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What Puts the "Terror" in Terror Mountain?

by icogitate


Also by blackroseofwisdom

Terror Mountain- how exactly did it get its name? None know the true reasoning behind this, but it has been passed down from generation to generation that Terror Mountain was the home to evil beasts and villainous people. We asked an elderly local if he could share any lore behind the naming of Terror Mountain.

He replied, "Now in all my years of livin' on this here Terror Mountain, I have seen things ya wouldn't believe. That Ice Devil stealing me favorite cloak and the hidden Ski Lodge up on that there mountain top. I have faced against the Snowager and its icy breath, been chased by those faeries for havin' a bit of fun and been surrounded by meepits and had truly horrible things happen. Yet the worst of all is the cursed Snow Beast and its terrifying appetite. Why I heard it'll eat thirty Chias in a single sittin' and still be wantin' more. Them Tyrannians say the Monoceraptor be scary; well, they never been in a Snow Beast's lair then....”

5. The Ice Devil

The Ice Devil (cousin of the Pant Devil) shares characteristics of stealing items from any person who dares enter his icy domain. Little is known about the Ice Devil otherwise. It is rumored that he is more vicious due to the resentful feelings towards his cousin's worldwide fame. Whether this is indeed true or not, the citizens fear the worst when he attacks and for that he has landed himself a spot on the Terror Mountain "Terrors" list.

4. The Ski Lodge

The ski lodge is one of the most talked about and frightful places on Terror Mountain. Back in Year 3, members of the Neopets staff decided to vacation in the previously abandoned lodge, regardless of it standing empty for hundreds of years. Their trip turned dangerous and over the course of sixteen weeks many members of the staff were found murdered with only one survivor. The murderer was found to be Maverick but after being arrested he blew up and was found to be a cyborg replica of Maverick. The mastermind believed to be behind this foul play is none other than the nefarious Dr. Frank Sloth. The ski lodge is believed to have formerly belonged to Dr. Sloth but there have been no successful investigations tying him to the crime scene. Eight years have passed since the conclusion to this murder mystery but the citizens of Terror Mountain still tread cautiously in fear of the murderer possibly resurfacing.

3. The Snowager

With his tempting plethora of items, the Snowager is the most well-known danger on Terror Mountain. Located in the Ice Caves, he presides over his treasures hidden away in a cavern. The Snowager goes to great lengths to protect his hoard from thieves and scavengers. The massive ice worm's paranoid greed only allows him to receive three hours of sleep per day. Unfortunately for those that try to steal the items and weapons so closely guarded, the Snowager is a light sleeper. For the luckier treasure seekers, the bleary eyed beast will just look at the raider sleepily, giving them a chance to get away. The not so fortunate may find themselves being blasted by ice as the Snowager roars in furious anger. However, some may call those the lucky ones. The Snowager is also known to eat the wayward pet that finds their way into his cavern while he is awake. It's known that the Snowager likes to eat pets for every meal, and even an occasional snack. The Snowager's voracious appetite and abundance of missing pet posters leads many to consider the Snowager a serious threat.

2. Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight, a popular Neopian game, has a dark secret that most people refuse to acknowledge. While visitors may take advantage of earning some neopoints from this wintry game, locals find the game to be an abomination. The game often grows out of proportion and crosses into the walkway by the Advent Calendar and the Ice Caves. Faerie onlookers, such as Illusen and the kind Soup Faerie, often find themselves rushing out of range as a bevy of snowballs cross their path.

The locals fear that one day, one snowball too many may find a faerie as a target, and the kind faeries may leave for good due to the disrespect and impertinence displayed by those involved in the game. One local was willing to speak out about their experience with an incensed Soup Faerie. The individual, who asked to remain anonymous, took her baby Bruce to the soup kitchen for some warm soup after playing in the snow. Upon arriving at the Soup Kitchen doors, they were glared at and given cold Toe Nail Soup and a piece of stale anchovy loaf. The Soup Faerie in charge then began yelling and refused to give out seconds to "the boorish brat that dared hit me repeatedly with snowballs".

The possibility of facing the wrath of the Soup Faerie seems a trifle, though, compared to what is yet to come. Neopets vacationing in the snowy valley of Terror Mountain may enjoy the day with others, throwing snow at each other from behind a stone wall, but don't realize the other danger passing a snowball's flight away. Snowball Fight also features "cute" little meepits dressed up in a red and white hat, smirking at the opposition behind the cover of the wall.

Visitors getting caught up in the merriment may not notice just who they're aiming at if they happen to catch the elusive petpet popping up. For the locals, and all those that have been unfortunate enough to witness, they know just what happens when a snowball accidentally finds a meepit as its target. However, it's extremely difficult to find someone willing to testify to the absolute horrors that take place when a meepit is caught in the crossfire... or perhaps there just isn't anyone left who can tell us this terrifying tale.

1. The Snow Beast

The final terror is the Snicklebeast... Oh wait, I meant the Snow Beast. The Snow Beast is rumored to be a full grown version of a Snicklebeast (much like a Krawk pet and petpet). A local told us the Legend of the Snow Beast. According to legend, a snicklebeast wandered into Taelia’s home and stole her Wand of the Snow Faerie. Taelia tracked the snicklebeast for hours and hours until she found it quivering near a fire in the local village inn. When Taelia confronted the snicklebeast and reclaimed her wand, she cursed the poor snicklebeast and the village. The villagers would have to offer petpets to the now cursed Snicklebeast or as it is now know, Snow Beast. The village has been forever forced to appease the appetite of the Snow Beast or face its wrath. Snow Beasts are known for causing havoc and eating anything they can such as petpets, pets, and anything that wanders into their lair.

The Snow Beast might not be the strongest creature lurking on Terror Mountain (surpassed only by the Snowager) but it makes up its strength in the number of them that hide throughout Terror Mountain. Snow Beasts have been seen from Happy Valley to the top of Terror Mountain, where it is speculated that most live. The total number of Snow Beasts currently residing on the Terror Mountain slopes is unknown; however Taelia, the snow faerie, has confirmed the existence of at least six different Snow Beasts with a seventh currently in custody at the Defender of Neopia HQ. Taelia refused to comment whether she had any part in the creation of the Snow Beasts. This has many wondering if this is a terrible mistake Taelia regrets but can not figure out a way to reverse, or if she has not forgotten the theft of her precious wand. Either way, Snow Beasts are here and will continue to be for quite some time, invoking fear in all who step foot onto Terror Mountain.

From beasts to murderers and angry faeries to villains, Terror Mountain holds many secrets that give credit to the derivation of the land's name. Visitors would do well to heed the local's warning to use caution when traipsing across the snowy regions. Although the real reason behind naming the area "Terror" Mountain has been lost, perhaps the malicious activities and lore surrounding the area can give some accountability to the name. The five most terrifying attractions are: the Ice Devil stealing items from unsuspecting pets, the sixteen suspicious murders at the ski lodge, the greedy, pet eating Snowager, angered faeries and taunting meepits courtesy of dangerous games of Snowball Fights, and the cursed Snow Beast that dares to eat meepits and other petpets alike. Then again, they are nothing compared to the rambling of an elderly Terror Mountain citizen.

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