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Top 10 Most Useful Advent Calendar Items

by yorble38988


I’ve been collecting advent calendar items since I first found out about them, and I saw that some items have interesting uses other than gifts and plushies. Below I have narrowed down the top 10 most useful advent calendar items:

Seasonal Battle Duck

10- Seasonal Battle Duck

“How cute, this Battle Duck is wearing a little scarf. This was given out by the advent calendar in year 5.”

What better way to start off than with a Battle Duck? They’re cute, powerful, and have those huge eyes! This one’s no exception, plus it seems to fit in with the holidays! Yet, I never understood how those cute little duckies could cause so much harm. I mean, look at them, do they look like they could hurt you? *duck chuckles* Okay, let’s move on to the next item, shall we?

Plushie Petpet Paint Brush Snow Petpet Paint Brush

9- Plushie Petpet Paint Brush and Snow Petpet Paint Brush (tie)

Plushie Petpet Paint Brush- “Take this magical Paint Brush to the Petpet Puddle and something special may happen to your Petpet!”

Snow Petpet Paint Brush- “This magical paint brush may do something special to your Petpet. This was given out by the advent calendar in year 5.”

I can’t decide which one of the above is the best Advent Calendar-given Petpet Paint Brush, so I threw them both in a tie. Imagine this: you’re a plushie Neopet, but your plushie collection is boring and inanimate. Well, no problem! Just use the Plushie Petpet Paint brush to make your Petpet like you! On the other hand, the Snow Petpet paint brush is perfect for when you want to go out in the snow, but there is no snow outside! Just go to a cold room in your house and paint your Petpet for fun with snow all year long!

Turkey and Cranberry Pizza

8-Turkey and Cranberry Pizza

“A seasonal treat topped with thick creamy gravy. This was given out by the advent calendar in year 5.”

Are all your Neopets hungry? No problem! This pizza is equal to six meals, meaning you should be able to fill your Neopets quickly and easily with its incredible flavor mixture, along with a little seasoning. Following it up with another Advent item, Fancy Mug of Neggnog, could really hit the spot!

Sinsis Crown

7-Sinsis Crown

“This crown is more than just decoration, its a worthy piece of Battledome equipment also. This was an Advent Calendar prize in year 4.”

Feel like a king when you wear this! Okay, not really, but this crown can block a reasonable amount of air damage (how it does that, no one really knows; maybe by absorbing the air with some kind of magic that was cast on it), and that’s good enough! Plus wearing a fancy crown is fun!

Ice Garland

6- Ice Garland

“This pretty garland is sure to add some winter charm to any Neohome. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y9.”

Being both wearable and usable in classic Neohomes, it’s no surprise to see it in this list. However, other than what I said above, it really has not much use, and it kinda hurts your eyes to try to see the details in the item, due to it being a bit too light-colored. Also great for decorating your Christmas trees.


5- Snicklebeast

“So much cuter than the Snow Beast, obviously no relation :) This was a prize given out by the advent calendar in year 6.”

I have chosen this item mostly due to the avatar, but its overall look is cute, not to mention that if you train it, it could help you win those long Battledome fights! Imagine those horns hurting you... Yeah, not a nice sight! Plus it got a reasonable investment value; I bought it for 19,000 NP; look at it now!

Purple Sticky Hand

4- Purple Sticky Hand

“Purple? Never seen that before! This was a prize given out by the advent calendar in year 6.”

For those of you, who need a stealing item for the Battledome, look no further! It’s a nice 48% chance of stealing, and paired with price, is not something easy to overlook! Stealing items can give you an upper edge during a fight, especially with Turmaculus, yet some players have “Dummy” items for you to steal, rendering this useless, making it only be number four in this list. And you can always “give a hand” when asked.

Flaming Oven Gloves

3-Flaming Oven Gloves

“Never get your paws burnt in the Battledome with these flame proof oven gloves! This was an Advent Calendar prize in year 4.”

If you’re a Battledomer, this item could sometimes mean a win-or-lose situation due to its incredible fire defense. With this big boy here you also get light defense, meaning it’s perfect for fighting the Flaming Meerca and Lava Ghoul, and at the same time cutting a nice half off the portable kiln! Also great for baking cookies.

Peppermint Stomach Medicine

2- Peppermint Stomach Medicine

“This festive medicine tastes much better than Sporkle Syrup, and still cures Ugga-Ugga. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y10.”

This item is incredible. Not only can it cure Ugga-Ugga without the expensive cost, it also tastes great! Perfect for when you feel prehistoric, this is a must-have for anyone, especially when all your pets get sick and the healing springs are not helping, or if you’re just stocking up on a few items.



“An adorable little bunny that just loves hopping through the snow. This was an Advent Calendar prize in year 4.”

I find this item the best one of the collection not only because of the avatar, but also due to its resale value. When I bought it for 50,000 NP, I never thought it would be so over-inflated by now! Not to mention the Snotbunny combination you can make with it! Plus, it’s an overall great Petpet!

And that’s basically it! There are other items that have some kind of use from the advent calendar, like many wearables, but the ones that made it to this list have some interesting uses. If you want to see the items, feel free to go to my gallery, and if you have any questions regarding the advent calendar or the items I mentioned above, please neomail me, I’d be glad to help you out!

Thank you for reading,


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