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Why Grundos Should Be the #1 Pet

by crazywile


Why the Grundo should be Neopia’s Number 1 species

The Grundo? Oh puh-lease, you must be saying to yourself right now. Yes, the Grundo. Currently they reside in the number eleven spot for the most popular species, but minds need to be changed. As Grundo Independence Day approaches, the call to all fans has gone out to raise this little creature to the top spot.

First, let's start with a little history on them. We all know that they were imprisoned and used as slaves by the evil Dr. Sloth. Some of those on Sloth’s side may argue that this is well deserved, but those opposed, like say the Space Faerie, feel differently. The battle was long and valiant and in the end the Grundos were freed from their bonds of slavery and were able to return to their homes on Kreludor and elsewhere throughout Neopia. While the bonds of slavery kept them bound to the Virtupets Space Station and doing the bidding of their evil master, the Grundos never gave up hope. They are kind and gentle natured and always believed their salvation would someday come. It came for them in the month of Hiding, year 2 when the brave Space Faerie fought through her own pain to let Dr. Frank Sloth know that his days of Grundo slavery were over. Who can disagree with the Space Faerie?

There are now more than eight million Grundos roaming around Neopia, Kreludor and Virtupets today. Many people who helped give them homes after they were freed realized what wonderful pets they made. Although dim witted in nature, they like to read and quickly gain intelligence with every word they absorb, rapidly achieving genius status. They are also willing to eat almost anything! This is a side effect from the awful foods they were forced to eat while enslaved and well, mostly because it’s all you can get when you are in space. Have you ever tried the food at Grundo’s Café? It may look tempting but it all tastes the same! They require very little grooming as well. Their feet, which only have two toes, are easy to keep clean and their antenna are easy to reach and stay remarkably clean on their own!

Are they good with other pets you might ask? Well, yes, they are. Not the type to be dominant in any way, they are usually the follower instead of a leader. They don’t like confrontations and do their best to please their families. Whether or not this is a result of Dr. Sloth’s cruelty or just in the nature is still unknown, but as time has passed and new free Grundos have been born, we still see this pattern of kind heartedness in them. So one can assume that is just how they are. They love to be held and snuggled with and being short and slightly round in the middle are the perfect companion for just that. Their big eyes reflect love for their owners and they remain very loyal.

Some Grundos now have made a name for themselves in recent years, all of whom help the Grundo population achieve even more freedoms than what they’ve known in the past. Let’s start with the Grundo Chef. He runs Grundo’s Café of course. Don’t tell him the food is gross; he’s a big one and he takes pride in what he does. He still likes to play games, though. Gargarox loves Gormball. He’s pretty good too! Watch out for Truggdon when you play Tug of War. His impressive size and strength are sometimes too much for the smaller, weaker pets that face him. Winning all the time doesn’t go to his head, though; he is still gentle natured and loving and the cooking is still his first love. So give a cheer for Truggdon and remember him the next time you are eating Cherries Jubalee! Zargrold is another famous gamer of the Grundo species. Gormball his game. You might see him sporting his sunglasses on the field because he is too cool to ever take them off. With thousands and thousands of wins under his belt, you know why they call him the “cool Grundo”.

That brings me to two very well known Grundos. Entering the finals in first place in this years Altador Cup IV brought a lot of attention to the team from Kreludor. After a tragic plummet the year before they came back this year with a vengeance vowing not to be brushed aside again. A stellar performance through the round robins is exactly what Qlydae Wegg and Zenor Kevix helped their team to do. Although in the end the team finished in fourth place, these two Grundos launched a whole new awareness for team Kreludor and Grundos alike! Go purple and orange!

So now as the day approaches where our Grundos celebrate their Independence we sit and wait and see what to expect from them next. Every time Dr. Sloth tries to rear his ugly head anywhere, there is a Grundo just waiting to get his payback. Every time a new bookstore opens, there is a Grundo waiting in line to get the newest books. The little creature really has come a long way. In my opinion, dear reader, it is a good thing that the evil Dr. Sloth decided all those years ago to enslave this little creature. Without it, they wouldn’t be the pets they are becoming today!

So in conclusion, when you have an extra bed in your posh new neohome or your heart has room for just one more pet, why don’t you consider the Grundo? If not for all the reasons I told you, then for your own reasons. Just look into the eyes of one and you will see the loving, loyal and wonderment they have. You will be filled with pride every time you read to them and they tell you they are getting smarter. You will be feel appreciated when they are delighted with new petpets or toys and they never mind the constant game of dress up. Enjoy your new pet, my friend, and Happy Grundo Independence Day!

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