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The Unofficial Guide To Avatar Collecting

by laura_bananas


So are you new to collecting avatars? Wish you were a pro? Well, you've come to the perfect place. I myself have been collecting avatars for a very, very long time. So long that I know basically everything about them. First we will start out by educating you on avatars, help you collect them, and then learn basic information so you can chat with the ACers and seem like a pro! There is a start for everyone.

I. Avatar Categories

There are a total of 351 avatars, but not all are humanly possible to get. It's because sometimes TNT makes 2-4 avatars that you can all get the same way, but you can only get one. Usually this happens during wars. We'll talk about this later.

There are different categories of avatars. We'll teach you all of them.

1. Clickables

By far the easiest avatars to get, it's an easy 88 avatars. You don't really have to do anything. Most are achieved by just going to a certain part of the site, typing something in the search bar or going to a certain pet lookup.

2. Game

Some of the hardest avatars to achieve. You can get these avatars by playing a game and achieving a certain score or some avatars you can get by being on the high score table. Also there are avatars for each wheel; you can get them by landing on a certain spot on the wheels.

3. Random

These are the worst ones; they are the hardest to achieve. Also, in my opinion, some of the prettiest avatars, but it is pure luck. The wheels are included. There is a certain way to get some of them, although you can do nothing about it.

4. Battledome

One of my favorites. I personally love the Battledome. The Battledome avatars are achieved by beating a certain character in the Battledome. In my opinion, the Battledome avatars are some of the best looking ones. My favorite, the Space Faerie, is included in this one.

5. Pet/Petpet/Petpetpet

These avatars are achieved by owning a certain pet and going to its lookup, having a certain petpet attached, having a certain petpet attached for a certain amount of days, and having a certain petpetpet attached.

6. Item

Some of the most expensive avatars exist in this category. The stamp avatars can cost over 100 million neopoints and that is A LOT! These avatars are a wide range. You can get them by grooming your neopet with a certain item, playing with a certain toy, putting a certain tcg in your album, feeding your neopet a certain item, having (a) certain item(s) in your inventory, feeding a certain neopet an item and more.

7. Retired/Event

These are avatars that you had to get through a certain site war/event or items TNT wishes the public not to get anymore. They are no longer available and probably will never be. So these avatars are impossible to achieve.

8. Seasonal Avatars

These are avatars you can't get anytime you want; you can only them once a year on a certain holiday, and the others are by winning every 100th caption contest/making it into the Neopian Times every 50 issues.

9. Misc

These avatars can be obtained many different ways and don't fit under any of the other categories.

II. The Rarest Avatars

The clickables are considered "n00b" avatars. Although some of them are pretty, unfortunately most of the AC judges you on the avatar you use. You are looked up to if you use some of the rarest/prettiest/hardest avatars.

Some of them are:

1. Stamp Avatars

If you are using any of the stamp avatars, you are automatically praised. This is because the stamp avatars are worth hundreds of millions.

2. Retired Avatars

When I say retired, I mean retired four years ago. I mean like Free Jhuidah, TCG Wizard, Meridell Knight, Darigan Darkling etc. This includes the Neopian Times/Caption Contest Seasonal ones.

3. High Score Table Avatars

Some of the hardest to achieve. Everyone dreams of being on the high score table and getting an avatar. These are the hardest to get and really rare. Not to mention pretty.

4. Kadoatery Avatar

Very, very pretty avatar, not to mention hard to achieve. Especially a lot of overfeeders get most of them. This is one of my favorite avatars.

5. The Rare Battledome Avatars - Space Faerie & Meerca Henchmen.

Space Faerie is my favorite avatar out of all of them. A lot of people look up to Battledomers and it can be hard to beat them. (It took me several tries.) It can be hard to train a pet.


Probably the most expensive avatars. Worth hundreds of millions and the price keeps inflating. By next year, it will probably be like 1 billion!

That's it for the rare avatars. Of course some may be worth millions, but are very common amongst collectors.

III. Avatar Chat

The avatar chat is a lot different from the other boards, n00bish and elite at the same time. Being an ACer for over five years, I'll tell you a bit about it from experience.

1. Chat Groups

Chat groups were started about five years ago. The originals no longer make boards, now it's a bunch of new ones. Chat groups were where a bunch of friends would make boards and talk about avatars/screenies/neo. It's been taken out of context now.

2. Lend Me Boards

Lots of n00bs looking to be lent items worth millions for free make boards hoping to get lent, unfortunately they never do unless they come up with collateral. So they make tons of boards spamming up the AC. One of the many downfalls of the AC, although some do have collateral, but the majority do not.

3. Lending Boards

Most people make boards lending avatar items/pets to people so they can get the avatars. Some lend for free; I think people should go to the free lending boards instead of making boards and being ignored.

4. Avatar Games

A lot of collectors like playing games like Avatar Simon, Who Killed The Avatar, Avatar Survivor etc. They can be a lot of fun, but if you want a chance in winning some, you need rare avatars. Sometimes for Avatar Simon they have the difficulty. I personally, love playing these games when I'm bored!

5. Guild Advertising

Lots of people like advertising their guild in the avatar chat, mostly because there can be a lot of illiterate people in the guild chat. Most of the guilds they advertise are either block guilds or avatar guilds. They are usually private and you need to meet requirements to join, like a certain amount of avatars, painted pets, etc.

Well, that is about it. Hopefully you're well educated and on your way to being a great avatar collector. You know the users on the top avatar high scores were all beginners once!

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