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A Guide to Dodge those Balls in Darigan Dodgeball!

by facetiousmind


Welcome to my guide for Neopia’s newest game: Darigan Dodgeball! Fans of Frumball, Zurroball and Gormball will have a blast as you can add this to list of ball games to play every day! So, if you are interested in finding out more about this game, follow along while I guide you through it. :)

Game Basics

As with most games, first it is important to note what you will need to play this game. Well, my friends, it’s quite simple! All you will need is a mouse and some quick thinking. In this game you play a Darigan Kiko who needs to dodge the (quite scary looking, spiky) balls that are flying about around him. In order to control your Kiko, you will need to click on him and guide him around the screen with your mouse.

Object of the Game

The object is quite simple: avoid the balls that are flying around your poor Kiko! You can do this by guiding him away from danger with your mouse. However, even though the object might be simple, don’t underestimate just how tough this game can be!

Details of the Game/Tips

You will notice that this game has a timer at the bottom middle of the screen. In this game you will gain more points the longer you last in the “ring” of flying balls. The scoring works like this: if you last 9.8 seconds then you will get 980 Neopoints. (At the time this guide was printed, this game was the New Game Challenge. In order to beat Abigail, you’ll need to last 4 seconds, for AAA you need to last 17 seconds, and Lulu is 6.5 seconds).

There are three ways to die in this game: getting hit by one of the balls, hitting the wall, or lifting your finger off of the left mouse button.

As you will probably have noticed by now (if you’ve played the game), there are 4 spiky balls in this game, each a different size. The different sizes actually make it more difficult because it can be a little hard to keep track of the little ball.

Following the previous bit of info, it is best to try and focus where the balls AREN’T rather than where they ARE. What I mean by this is if you spend your time following the four balls you will be too distracted and will surely get hit after a short time. Instead, you should look for openings to guide your Kiko to. This way you are only searching for one spot rather than trying to follow four moving objects.

As if the spiky balls aren’t annoying enough on their own, they will fly faster and faster as the game goes on. From the beginning each of the four balls has their own speed: the smallest ball moves the slowest, the largest ball moves the second slowest and the other two balls are the fastest. As the seconds tick on, all four balls will get progressively faster. Because of this, you must be quicker and more alert than ever before.

It’s best to keep moving at all times. I’ve found that if you stand still, you will be tempted to inch closer and closer to the wall to keep your Kiko from harm’s way. However, you must remember that no matter how much you are dodging the balls, the second you hit a wall, it's game over.

A tip to accompany the previous one: think of the wall as an enemy instead of a safe place. Normally, in most games, the walls can protect you or you can use them to evade enemies. Well, you’ll need to focus on the wall as an enemy to keep you away from it. For example, think of the wall as stationary spiky balls!

You will want to stay away from the corners as much as possible. Since the balls have no certain pattern that they follow they could come at you at any time in any direction. Thus, if you are tucked into a corner there is a good chance that one or more of the balls may come and corner you, preventing you from moving at all and causing an impending death.

Try to keep your Kiko’s movements as smooth as possible. In other words, don’t use quick and jerky movements to guide your Kiko around the screen. If you do this, you will more than likely slip or run into a ball or wall. You’ll have more control over where you’re going if you use smooth movements. (Of course, there are times when you’ve gotta move quick in order to get out of a sticky situation, in which case, get outta there!)

Practice, practice practice! I know this is an annoying tip and we all wish that we could be pros at games from the start but guess what? It doesn’t work that way! The more you play this game, the better idea you will get about the speeds of the balls, exactly when they start to speed up and how to move around your Kiko to evade them. In addition, the more you play a game, the more comfortable you get with it and in this game nerves will do nothing except cause you to lose! Lastly, practice will help you strategize a plan in gainer a higher score each and every time you play.


Well, there you have it, folks. I hope that this guide has helped you in some way to increase your score for Darigan Dodgeball! This game is quite short and simple, but it can be a toughie to beat! Just keep your eyes on the prize (whether that prize be a trophy, New Game Challenge prizes or simply Neopoints) and keep practicing! Even if you can’t get a high score in this game, no worries! It is still a great way to earn some quick Neopoints! I hope you have fun playing and thanks for reading my guide. :)

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