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The Final Fight: Defeating King Terask II

by chocolate_fudge7


You’re leaning forward in your seat, staring at the computer screen and clicking the mouse button every few seconds. The screen displays a map of the game NeoQuest II, Act Five—Faerieland. You’ve defeated every boss in the game... except one. Eagerly you click the mouse button, and a giant red dragon greets you. It’s time to fight King Terask II... but how do you defeat him?

Before the Fight

Make sure you have maxed out your level (you should be level 60 if so). If you are playing on Normal or Evil mode, it’s okay if you’re in the high or mid-fifties, but no lower than that or King Terask II will wipe the floor with you. Also, make sure you’ve stocked up on healing and damage potions, as well as the best weapons you can buy (with the exception of the Father’s Sword for Rohane that you get at the beginning of the game. If you still have that, equip Rohane with it, as it can do lots of damage to Terask II. If you don’t have it, just get the best weapon you can). You should also have invested skill points in Rohane’s Damage Increase and Critical Attacks, Mipsy’s Direct Damage (or Group Direct Damage) and Damage Shields, Talinia’s Increased Bow Damage, and Velm’s Group Healing and Group Shielding. Mesmerization is helpful too but only if you’re extremely lucky, as it’s hard to mesmerize Terask II. Celestial Hammer is nice, but mostly Velm will be healing your party.

Battle Technique

Start by having Mipsy put up Damage Shields and Velm, Group Shielding. If Rohane has Battle Taunt, you’ll want to have him do that as well. You see, you absolutely MUST have Velm survive the entire fight so he can heal! But Terask II knows how much you need him and will go after Velm most of the time. So keep a sharp eye on him, and on Mipsy, because she has the fewest HP of the entire group and will go down quickly. Additionally, you cannot flee from this fight, so it’s very important to do it right.

Group Shielding and Damage Shields will wear off, so make sure to renew them! Between renewing, you want to use Rohane to attack, Velm to heal, Talinia to hit Terask with potions and Mipsy to cast spells. If Mipsy has Group Haste, use that (Terask II is immune to her slowing); if not, Talinia should use potions to haste your group as well as damage and slowing potions.

What if Terask II has shields up as well? Then you want to switch to attacking and not throw ANY potions. You will waste them and you can’t afford to right now.

Mipsy should hit Terask II with Direct Damage or Group Direct Damage, whichever you spent more skill points in. Generally I find that Direct Damage is better, as it does 100 damage at maximum level (Obliterate). Well, guess what: Terask II has Obliterate! Sigh. Rohane can stand a couple of those, and maybe Talinia as well, but Mipsy and Velm should take healing potions if they’re hit with Obliterate.


Terask II can mesmerize a party member. And in that case, they’re stuck until their HP changes. So make sure to never heal anyone 100%, so Velm can use Group Healing, thus changing their HP so they recover. If Velm gets mesmerized, then... well, there’s not a whole lot you can do. You basically have to wait until Terask II hits him again.

What if a party member gets knocked out? If it’s Rohane, well, you’re down a pretty powerful attacker and a lot of HP. Unless Terask II is nearly defeated (as in, 100 HP or less left), you might want to consider deliberately losing in order to go back and resurrect Rohane. (Only on Normal or Evil modes—on InSaNe, just try to keep going).

If it’s Mipsy, you can more or less make up for her spells with the potions, except for Damage Shields. You’ll have to make do with Group Shielding.

If it’s Talinia, have Mipsy take over throwing the potions. And make sure to ALWAYS reactivate Rohane’s Battle Taunt, or you’ll likely lose Mipsy, too.

And if it’s Velm? Ouch, that’s a tough spot to be in. Playing in Normal or Evil mode? Then deliberately lose. If you’re on InSaNe, well, I hope you stocked up on healing potions like I told you to.

Another thing: make sure to SCROLL DOWN! Terask II is HUGE and the last thing you want to be doing is blindly clicking ‘Attack’ without scrolling. Your party members can and will die, one by one, and you will barely notice because you’re not checking their health! And for those of you in InSaNe mode, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go back to the beginning when you’re at the end already?

Abilities & Resistances

Now let’s look at what abilities Terask II has. I mentioned some previously, but here is the full list. All are at the highest level (level 15).

1. Group Direct Damage (64 damage to each team member)

2. Direct Damage (100 damage to one character)

3. Damage Shields (22 damage per physical hit. See below)

4. Slowing (62% to one character)

5. Healing (150 HP)

6. Group Shielding (30 resistance)

7. Mesmerization

8. Group Haste (38%)

9. Critical Hits

10. Slowing Strike (5%)

11. Stunning Strike

Now, about #3, Damage Shields: note I said 22 damage per PHYSICAL hit. If a character does not come into contact with Terask II, they will not be hurt. Think Mipsy here: unless you are using the ‘Attack’ button, and I have no idea why you would be doing that, you will save her from some damage.

“How many HP does he have?” you ask. Well, on Normal mode, he’ll have 2,500 HP. On Evil, he’ll have 5,000. And on InSaNe? 7,500... ouch.

Well, more than HP is different on InSaNe. Terask II will be immune to Celestial Hammer, Mesmerization (Velm), Stunning Strike (Rohane), Slowing Strike, Shockwave (Talinia), and Direct Damage (Mipsy). Very occasionally these work, however (except for Mesmerizing... haven’t seen that one work yet).

Oh, and one more thing: on ALL difficulties, Terask II is immune to Mipsy’s Slowing spell, so use slowing potions for that instead.

Almost There...

Be very careful when Terask II’s health gets down into the red. “But why?” you ask. “Yippee! I’ve almost beaten him! There’s nothing to be careful about!” But there is.

Don’t get excited. Keep those shields up, and scroll down every turn. Because if you don’t, then Terask II will knock out Velm and heal, heal, heal. Pretty soon he’s back at green health, and you’re down your healer. Oops. So do yourself a favor, and stay calm, okay?

King Terask II is defeated!

Finally, after almost an hour, a party member lets loose the defeating slash. You’re rewarded with a giant skull on your screen, not to mention some neopoints, a prize, and a TROPHY! Hooray!

Congratulations! You’ve finished the game. Do a happy dance, sing, rake in the dough by selling that awesome prize you got (or equip it to your pet and defeat someone else in the Battledome). Do whatever you want to celebrate. You’ve earned it!

And tomorrow, go back and look at your trophy. It’s pretty, isn’t it? Maybe it’d look even better as a gold trophy. And maybe a gold NeoQuest II trophy would look even better next to a NeoQuest I trophy... or a NeoQuest II race trophy...

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