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You Know You've Done Too Much Restocking When...

by mgs__fox


EVERY SHOP THERE IS - You see the Faellie in the Faerie Petpet Shop. You're carrying enough NP. You hastily click on the item, and wham! Faellie is SOLD OUT, with your pet's teary message underneath, usually something along the lines of “Maybe we should try another shop…”. You know you could of sold that petpet for much more than you would have bought it for. Better luck next time.

This activity has been given a name. "Restocking". Restocking is the process of buying an item in the Neopian shops, then selling it for profit in your own shop. Very few have mastered the art of this, and many have yet to even comprehend it. This art has to do with a mixture of skill, speed, and intelligence. Only the strongest survive. Well, at least, you make more NP than they do. Which is a bittersweet thing to most. You don’t want to brag, but it’s hard not to. I mean, look at all the baby paintbrushes you got with all your restock profit! Amazing!

Though, is there actually a concept that you can have too much of a good thing? This is why I present to you...

"You KNOW You've Done Too Much Restocking When..."

1.) Your index finger has begun to hurt from clicking so fast.

2.) You try and find someone to place the blame of not getting the item on. Usually this group of people are adequately named “siblings.”

3.) You have the exact time every store restocks.

4.) You shout at the computer screen when the shopkeeper continues to ask for more than you offered.

5.) You have written a speech to tell n00bs how you made oodles of NP by restocking.

6.) You’ve become addicted to that warm fuzzy feeling when you see your shop till in high numbers.

7.) You know and can recite every “Neopets Hint” when the store is empty.

8.) You despise seeing the “Sorry, we are sold out of everything! We get restock every eight minutes or so, so please come back soon.” message.

9.) You bribed your parents into getting you a high speed connection just so you could restock.

10.) You are DETERMINED to track down the person who got your rare, expensive item before you did.

11.) You even ask TNT if they can check.

12.) You…don’t get a response.

13.) Every shop in Neopia is on your Internet browser’s “Favorites” list. Even the shops in outer space!!!

14.) You cry each time inflation goes up.

15.) You’re beginning to wonder if the shopkeepers are going to start asking you to pay sales tax.

16.) You shout at the salesperson in real life for even charging you sales tax. What kind of trick is that, when they don’t charge it in Neopia?! Scammer!!!

17.) You boast to your real life friends how you totally made thousands of NP off a cheap item.

18.) They…really don’t seem to care that much.

19.) You get all nervous when you know the store is about to restock.

20.) You ask the TNT to give more of the shopkeepers names.

21.) Again…you never really got a response.

22.) You have developed your own shop to look exactly like a Neopian shop.

23.) You JUMP at mispriced items. Hey, it’s their fault for not typing that last zero!!!

24.) You know which items are cheap and will eventually sell for more.

25.) You become hostile when nobody buys from your shop.

26.) You come very close to spamming the Shop Ads board with boards announcing that you just restocked. You don’t tell them you got everything cheaper though. What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them!!!

27.) You don’t like people who price their items the same as yours.

28.) You Neomail them “asking” for them to raise their prices.

29.) They don’t.

30.) You buy the item from their shop and put it in yours instead. Ha! Take that! Though, then again, you’re only making them happy by buying it. But then you sell it for more, and you’re happy. Do I smell a win-win situation here?

31.) Restocking never, ever gets old.

32.) You stay up late to try and wait after more people have gone to bed to get items.

33.) It usually doesn’t help any.

34.) You’ve made it a point to buy everything in the Hidden Tower.

35.) The Faerie Queen isn’t on your good side. I mean, her items were supposed to be unbuyable! Well, hey. At least major restockers keep her company, you know. Must get pretty lonely up there in a hidden tower.

36.) You have set your computer’s clock to NST. Even if your real time zone is five hours ahead.

37.) You even wear two watches. One is your time and the other is NST time. But, if your time zone happens to be NST time, you’re very lucky. Lucky people.

38.) You run home to get on the computer. I mean, who knows how many items you’re missing by just walking?

39.) You’ve gotten endless Neomails asking if you would sell your items for a lower price. You don’t do it. After all, you’re out to make a profit!!!

40.) Your guild has been devoted to restocking.

41.) There is rivalry between restockers. If you put two restockers and one Blue Draik Egg in a room together, all friendships are off at that point. You must buy the egg first. Your bank account cries for it.

42.) You don’t think the Merifoods Shopkeeper understands you anyway.

43.) You’ve resorted to blaming the shopkeepers if you lose an item. I mean, why couldn’t they have settled for less? They are so greedy!

44.) You have to ask TNT to make higher levels of bank accounts.

45.) You go to see the Soup Faerie just to smile at how much NP you have.

46.) You design your Neohome to your exact liking. After all, you and your Neopets should live the good life!

47.) You get a job at a supermarket just to restock the shelves and watch the people flock to it.

48.) You become confused why the shelves are not cleared after two minutes.

49.) The Num Lock on your computer is always on.

50.) The new “click on the picture” or “put in the code” before you send in your price is not your friend.

Well, that’s about all for now. I hope all you Neopians out there enjoyed this article! This is really just a one-shot, but I’ll continue to make more if I ever get anymore spontaneous ideas like this one. I am by no means a great restocker, I was just shopping and lurking around the boards and began to think of a short little Neopian Times article such as this.

Happy Restocking, Everyone!

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