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Jetsam Day Is Friday. Are You Prepared?

by cloud411908


On the 16th Day of Collecting (October 16), you may have noticed that it is Jetsam Day! Jetsam have long been seen as the fierce fighters and unfriendly of Maraqua (just look at that pet picture: their fins are up and ready for a fight!), but they have been rather scarce since they became limited edition way back on the 17th Day of Hunting in Year 3 (May 17, 2001). However, every 16th Day of Collecting, a few lucky people are able to snatch up of few of these predators of the sea to add to their collection. But, what is the true history of these pets that were once available to every pet owner? Your trusty reporter Cloud (reporter number 411908) has found out!

The first day of the Neopets world was back on the 15th Day of Storing in Year 1 (well, of course it was Year 1, but that’s November 15, 1999 for anyone who doesn’t know) and the Jetsam was released sometime before the Month of Sleeping in Year 2 (January 2000) although the exact date is not known. It originally resembled a small piranha, but they grew up into sharks shortly there after on the 22nd Day of Relaxing in Year 2 (June 22, 2000). Compared to the current pictures, the current version of Jetsam looks quite a bit different, so you should check them out if possible.

But why are the once so abundant Jetsam now on the limited edition list? I have been able to identify several key factors:

1) Jetsam are sharks, and sharks do eat meat, so (believe it or not) Jetsam used to eat the only other sea neopet around: Flotsam! *gasp* Are you serious? Yes, I know, rather shocking, but true! Luckily the great inhabitants of Neopia have taken swift steps against such actions and such practices no longer occur. But, before such laws were in place, (fan mail for saying such three times?) the Jetsam would eat and eat until they were full, and the Flotsam population would grow smaller and smaller. As a result of a lack of food, the Jetsam population also began to dwindle! (As a side note, just know that Flotsam were actually limited edition pets from March 3, 2001 until May 17, 2001.)

But wait, isn’t May 17, 2001 the day that Jetsam became limited edition? Right you are! In an attempt to make the Flotsam population bigger (and make it remain bigger), Neopets took Flotsam off the limited edition list and put Jetsam on it on the same day. So now that the predators of the sea are less in number and have more food to feed on, both the Flotsam and Jetsam populations have leveled out.

Quick Jetsam Fact: Jetsam rank 45th in the Neopet Popularity poll, with just over 800,000 created, the 2nd most popular limited edition pet! (Kiko’s ahead of them with almost 1,115,000 created at 44th place, and keep in mind this poll does not include any pets who have been hit with the lab ray or had a morphing potion, so it could be higher!)

2) Like most other underwater pets, Jetsam can be found in Maraqua. However, anyone who has ever taken a poke around that underwater city has most likely found the ruins of Old Maraqua. Old Maraqua was destroyed in a whirlpool that lasted from the 18th Day of Hiding in Year 3 to the 31st Day of Hunting in Year 4 (that’s August 18, 2001 to May 31, 2002- almost a year long whirlpool!). The whirlpool is believed to be the result of a curse from the evil, skeletal Kiko, Captain Dread, captain of The Revenge. The curse was placed upon the city after King Koi, then ruler of Maraqua, refused to pay Captain Dread his “protection money” due to the poor kelp harvest. The whirlpool placed on the city was said to be 10 miles wide (about 16 kilometers) and when it finally subsided, the Ruins of Maraqua were revealed.

So, what does this have to do with Jetsam? Well, Jetsam didn’t only eat Flotsam! They lost not only their home but also much of their secondary food source (kelp) when their city was destroyed, and many Jetsam could not survive such a horrible experience. In short, the Jetsam numbers were cut once again due to Captain Dread.

So, now you know a bit about why Jetsam are on the limited edition list (just in case you’re curious, the other pets on the limited edition list are Chomby, Cybunny, Hissi, Kiko, Koi, Poogle, and Tonu, while the restricted pets are Draik, Grundo, Krawk, and Lutari). But do you still have your heart set on getting a Jetsam? They will be available on Friday, October 16th, but be patient and refresh the Create a Pet Page a lot if you want one that way. But if you want a more reliable (and most likely more expensive way) there are several things you can do:

1) An easy way is to buy a Morphing Potion, but be prepared to hand over 500,000 or more neopoints! You can try the Shop Wizard, but there are always a few at the Trading Post.

2) Another, very similar way, is to buy a Transmogrification Potion (or pray you get one from Dr. Sloth himself during a random event). Also very expensive; try the Trading Post.

3) You could also get a Mysterious Swirly Potion from Underwater Fishing in the Maraquan Ruins, although that is very rare. It also does not guarantee that your pet will become a Jetsam, only that it will become a limited edition pet (still pretty good, though)! I also was unable to find one at the Trading Post, Auctions, or with the Shop Wizard, but if you manage to, be prepared to spend 1.2 million neopoints!

4) One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to get a Jetsam may be to use the Lab Ray. You can get one by collecting all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map and then turning them in. You will be able to zap one of your pets with the Lab Ray, and you have an approximately 5.4% chance of being able to change its species! (You may also be able to change its color or get a stat increased, but be warned- your pet could also get a stat decrease or be sent back to level 1!)

5) The last way is the Pound. Although most people wouldn’t want to give up their limited edition Jetsam, some take pets with poor stats or a bad name from the Pound and zap it with the Lab Ray (you get one zap per day) until they can change it into a more desirable species or color. They then return it to the Pound, so the poorer players have a chance to get a rare pet! In the days following Jetsam Day, there might be more Jetsam in the Pound because some nice players who got two on that Day may give one up for adoption (they may also advertise to trade their pet on the boards so if you can get any pet with a unique color you might be able to get one). If you plan to go through the Pound, make sure you have a lot of neopoints with you and you’re very quick- those pets will go fast! One piece of advice is to not set your heart on getting a painted Jetsam from the Pound. That’s almost impossible so just stick with trying to get a normal Jetsam.

So now that you know all about Jetsam and how to get one, I hope that you’re prepared for Jetsam Day (remember- Friday, The 16th Day of Collecting, aka October 16) and ready to click refresh more than ever to get that special Neopet! GOOD LUCK!

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