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Paintbrush Quiz

by hallie035


Perhaps you have a well named pet in a basis color, or you have a dream pet but nobody helps you to get that dream pet. There are so many situations in which you want your pet to be something else other than what he or she is. You want him or her to be a nice color. The color of yours is too basic, or not cool enough, or people think you don’t care about the color. You do care, though. You just don’t know which color your pet should be.

So, if you are in one of those situations, or in another situation, you might need a paintbrush to paint your pet into a great color. What paintbrush do you want then? Pink, grey, Christmas? Something dark, like zombie, skunk or Darigan? If you have the problem of finding the paintbrush you want, you have come to the right place! Here is a little quiz to find out which paintbrush fits you! If you found the right paintbrush after this quiz, congratulations! You can tell your friends that you found the perfect color for your pet. They will believe you care about the pets now. Just a little note, finding the right paintbrush is not guaranteed with this quiz.

1. What is your favorite color?

a. Pink. That is so cute and I like cute and girly things.

b. Black. I like the darkness. You know, Doctor Sloth and all that.

c. Blue. I don’t need another color; basic is just fine for me.

d. Grey, because grey means avatar! I collect them you know.

e. Yellow; it means adventure. I mean, Mystery Island has lots of yellow stuff.

2. Which Neopian land do you like?

a. Faerieland. I like pink and Faeries and other cute things.

b. Darigan. I like darkness, remember? I am just like Edna.

c. Neopia Central. It’s the perfect place. It’s a place with nothing special; that’s why I like it.

d. I don’t like any; they're not so sad as a grey pet is. There should be a grey land. One for me and the grey faerie.

e. I like them all; they all have adventures. You can explore them all and find things you’ve never found before.

3. What are your favorite avatars?

a. Faerie queen doll and the one with popcorn; it’s cute and cuddly and all that.

b. Black pteri and deadly dice; they just look so evil, muhahahaha.

c. All the basic avatars; they look fine and I don’t have to do anything special for them.

d. All the pet avatars. I like collecting cool pets that give avatars as a bonus.

e. I like all avatars. I like the ones where you need to go on adventure! For example, deserted tomb and tiki tour.

4. What do you think of Valentine’s Day?

a. That is awesome. All my favorite colors are there.

b. That is way too cute for me. It would be fun if all the red turned black and dark.

c. Well, it’s fun but not really my thing.

d. I don’t like it; the people are just too happy.

e. Of course I like Valentine’s Day! You could get some cool stuff you can sell. Afterwards you can get new avatars.

5. What do you think of Doctor Sloth?

a. He is too evil; he is not cute. So I don’t really like him. He is not pink.

b. He rocks; he is cool and awesome and all that. He is evil and I like that.

c. Well, he could be less evil. He should be more like the Defenders of Neopia.

d. Yes, I like him. I mean, only a really sad person would do such things, don’t you think?

e. Yes, I like Doctor Sloth. On the other hand, he never visits me, so he might not like me.

6. Do you have a dream pet?

a. No, pets that are pink and cute are all fine. Even if I only need clothes to do so.

b. Yes, something evil, hehehe. I like the dark side. Let’s say Tyrannian; that would be nice.

c. No, just something that isn’t too cute or too evil. It shouldn’t be too much.

d. Yes, something sad and perhaps grey. That fits perfectly.

e. No, it needs to be something interesting, though. Something you can see again and again without getting bored.

7. Are there things you don’t like?

a. I don’t like evil and dark things.

b. I don’t like cute and girly stuff. I don’t like pink and Valentine’s Day.

c. There isn’t really anything that I don’t like.

d. I don’t like all those extremely happy things. Sometimes, you don’t have to be so happy.

e. I don’t like lands and stuff that don’t bring me on a adventure. I like mysteries.

8. Which is the best way to describe you?

a. I’m nice and girly and happy all day. I am honest to my friends.

b. I’m evil, I already told you so. I’m not cute or anything. I’m Doctor Sloth’s apprentice.

c. I’m smart, I’m a thinker. People like me because I am the one who helps them out.

d. I’m someone that finds the sad things in everything. Things can be so happy from the outside, but I see the sadness from the inside.

e. I’m mysterious. You never know where I am. The one moment you see me, and the next I am gone. No, I won’t tell you how I disappear so fast! Find out yourself.

9. Do you actually think this is a useful guide?

a. Yes, I do. In this guide, you tell exactly how cute I am.

b. No, you picture me way too evil. I am evil, but not everybody has to know.

c. Yes, you know how to catch people. You knew exactly how I feel and think.

d. No, you never know how sad and grey I am. Nobody can, so don’t try to fool me in this quiz

e. I don’t know, there are always mysteries. You don’t know all people.

f. Yes, I do think your quiz is helpful.

g. No, your quiz isn’t helpful at all.

So, after you answered the questions and wrote down which answers you chose, you can look down here to see which paintbrush fits you best.

Most of your answers are a?

You like pink and cute things. So go for pink, royal, baby, disco, faerie. You should pick anything that is cute and girly. If you do so, you will find the best paintbrush. Use my examples to run through all the colors your pet can be, and find colors that look like my examples. One of them should fit you.

Most of your answers are b?

You like evil and Doctor Sloth and all that. You should go for Darigan, skunk, mutant or Tyrannian. Use these examples to find other evil pets that your pet can become. I am sure you will find something.

Most of your answers are c?

Maybe you shouldn’t paint your pet at all. You like basic and pets that aren’t painted are basic. They should look fine to you. If you are sure you want to paint the pet, you could choose brown, gold, white, or orange. They are not very special, but also not basic. If you still don’t know, search for colors like the examples.

Most of your answers are d?

Well, you like sadness and grey. Wait a minute, you like grey. Maybe buy a grey paintbrush for your pet? If that answer is too obvious for you, you can choose ghost, glowing, or sketch. Or something else. Search for colors like the examples.

Most of your answers are e?

You like mysteries. Perhaps paint your pet camouflage, desert, invisible, island or pirate? Invisible is very mysterious and so is camouflage. Island is also great, because Mystery Island is a mystery too. Try other pets while searching for the right color, use my examples.

I hope you found the best color for your pet. Even if you didn’t, you now know what kinds of colors there are. You can search for something that fits you. If you are cute but also evil, maybe find something between a Darigan and a pink pet. Good luck searching for your dream pet, or your avatar pet, or any other reason why you wanted to paint your pet.

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