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A Guide to Help You Roll Your Dice of Destiny

by facetiousmind


Welcome to my guide for the newest game, Dice of Destiny! Any fans of dice games will surely be delighted as this game has put a twist on most dice games you’re used to playing!

Object of Game

The purpose of this game is to clear each round by choosing a lever or levers at the top of the screen that adds up to the sum of your die or dice.

Game Play

Let’s lay out the levels a bit more precisely and clearly. First, you are given the choice to roll either one die or two dice. After your roll, depending on the sum of numbers shown on your die or dice, you will need to choose a lever or levers numbered from 1 – 9 in order to move on and roll your next dice. For example, if you roll only one die and get a 3, you have two options for the levers. You could either click on the number 3 or the numbers 1 and 2, which add up to 3. As another example, if you roll two dice and the sum of both die add up to 9, you have several options. You could simply click 9, 1 and 8, 2 and 7, 4 and 5, or 3 and 6. As you can see, there are many options! However, as we’ll discuss later, this game does take some strategy and planning when choosing levers.

Game Details

It is important to keep track of the status bar at the top as it shares some very important information with you. First, the top left tells you what round you are on. You’ll have up to 5 levels to rack up as many points as you can!

Another important thing to keep track of is the number of rolls you have left in the round you are currently in. Round 1 gives you 20 rolls, round 2 gives you 17 rolls, round 3 gives you 15 rolls, round 4 gives you 12 rolls, and round 5 gives you 10 rolls. Rolls are quite important to be keeping track of because the more rolls you have left at the end of each round the more bonus rolls you get during the bonus round (more on this later)!

The last thing on the status bar is your score, which is always nice to look at. ;)

Now, on to more game details. Depending on the number of rolls you are given for a round, you will have to use all of the levers within that time in order to move on. If you get through all of your rolls and have any levers left, it’s game over!

After using each lever that round will end, no matter how many rolls you still have left. Those remaining rolls carry over to the bonus round which is your chance to rack up as many points as possible! The bonus round consists of rolling two dice with three sides: green, yellow and red. If you roll two green die you will get +10 points! Two yellow dice will give you +5 points, but two nasty red dice will cause you to lose 10 points! Ack! Unfortunately, there is no skill involved in the bonus round. You basically just keep rolling until you run out of bonus rolls and take or lose the points you get! Any mismatched pairs will not cause you to lose points, but you won’t gain any either. The bonus round should show you the importance of trying to get through each round in as little rolls as possible, as every extra roll leftover gives you higher chances to gain some extra points in the bonus round!

Tips and Strategy

This game really is more than just luck! If you want to make it through all the levels (and, at the time this guide is written, beat AAA & Abigail in the New Game Challenge) then you’ll need to take your time through each roll and pick the best strategy. Don’t worry about time, there’s no timer in this game! The worst you’ll get is a little arrow pointing you toward which lever you should choose, should you take too long to pick one. ;)

As for the tips...

- Know when to roll one die and when to roll two dice. If you are almost through a round but only have one or two levers left, use a little math to help you through (yes, I said math! Don’t worry, it's easy addition stuff, guys). If you only have the lever ‘1’ left, you should obviously be rolling only with one die. You will never get the sum of 1 with two dice, silly! Another example, if you only have the lever ‘2’ left, technically you CAN roll with either one or two dice, but think about it for a minute... If you roll with two dice, you will need snake eyes (1 on each die) in order to sum up to 2. If you only roll one die you have 1 out of 6 chances to roll a 2. Your odds are much higher to get a 2 with one die than trying to roll snake eyes! On the other hand, if you only have high numbers leftover, like 7, 8, or 9, never roll with one die! It would be impossible to achieve this score with only one die so you are wasting precious rolls! See? Your mom and math teacher were right... math is used in every day life (or Neopia *ahem*).

- Aside from knowing which number of dice to roll, it’s also important to choose your levers wisely. Let’s say you roll a 5 and 4 with two dice. I would suggest choosing the ‘9’ lever since I have found that being left with high lever numbers at the end is not good. It is more likely that you will roll lower digits later on to clear up the lower numbered levers so I always try to get rid of the higher numbers first.

- Having said the previous tip, it’s not always best to get rid of the sum number (i.e. in a roll of 3 and 1, 4 would be the sum number) rather than two, three or more levers. Remember, the fewer rolls you complete your round in, the better! This means, if you can knock out three or more levers in one roll, that’s great! For example, by rolling a 6 and a 5 you have 11 as your sum number. You could use levers 1, 2, 3, and 5 to add up to 11. That’s using four levers in one roll! You also get more points by using more levers in one roll, but remember that it might be harder to get rid of the remaining levers with your rolls left (especially if you use all the small numbers right off the bat) so use this strategy wisely!

- Lastly, trial and error! The more you play this game, the better you will be able to figure out the best lever combinations to use. Also, the more you play, the better chance you have that the dice will be in your favor! Remember, no matter how much strategy you can whip up, it IS still a dice game, which makes it very much luck related. ;)


Well, there you have it, folks! Just another fun game to tack up to TNT’s long list! This game should appeal to everyone as it has luck, strategy and pretty sweet music. So go ahead and give it a roll! See you on the high scores table! :)

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