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Sewage Surfer Trophy Guide

by htamale


It’s a sad fact that I rarely hear a good word said about the game Sewage Surfer. Most people have played it to get the avatar and a fairly regular occurrence on the games chat board is people complaining that the game is boring, hard, stupid, etc. I have to say that I disagree; in fact, I strongly disagree.

It is a slow moving puzzle game that involves thought and a bit of luck, I think everyone agrees on that point. There are 50 levels, quite a lot I think most would agree. What people don’t seem to acknowledge is you don’t have to play all 50 levels in one go. In fact, you don’t have to play all 50 levels in the month as this is one of the few games that your position is carried over into the following month and not reset. Take your time; if you are getting frustrated, then stop. The fact it’s not super easy is why it’s so satisfying when you solve the puzzle. If you still don’t agree, then maybe the promise of a nice shiny trophy can persuade you. Read on and this is a very strong possibility.

Basic Gameplay

You will be presented with a screen that has several buttons and images. Here is what they all mean:

- Quit game: Shock horror, this quits your game! Quitting is not conducive to a good score so don’t press it!

- Start Flow: Press this when you have completed the puzzle to finish a level. Press this when the puzzle is not complete and you will flood the sewer, lose 50 points and have to start the level again.

- Next pieces: Shows the next 3 pieces you have available to place in the sewer puzzle. The left hand piece is the next to place.

- Discard Piece: Don’t like the next piece you have available to place? Press this to discard it.

- Discards left: You have a limited number of discards for each level; the remaining number for the level you are playing is shown here.

- Start Level Over: Press this to start the level again if it has all gone horribly wrong. Can save time but you lose 50 points for each restart so make sure it’s the right move before you press it.

- Level: The level sewer you are playing (there are 50 levels in total).

- Current score: Your current score – this does not include any point for pieces placed on the current puzzle. For example, if I’m playing level 5, my score will be my cumulative total to level 4.

- The sewer puzzle: This is where you place the pieces and it shows the entrance and exit you have to join together. Click on the puzzle where you want to place the piece.

There are 15 unique pipes you can be given to complete a level. These are:

Straight pipe:

Type 1: Vertical

Type 2: Horizontal

Corner bend:

Type 1: Up to right

Type 2: Up to left

Type 3: Down to right

Type 4: Down to left

T Junction:

Type 1: Up, down and right

Type 2: Up, down and left

Type 3: Left, right and down

Type 4: Left, right and up

Cross piece:

Up, down, left and right

Pipe cap:

Type 1: Up

Type 2: Down

Type 3: Left

Type 4: Right

Basic objective is to get a complete set of pipes with no gaps that runs from the entrance pipe to the exit pipe. On each level you will only get certain pieces. For example, many levels do not have the cross piece available. When you play a level, the order in which you are given pieces and the mix of pieces will, in most instances, change if you replay the level.

If you fail a level or choose to restart a level, you lose 50 points. A gold trophy score is in the region of 30,000, so it’s not the end of the world, and it is very unlikely you will do all 50 levels without having to restart some puzzles, and often will have to restart the same puzzle a few times.

Sometimes the game gives you pieces which are impossible to complete the level with. It's annoying, but there is nothing you can do about it except restart and hope for better pieces next time.

If you have run out of discards, you can place pieces into blank spaces you don't need instead. These pieces lose you points.

Getting a High Score

The secret to getting a high score and therefore a trophy is simple. Every piece you use as part of the solution gives you points. The more pieces you use in a solution the better. I haven't managed to work out how much each piece is worth; I believe the junctions are worth more than curves are worth more than straights. Not knowing this didn't stop me from getting a gold trophy and frankly it’s probably a level of complexity too far; it’s hard enough try to complete the puzzles without worrying about this too. You use the pieces it gives you and hope you don't run out! Every piece you place which does not form part of the solution loses you points. Restarting a level loses 50 points, as does starting the sewage flow when the pipe network was not complete. So basically to get a high score use loads of pieces, never place any you don't need, and never restart or fail a level. Unfortunately it's not quite that simple.

You will have to make judgment calls. Some levels only get you around 100 points. Others give you 2000. It may be worth restarting a high scoring level and losing 50 points in the hope of a really high scoring solution. In the case of a low scoring level you may go for a simpler solution to avoid failing the level and losing 50 points. There is no hard and fast rule on this. Clearly, if you fail a level and then get the perfect pieces so you score 500 more, it was a great decision. However, if it then gives you 10 games with the wrong pieces, you lose 500 and end up with the same solution you had before, it wasn't so good.

As a rule of thumb, if the level scores over 1000, I try very hard to get a high score on the level. There aren't many that score that high and for a trophy we need the points so it's a calculated risk. 500 to 1000 I look for at least a good if not great solution. Below 500 I just make sure I don't fail them if at all possible and get the best solution I can.


There is an avatar available for Sewage Surfer. To obtain this you have to play all the way through to level 50 and then quit. It does not matter what your score is, you will have the avatar. So if you are playing for the avatar, do the simplest solutions you can. This is not what this guide is aimed at, we are going for a trophy and need a high score.

Now it is possible you can follow my guide and get a trophy before reaching level 50 and then quit to get the avatar too. It will take longer to get the avatar though and clearly without the last level it makes it harder to get a high score.

High Score Table

It’s important you understand how the high score table works to maximize your trophy chances. Upon completing a level, you obtain a score for that level; this is added to the scores you got for previous levels and gives your current total. So if I have 50 points for completing level 1 and then 80 for level 2, my total score at that point is 130. To record your score in the high score table in a month, you have to complete a level in that month. The level you are working on is carried over from the previous month; for example, if I complete 10 levels in this month, then when I play the following month, I will start on level 11 and my cumulative score will also be carried over.

If you want to try to get the avatar and trophy in one go, play all the way through completing level 48 using this guide. Place all the pieces for level 49 but do not press the button to complete the level (unless you are confident your score is good enough for a trophy based on the high score table at the moment). On the first day of the next month when the high score tables have cleared, complete level 49 which will submit your score to level 49 score for the month. Wait until the following day and hopefully you receive your trophy overnight. Then quit level 50 and you get your avatar.

I'm not certain you have to wait a day; I suspect the score you had upon completing level 49 would stay on the high score table even if you quit, but I have not tried it and having slogged your way through 49 levels, I suggest you wait a day before quitting, just in case.

Grandmaster Status

A quick note regarding grandmaster status for Sewage Surfer. You need a score of over 40,000, which unless you had perfect solutions throughout, is impossible. There were some occasions in the past when the database glitched and everyone’s game was reset to level 1 but their score at that point was kept. Personally I would say anything over 32,000 should be a grandmaster score, but for the moment it’s not, so let's just focus on the trophy and hope Neopets has a change of heart.

Solutions to levels

Below are high scoring solutions to every level. I have indicated where I believe that this is definitely the solution to go for (for example Level 1 can only be solved in one way).

My descriptions have tried to demonstrate the basic shape of the solution. Even if exact solutions were given, due to the fact the pieces are random in every game you could not just blindly copy the solutions for most levels anyway and would end up failing a lot of levels and incurring 50 point penalties.

Remember that you must persevere. Whilst completing levels to help me write this guide, I restarted a huge number of times on certain levels and ended up scoring over 31,000, which is a gold score at the start of the month in most instances. As an indicator I have put the score I got for each solution next to the level to act as a guide – pay close attention on 1000+ points levels. Where it is a max points solution I have noted it after the score. Good luck!

Level 1 Sewer Access - 30 points (max) - the only solution is to go straight across.

Level 2 Detour - 52 points (max) - go under or over using corners and straight pieces.

Level 3 Initial Conditions - 99 points (max) - complete the grid with corners pieces in the corners, T junctions in the middle at the top and bottom and cross pieces through the centre.

Level 4 Diversion – 80 points (max) – wiggle either over or under the blocks using corner pieces and a straight piece to get through the narrow gap.

Level 5 Drop – 84 points – keep it simple, corner pieces for the turns, verticals for the drop and a horizontal at the bottom. This is a good example of applying judgment. You could get a handful of extra points by trying to use corner pieces to build in a loop at the bottom left but you are likely to not get the right pieces and lose 50 points. Not worth the risk in my opinion.

Level 6 Levels – 87 points (max) – rather than going straight across, put in a loop to the top or the bottom of the puzzle.

Level 7 Circular– 156 points (max) – complete a loop around the outside creating a square.

Level 8 Grid – 175 points (max) – loop up to the top left and then drop all the way down the centre and then loop back up to the right and the exit in an S shape (or go down first; the puzzle is symmetrical).

Level 9 Cluster – 210 points (max) – complete the mini loops using corner pieces. Join the entrance to the first mini loop and the exit to the second mini loop. The join the two loops together by going around the top right.

Level 10 Sewage Plant Alpha – 500 points (max) – create a large square round the outside and a small square round the centre. Join the two squares up using T junctions and straight pieces and the outside square to the exits using T junctions. This is a tough solution as there are no places to dump pieces once you run out of discards. If you want to make it slightly easier (and therefore lower scoring), don’t do one of the corners of the outside square, freeing up some spaces to dump pieces.

Level 11 Minimalism – 150 points – concentrate on linking up a complete loop from entrance to exit using straights (or T junctions combined with caps) if possible. Once you have done that, then think about extending pipes down and left to get more points. It’s easy to fail this one; major focus on looking at the pieces you have coming up and getting through the level without restarting.

Level 12 Snake - 542 points – use corner pieces to wiggle down the vertical columns and straight pieces to bridge the horizontals. You get a lot of corner pieces, which allows you to wind to the exit placing more pieces and scoring highly. Be careful that it will all fit together or you may find yourself merrily winding towards the exit to find out you can’t join it up to the exit pipe. Use straight pieces to help get it all joined up as necessary.

Level 13 Minefield – 1392 points – This is a big sewer with a lot of preplaced cross pieces and it scores over 1000; if you want a trophy, you need a good solution here. To get a high score, we need to join up as many of the cross pieces as possible into the solution. The cross pieces that are close together can be joined up using corner pieces or T junctions. Try to get a complete set of pipes which joins the entrance to the exit. Then work on joining up all the loose pipes in the centre to each other. Use the caps around the outside to close off those pipes. Straight pieces are a bit of a problem on this level; I normally start a run along the top to try and use some up rather than using discards on them. Even then you are likely to find yourself dumping straight pieces into spaces. The final solution will look like a jumbled grid in the middle and caps on the outside to close off the pipes. Be prepared to fail this a few times if that’s what it takes to score well.

Level 14 Roundabout – 214 points – the only solution is to complete the loop in the bottom left and use straights and corner pieces to join up the entrance and exit.

Level 15 Choices – 51 points – an aptly named level. It tempts you into trying to get two vertical pieces and complete the big loop. Unfortunately it won’t give you the right pieces (designer was having a bad day methinks and decided to be a meanie) so just connect up the entrance and exit using corner pieces.

Level 16 Maze – 332 points – the level comes pre-populated with a lot of corner pieces. I believe there is only one solution as you end up turning in on yourself going anywhere else. The final path looks like this but I suggest you trace this out on the screen to see the path through before attempting. Use corner pieces to go right until just under half way across. Then use a vertical straight piece to go up and corner pieces to wiggle up and right. A horizontal piece goes right at the top just over half way across. Then a corner piece takes it down into a vertical and then use corner pieces to wiggle to the exit. A picture paints a thousand words; unfortunately I had to use the latter! I think it's pretty easy to work out what I mean when you consider where the pre-placed pieces are.

Level 17 Pivotal – 342 points – a bit of a pain this one. As it's not that high scoring, I go for an average solution to avoid having to restart and lose 50. I complete the loop in the bottom left but then just concentrate on connecting up the entrance and exit using straights, T junctions with caps and corner pieces, ensuring that I incorporate the bottom left loop in the solution. You could try and throw in a loop in the top right as well; chances are you will fail the level, though, but good luck if you want to try.

Level 18 One Way Or Another – 170 points – you either go along the bottom and up or up and along the top. Either way, use T junctions and caps to create improvised corner pieces as required.

Level 19 Wednesday – 459 points – similar to level 12 – use vertical pieces for the centre drop as nothing else works in here. Use horizontals to join up the three columns as again nothing else works in those spaces. Then use corner pieces to wiggle up the first and third column making sure you can join everything using straight pieces as spacers as required.

Level 20 Sewage Plant Beta – 799 points – basic principle is to create 4 loops that go around the square blocks and join them all together and to the exits. Look carefully at the pieces it gives you and try to plan ahead. At the end there is not much room to dump unwanted pieces once you have run out of discards, so it’s fairly easy to fail this one.

Level 21 Centrifugal – 320 points (max) – corner pieces go in the top right and bottom left. A horizontal piece goes to the right of the bottom corner piece and to the left of the top right hand corner piece. A vertical goes one space up on the right hand side and one space down on the left hand side. The rest is joined up with T junction pieces.

Level 22 Descent – 344 points – use horizontals to go across the top and then curve around and wiggle down and left using corner pieces. Once past the third grey block, head back right putting in an S bend for extra points and then join up to the exit. Putting in more loops as opposed to going with the straight pieces will score higher but also carries more risk.

Level 23 Lines – 1008 points (max) – use horizontals to complete the rows and corners pieces to join them up at the ends so you end up with a series of rows all joined together. It may take a few goes to get this and the temptation is to cut out a couple of rows, but this is a high scoring level and it will give you the right pieces within a handful of goes.

Level 24 Compart Mental – 1139 points (max) – another high scoring level and worth going for the max score solution. Use T junctions to lead into the 4 chambers and complete the loops in the chambers using straights, corners and T junctions as required.

Level 25 End Run – 1095 points – this level tends to get a little messy. My approach is to complete loops around the 2 top grey blocks and then run off this loop into the bottom left section to the exit. I run a link off to the bottom right but rather than joining that up to anything I do a complete loop at the end (a T junction and then 3 corner pieces) to close it off. This method of closing off pipes at dead ends becomes very handy in later levels and also helps score extra points. You will be given a fair number of T junctions in this level but no caps. You can use them to substitute for straights by placing another T junction next to it and then joining the two together with 2 corner pieces, effectively creating a straight with a small loop coming off it.

Level 26 Paranthetical – 855 points – you are looking to complete 2 long loops around the grey blocks. Use horizontals to complete the top of the upper loop and bottom of the lower loop as no other piece works in there. Exactly how you join the two loops to each other and the exit depends on the pieces you get. T junctions are very helpful to split the pipe into the two loops, but can also be used to substitute for straight pieces when laid on top of each (for example, place a left right and down piece above a left right and up piece).

Level 27 Strait – 919 points – for high points place a horizontal in the middle to join up the two sections but then create loops and mini grids in the top and bottom spaces of the two sections. I try to complete a section at a time and make a judgment as to when I need to stop going for points and complete the puzzle. It varies as to when this point is but look at the pieces you need and what is coming up. Try to avoid needing lots of the same piece as you are more likely to get a mix. Keep your options open as to how to complete sections for as long as possible.

Level 28 Colonnade – 1010 points (max) – complete 5 vertical columns joining them up with horizontals and T junctions along the top and bottom with corner pieces in the corner (unsurprisingly!).

Level 29 Stairs – 504 points – wiggle down and left using corner pieces but then go up and over the top left grey blocks. Drop down the left of the blocks and throw in a loop to the right which u turns back around to the exit.

Level 30 Sewage Plant Gamma – 1200 points – a few preplaced pieces help determine the shape of this solution. In the top left complete a small loop with a up, down and left T junction piece as the bottom right of the loop leading into a small grid section which is a pattern repeated throughout this puzzle. It consists of the 4 types of T junction pieces and two corner pieces. The left, right and down T junction is connected to the left right and up T junction piece using the up and down pipes. The up, down and left and the up down and right T junction pieces are placed on the ends and the two corner pieces used to connect up the up and down T junction pieces to the other horizontal T junction pieces. You should now see a grid of two small squares with one pipe in and one pipe out. This two box grid joins up to the small loop in the top left and the top middle section. Another two box grid then fills that space with a pipe leading down on the right as an exit. A T junction is connected to this and leads to the exit pipe. Vertical pieces go down with a T junction leading to a small loop in the bottom right which is similar to the top left one. A 2 box grid is then placed in the bottom middle space and the gap just above that to its left which then leads to the entrance pipe. Sounds complicated, but once you have worked out the two box grid I have described, it should make sense.

Level 31 Around the Bend – 1175 points – you don’t get any straight pieces here so you have to use T junctions and loops to connect it all up. Caps are available which means you can use the T junctions as substitute straight pieces if required. I would recommend running up, down and left T Junction pieces up the right hand side and then running T junction pieces horizontally and using corners to complete the mini loops and off them. This is another level where your primary objective should be to get a complete pipe from entrance to exit and worry about putting in extra pieces for points once that is done. Caps prove handy if it goes a bit wrong; cap off that pipe and try again from another point to connect it all up.

Level 32 Simplified – 1708 points – Comes in 3 sections with lots of preplaced pieces. Top piece is a loop, middle a wiggly line and bottom a large grid. Do these as a priority if you get the right pieces. Join them up to each other and the exit with T junctions and other pieces you don’t need for the 3 pre-set parts.

Level 33 Long Division – 618 points – easy to fail this. Pick a side and make sure you get a complete pipe from entrance to exit. Then worry about putting in some loops for extra points. Principle is easy but it does like to give you the wrong pieces; I suggest leaving some room to dump extras.

Level 34 Spiral – 1219 points – I think of this as three sections. First a T junction leads up the left and you run up the and along the top, finishing it with a small loop (T junction and three corner pieces) in the top right. The same pattern is repeated on the right hand side with a T junction leading down and then running down the side and left to form a small loop in the bottom left. Lastly, T junctions lead up into the upper middle section where a loop runs up along and down into the other T junction. You are likely to have to repeat it a few times to get the solution but another 1000+ level.

Level 35 Pockets – 1015 points – comes in 4 sections. In the left hand and right hand section run pipes up and down into the spaces from cross pieces and then cap them off. In the middle sections, create loops in the large space and run pipes off T junctions into the narrow spaces at the top and bottom for extra points and cap these off. I never seem to get the right pieces for my dream solution here; be prepared to compromise.

Level 36 Cavity – 990 points – create a rectangle around the three grey squares and then a larger rectangle around that, using T junctions to join them up and to connect to the entrance and exit. You can throw in a small loop or two for extra points if you are feeling extravagant!

Level 37 Ad Astra Per Aspera – 1372 points (max) – there are again a number of preplaced pieces which dictate the shape. You also only receive corner pieces in this level. Starting from the left, go down and under the grey block in the bottom left. Head up a little and create a loop in between the two lower grey blocks. From the top of the cross piece, use an up and left corner piece and then a horizontal, so you can join up to the cross section on the left at the bottom. Create another mini loop and then using a right and up corner piece going out of the right of the cross section wiggle up to the upper center cross piece. Create another mini loop and have another right and up corner piece come off the right hand part of the cross piece. Wiggle up to the top right using corner pieces and then wiggle down and right to end up under the top right grey block. Now wiggle down and left to join up with the top of the right hand cross piece. Create another mini loop and have a right and down corner piece come off the right hand side of the cross piece and wiggle to the exit. This would be one to trace out the path before attempting the level. The mini loops described connect up the two parts of the cross pieces which are not part of the described main path.

Level 38 Cataclysm – 997 points – make a large loop around the outsides. Create a small loop or grid (depending on the pieces you are dealt) in the middle and join it to the outside via a T junction. T Junctions connect the entrance and exit to the outside loop.

Level 39 Sewagefall – 435 points – pre-placed pieces determine the basic shape. Use corner pieces to go left or right. Then go down that side using vertical pieces and connect with corner pieces at the bottom. Then use corner pieces to create a small grid on the side you didn’t come down.

Level 40 Sewage Plant Delta – 1604 points – comes in four sections and I try to complete a section at a time. Top left tends to be loops depending on pieces I get. Top right tends to be a large loop with maybe an arm coming off. Bottom right has a number of vertical pieces connected by T junctions running horizontally. The bottom left is a couple of loops. It’s very hard to say; the pieces you receive vary a lot. Try to plan ahead; look at what you have. It’s a fine line between getting a good score for this level and being over ambitious and failing the level.

Level 41 Still Waters – 870 points – you only receive T Junctions and corner pieces. The critical shape consists of two T junctions connected together by two corner pieces. For example, from the entrance at the top place an up, down and right T Junction below it. Then a down and right corner piece under that. To the right of the T junction place a left and down corner piece. Then place an up, down and left T Junction to connect up the two corner pieces. You get a square with a pipe in at the top left and out at the bottom right. Connect a down and right corner piece to it and then repeat the pattern going right. Run a pipe off to the right and do a loop for extra points. From the bottom exit, place a corner piece and then another of the square shapes made from two T Junctions and corner pieces. Then look at the pieces you have and finish it all up in the middle.

Level 42 Midst – 378 points – not that high scoring; just get through it. You only get T junctions, straight pieces and caps. Use the T junctions to connect the entrance and exit to vertical pieces running down the middle. Cap off the T junctions to complete the puzzle.

Level 43 The Stars My Destination – 1878 points – you get a lot of cross pieces here. I join up the cross pieces to create a grid on the right hand side with corner pieces rounding off the edges. Create loops in the four corners and loops or grids in the center top and bottom sections. I run vertical pieces down the left hand side into the loops in the corners from a cross piece one to the right of the entrance. Basically the right hand side ends up pretty full and the left a little more empty. I guess you could find a solution that used all of the preplaced cross pieces, but I’ve never managed it.

Level 44 Double Barrel – 1726 points – create a grid on the right and a grid on the left and join them to together using straight pieces at the bottom. On the very right hand side, I leave a one space gap so I can dump pieces if required. Connect the left hand grid to the left hand entrance and unsurprisingly the right grid to the right hand exit.

Level 45 Beware of the Leopard – 371 points – there is only one solution for this. A right and down corner piece from the entrance at the top leads to a vertical piece. This leads into a T junction and a right and down corner piece comes off the right hand side. Two vertical pieces then lead down to two T junction pieces and then to two vertical pieces. The pattern at the top is then repeated to get to the exit. The only problem is halfway through a leopard leaps out and eats half of the pieces you’ve put down! Not really; I have no idea where the level name came from. Be good if it did, though....

Level 46 Circumstances – 728 points – you receive only corner and straight pieces. Ignore the pre placed horizontal pieces and use corner pieces to wiggle above them. Work your way right with horizontals and a couple of bends for extra points. Go past the central gap in the pipes and then do a u turn and come back to the gap and down through it then wiggle your way to the exit below the horizontal pre placed pipes. Throw in extra loops or extend the loops for extra points but increased risk.

Level 47 Madness – 1749 points – another level with a large number of pre placed parts. I think of this level in four parts. The first part is down the right hand side where a left and down corner piece feeds a vertical piece and then all the way to the bottom are T junction pieces (up, down and left) with a down and left corner piece in the bottom right hand corner. The second section comes from the first two T junctions on the upper right hand side. It consists of a run of four horizontal T junctions with a down pipe on the upper ones and five horizontal T junctions with an up pipe on the lower ones. The lefthand end of these pieces feeds into the left hand section and an up, down and right T junction are used to connect the open up and left hand pipes. This leads up into pipes which I run to the right for extra points if possible and gets capped off. The third section runs down the left hand spaces and forms a grid three spaces wide. It connects the entrance to the pipes in part two and also an up, down and right T Junction is placed three spaces from the left and five spaces down which is then connected to part four. Part four covers the bottom right section. A small loop is created on the middle right and capped off. Another loop is created in the bottom right which then runs left along the bottom of the puzzle. A loop is then created in the lower centre space and connected to the pipes running along the bottom and the spare right hand junction created in Part 3 (the part place three from the left and five spaces down). Caps close off any last gaps. Hard to explain but again, given the pre placed pieces should make sense.

Level 48 Battlefield – 402 points – aptly named, a hard level. You only get corners, T junctions and caps. The main feature is a square created from four T junctions in the gap towards the top in the center. The pipe pointing off right you should run to the exit. The pipe pointing down between the grey blocks is run to the entrance. Run arms off the others for extra points; if you are feeling bold, you could run an extra arm down the right near the exit. Make sure you cap all open pipes. Be prepared to dump pieces in gaps to complete the level.

Level 49 Lightning – 1999 points – Looks very straightforward, but you only get T junctions that run left and right and corner pieces that go up and right or down and left. You also get caps. You therefore have to plan very carefully to get the thing to join up. Work in rows. Use the curves to come down the screen to the left. Then join to a horizontal T Junction and run those to the right. Then spur off again from a down shoot and use corner pieces to go down and left. Be careful you don’t run out of room at the sides and make sure it will all join up. When you have a joined up path between the entrance and exit, then start running arms off to the sides for extra points. Make sure you cap off all the open ends.

Level 50 Sewage Plant Epsilon – 2249 points – NOTE: If you want the avvie, then do NOT complete this level. You want the trophy? OK – carry on. The only major difficulty here is you get no discards. The basic shape is to follow around the shape of the five grey boxes using corner pieces, straights and T junctions as necessary. The T junctions are used to create junctions to join the four loops together. Make sure you get a path from entrance to exit in as early as possible. As you have no discards then, unless you are very lucky, you will have to abort some of the loops and cap them off. I tend to leave the center empty and only use it at the end to either dump pieces or try and run off an extra pipe for a few more points if I have spaces to dump pieces around the side. Typically I complete the loop around the top left and bottom right sections but not the top right and bottom left. Substitute T junctions for straights if you need to and then cap off the spare junction.

You are complete – now before you press start flow just make sure you are confident this will get you the trophy you want at this time. Look at your score, look at the high score table and if you are happy, then start flow. If you don’t think you have enough, wait until the first of the month as explained in the High Score Table section above. Congratulations, you should now be a Sewage Surfer champion!

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