gone.

     The Faerie’s expression fell and she sank down to her knees on the fluffy white cloud beneath her feet. Just then, her clever mind hatched an ingenious idea. She smiled as she got up and leaped from her cloud, her elegant wings expanding. She would just have to go speak with the other wheel representatives.

     Her first stop was Tyrannia, where she would go have a word with the Flotsam who ran the Wheel of Mediocrity. She let out a deep breath and collected her thoughts before marching up to the giant wheel; though much to her confusion, there was no one there. She let out a ‘humph’ and turned to go. She might as well go to Brightvale or the Haunted Fairgrounds to speak with the Neopets who ran the Wheel of Wisdom and the Wheel of Misfortune while she waited for the Flotsam to return. (She really wondered who would rather spin a misfortunate wheel over an exciting wheel but quickly let it go.) She had to continue her mission of finding out what made the other wheels so much more exciting than the Wheel of Excitement.

     She wandered over the Tyrannian Plateau, when out of the corner of her eye she spotted the Green Draik who ran the Wheel of Wisdom standing over by a booth of some sort with a silly looking T-shirt and hat on. “What’s he doing here?” she asked herself.

     As she began to walk towards him, she heard strange music emanating from a stadium of sorts. After what seemed to be a really awesome guitar solo, the music stopped, causing the Faerie to raise her eyebrow in perplexity. Then, all at once, thousands on Neopets exited the stadium, many of them in the same attire as the Draik.

     “That was a great show!” she heard many people comment as they walked past her.

     “Well, well, well! Look who decided to finally show up!” a familiar voice said. The Faerie looked down the see the same Mynci and Scorchio from earlier. “When you asked us to spin the wheel, we thought you were joking!”

     “What do you mean?” she asked cluelessly.

     “Well, everyone knew today was the big Chomby and the Fungus Balls concert... And on big concert days, everything usually shuts down until it’s over,” the Scorchio explained. “So when you walked up to us and asked us to spin the wheel, we thought you were joking around with us, so we joked back by telling you we would never spin the wheel again. We didn’t know you really didn’t know about the concert.”

     “B-but you guys were talking about what you won at other wheels!”

     “Yeah, but that didn’t necessarily mean it was from today,” the Mynci pointed out. “And the reason we left so abruptly is because we wanted to get to the show on time.”

     “Oh. Well, that explains a lot...” the Faerie mumbled, feeling quite ridiculous and left out.

     They stood in a somewhat awkward silence until the Draik walked over to them with a huge smile on his face. “That was the best concert ever!” He cheered. “Oh, Miss Faerie, why aren’t you wearing your band T-shirt?” She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by the little green dragon again. “Never mind that, actually. I have to hurry up and get back to the Wheel of Wisdom before those crazy Neopians start going crazy. I advise you do the same.”

     The Mynci giggled. “Yeah, you should. Especially since the Wheel of Excitement is the best wheel in Neopia, no questions asked!”

     A huge grin took over the Faerie’s face as she replayed the Mynci’s words in her head. “Do you really mean that?”

     “Of course!” the Scorchio exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air.

     “So this Wheel Ordeal really wasn’t that big of a deal after all.” The Faerie was beyond relieved.

     “Oh, and here.” The Mynci handed her a Chomby and the Fungus Balls T-shirt. “I think you’ll look stunning in it! So go put it on and go spin your wheel!”

     And the Light Faerie did just that.

The End

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