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Trick-or-Treating: The Costumes You Shouldn't Wear

by tanyawebber


The darkness dwells around you, whispering the welcome Halloween aura. You light the jack-o’-lantern candles to set the chilling scene as you step out your Neohome. With more excitement in you than Neopets at a newfound fairground, you rush to knock on your first victim’s door.

“Trick or treat?” you mysteriously cackle beneath your carefully crafted Dr. Sloth mask. Expectant of a harvest of glistening candy and sweets, you shove the empty bag in the direction of the open door before you. But before you know what has hit you... *BANG!* You are crawling back home with your masterpiece Dr. Sloth mask blasted to smithereens, and with quite the headache.

Perhaps visiting the Space Faerie’s house wasn’t such a good idea after all.

This article serves the sole purpose of making sure that you do not fall victim to such amateur mistakes this year. Trick-or-treating is an age-old activity, and careful preparations have been made this year to inform the general public of Neopia just how to safely leave their home, collect a mass stash of sweetened goods, and make it back home again in time for supper. There is only one precaution that needs to be taken to ensure maximum candy goodness: the correct costume!

Would you ever be so naive as to wear a Chia costume of any sort to a Lupe’s humble home? You, happily hiding in the Thornberry Chia costume, hyperactively dance over to Balthazar’s cave. Little would you know, you’d end your evening by rolling around in a Halloween-themed fruit salad. Your spiky suit wouldn’t seem so cute then, would it?

Read on, and remember: with these costumes, the only treat you’ll get is the bitter taste of disappointment and distress. You’ve been warned!


She has an envious gift for brewing supernatural delicacies, is a well-respected magician across Neopia, and has her very own shop which is constantly filled to the doorway: who wouldn’t want to pay tribute to this classy Kau on Halloween? But before you whisk that witch’s hat away with you on your journey, think ahead to what you will be asking. “Trick or treat,” you say? I don’t know about you, but if Kauvara were to majestically appear on my doorstep, I’d certainly ask for a magic ‘trick’ instead of giving her a treat that she could predictably create herself. Perhaps leaving the starry cloaks of Kauvara at home would be a better choice than making a fool of your lesser talented self.


Do I really need to elaborate? *shudder* That blank but menacing stare, that seemingly innocent but deadly tint of pink – dressing as a Meepit would not only bring terror to everyone’s hearts, but you may experience involuntary planning of world domination, nibbling of clothing, and the occasional meeping.

Actually, with everyone fearing your existence, this may be the perfect costume for Halloween! If we paint our skin pink, and adopt a vacant expression, we too could rule the-- did that Meepit just blink? Eep!


An adorable feline petpet who wouldn’t hurt a Miamouse, the Kadoatie seems like an ideal choice for the newbies of trick-or-treating! No fuss, no muss - or so it seems, at first. The Kadoatie is one of the most expensive and cherished petpets in Neopia, and you’d be fearfully mistaken if you were to think this wouldn’t put you in danger. On a foggy Halloween night, heart rates are high and visibility is low, and so if an over-sized Kadoatie were to be spotted roaming the streets, do not be surprised if it were grabbed and captured faster than you can say, “Edna’s scared of Meepits!" And of course, there’s always the off chance that a rabid kadfeeder may stuff various edible (or possibly inedible) items down your throat – the choice is yours!


Ah, the famous faerie rivalry has been a popular choice of Halloween costume over the years, commonly worn by best friends and twins everywhere. In most kingdoms across Neopia, dressing as either of these two would be no problem. But it doesn’t cost a neopoint to take an extra precaution as to check where you will be trick-or-treating. If you’re a Meridellian, for example, dressing as Jhudora may result in a bashing from her rival’s admirers, and a swift smack on the head from Illusen’s Staff. And I'm sure the Dark Faerie wouldn't be so delighted to find her unwanted enemy lurking around the city under her grasp, so maybe avoiding those kingdoms would be an idea.

Shop Wizard

The shop wizard is a helpful fellow indeed, aiding thousands of Neopians a day with quests, selling of items and much more! With a specialised hat and cloak, it would seem too easy to dress as this mysterious little JubJub without any problems. And if you were to step outside, and even trick-or-treat at a few houses trouble-free, you may ask: why is the shop wizard an avoidable costume? Cue the several hundred Neopians running in your direction, screaming a selection of statements: “can i hav a paiint brsh plz??/”, “What is the cheapest price I can get a Mayonnaise Chilli and Cheese covered Corn on the Cob for?”, and my personal favourite, “BLUE TOOTHBRUSH! BLUE TOOTHBRUSH! BLUE TOOTHBRUSH!” Maybe a pair of earmuffs would suffice in making this costume a feasible choice.

Neopian Times Quill

Alas, a costume that we could all agree on – a light, fluffy feather to pay tribute to the best newspaper in Neopia. Sadly though, no matter how much we adore our weekly read, the quill may not be the best choice for an autumn evening out. That is, of course, providing you don’t particularly enjoy being swept off of your feet by the slightest breeze and drifting several miles away from home until the gust finally dies down. Some of you might enjoy that. To each their own, I suppose!

And that’s not all! There are many more costumes that need that little extra precaution. Fancy dressing up as Taelia, to welcome the winter season and bless everyone with the warmth from your large, furry cloak? Beware, though, as the Snow Faerie is known for giving away expensive gifts, so dressing as her may result in you giving out the treats, not your neighbours!

And how about Bonju, eh? A simple outfit consisting of a hat and uniform sounds ideal, but dressing as the Blumaroo chef may result in an angry mob of avatar collectors chasing you to Kreludor and back. You just never know!

These, and thousands of others, are the costumes you should probably leave at home this Halloween. Use your common sense: don’t dress as an invisible pet if you don’t plan on being ignored all day. If in doubt, just think: if there’s a chance it’ll mess up, don’t dress up! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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