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Celebrate the 400th with 400NC!

by destinationxunknown


It’s the 400th edition of the Neopian Times! How exciting! What better way to celebrate than a fun-filled trip to the NC Mall? So many choices, so many items to combine; how can one best pick and choose items with 400NC? Stumped? Well, let me help you!

The NC Mall is jam-packed with items left and right. Some are wearable and others neohome items. I’m here to show you the best of both worlds and then some in between! If you adore shopping as much as I do, and can’t quite settle on the items in your shopping cart, I’m sure you’ll love to hear my helpful NC suggestions. After all, what better time to spend your 400NC than in celebration of the 400th Neopian Times? ;)

Sometimes when we purchase our NeoCash, we’re on a tight budget. I’m here to help you find the best NC item combination for your 400NC budget.

First, we must ask ourselves “Where do I want to make the most use of my 400NC?” Whether it be such things as styling your neopet, decorating your neohome, flaunting it on the neoboards, feeding your neopet or playing games, it's all up to you. Once that is decided, the rest is as easy as a 400 layer cake!

Styling Your Neopet

So many wearables, so little time! What wearable items can you buy with your 400NC? For starters, let's think of what items are used in such a monumental event as this! Aside from our stunning outfits, I envision celebratory confetti!

The great item I referred to above is the Confetti Shower! At only 150NC, this great item goes very well with all types of neopet colors and species! You're sure to be noticed with this ever-showering confetti around you. Everyone will know you're happily celebrating!

It's Summer now and fans are a huge hit! Beat the heat with fans such as the Carnival Fan, and the Delicate Chocolate Fan both at 150NC. If you have a delightfully delicious chocolate neopet, then the Delicate Chocolate Fan is a great NC item for you!

Since it's Summer, and fruits are growing plentiful, why not show your appreciation with a Fancy Fruit Hat? Only 150NC and sure to turn heads. No better way to dance in celebration of the 400th than with this tasty hat!

More hats, you say? Your neopet is sure to look debonair in a Black Fedora. Simple and sleek, this 150NC hat is sure to wow any crowd.

The Carnival Hat is sure to express your love of feathers and Neopian Times quills of course! Best to match it with some Carnival Trousers, both at 150NC a piece.

Looking for something antique? I'd suggest the Barrister Wig for the gentlemanly readers, and the Powdered Wig for the ladies. These fabulous wigs are sure to let those around you know that the Neopian Times is 400 issues old, and wears that grey well. For 150NC, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You and the Times are aged to perfection!

Ladies out there, I have more suggestions for you. In the midst of this Summer sun, the Simple Sun Hat and Fancy Sun Hat are sure to complement you at only 150NC each. If you'd rather a lovely bow, there are plenty to choose from! The Sparkling Red Hair Bow is sure to express some evident class and glamour at a surprising 50NC. Want to spend even less? The Pastel Blue Hair Bow and Prissy Miss Bow are two other great bows for half the price of the previously mentioned Sparkling Red Hair Bow. Talk about a deal!

As much as I would love the NC Team to create a "I Love The 400th Neopian Times" wearable shirt, we can't always have what we want. Thankfully there are some fabulous alternatives that I love just as much as if there were such a shirt. The Frilly Neovian Shirt would be lovely on either a male or a female neopet! This universal shirt just screams "class" and is sure to make you the center of attention at your 400th Neopian Times shindig. At 150NC, it couldn't get any better.

Actually, it could! Ladies, if you're looking for a skirt to flaunt along with that gorgeous shirt, why not try on the Fancy Ruffled Neovian Skirt for only 150NC more? A perfect two-piece outfit for a grand total of 300NC.

Gentlemen out there, you are not forgotten, I assure you! There are so many NC items for you to choose from as well! Seeing as we're in the midst of Summer, a Spiffy Black Leather Jacket isn't really the way to go. Even though it is very sharp and eye-catching, that leather doesn't breathe and it will make you swelter in this hot sun! Let's try going with a shirt such as the Fire Stripe Shirt. Short sleeves are sure to be the cooler choice for 150NC.

Need some matching trousers for your shirt? I'd suggest the Wrap Trousers. Red hot just like your shirt, and 150NC as well.

If you're looking for some wonderful jewelry to suit your outfit, look no further! The Lucky Uni Shoe Necklace is not only golden, but can bring you some luck. At 50NC, it's the one of the most affordable pieces of jewelry currently in the NC Mall!

Looking to spend a tad bit more on your sparkle? Try the Elegant Gold Necklace for only 50NC more than the previous necklace. At 100NC, you're sure to grab even more attention with all that sparkle. If you'd like to match it with another item, the Sparkling Gold Tiara is a perfect choice for the ladies at 150NC.

Going for a sporty Summer look? I'd suggest the Sporty Tennis Shirt. At 100NC, it's one of the most affordable shirts in the NC Mall! Comfortable, and stylish it's a winner. Ladies, you can also match that with the Pristine Tennis Skirt for 150NC. Who doesn't like a completed outfit?

Wanting to lie out in the sun, catch some rays, and swim the afternoon away? Ladies and gentleman, I present the Charming Bathing Suit and the Dashing Bathing Suit. Both at 150NC, these affordable bathing suits are a great way to spend your NC this Summer. Just be sure not to get a Sun Burn. ;)

Thinking of taking flight this Summer? Look into getting some new Wings! The Cumulus Wings are a classic 150NC set of Wings. You'll be off and flying in no time. If you're looking for something a little more affordable, you can go with the Grey Faerie Wings for 100NC, though I'm not sure you'll be flying very far with those.

Speaking of thinking, ever thought to let someone else know what was on your mind? If so, why not browse through the Thought Bubble section of the NC Mall? Surely something there is bound to express what you've been thinking of. To the battlers out there, you're in luck! For only 50NC you're able to show your battling desires through the Battle Thought Bubble.

I don't know about you, but I would love to have some awesome music playing as I make a grand entrance into a room. This is why I'm going to suggest the Goparokko Music Track. It's rhythmic drumming is sure to draw attention. Out of all the tracks, this one makes me think of Summer most. Only 100NC!

Of course, we must not forget, a Background is seemingly the item to complete a new look. All of the NC Backgrounds are 200NC each. With all that variety, it's hard to pick just one! With it being Summer, I'd have to suggest the Exploring Maraqua Background for our lovely aquatic neopets, and the Mystery Island Summer Background for those of us on land.

Decorating Your Neohome

We'd all love to own some fancy and welcoming furnishings in our neohome. It's always nice to treat your guests to a well-decorated and comfortable atmosphere. As fabulous as Superpacks are, they are a bit out of reach with your 400NC budget.

It's always a good idea that your guests have somewhere to sit, of course. With your budget, we should be looking at something stunning yet affordable. We could go with a couple of Pink Rocking Chairs at 150NC a piece, but that might be a little too feminine for our male readers. Sadly, there is no other seating at such an affordable price! There is the Polka Dotted Arm Chair and the Wooden Gothic Chair, and those are 200NC each.

If you're going to spend 200NC on a chair for you and your guest each, might I suggest a sofa? Surely you can fit two people if not three comfortably on one, and for only 250NC compared to the two chairs totaling 400NC. Of course you're free to mix and match, but just remember we're trying to get the most for your NC! Pretty much all of the NC sofas are 250NC, so whichever one tickles your fancy most, I say, "Go for it!"

Let's not forget we'll be needing to serve our guests as well. Sure, you could go out to dinner if you would prefer to save your NC, but if you're intending to cook at home, look no further! The Old Time Wood Burning Stove is sure to make a perfect meal for any time of the day. At 150NC, this is quite deal! Beats the lines, the crowds, and the snobby waiters at the Kelp restaurant!

Shedding a light on the situation isn't a bad idea either. Almost every lamp in the NC Mall is 100NC. At such a minimal amount, who would say, "No," to seeing your guest's face?

Flaunting It On The Neoboards

How can you flaunt your well-spent 400NC on the neoboards, you ask? By getting a Green Neoboard Pen, of course! When you've purchased this fabulous 300NC pen, and have activated it, you open up a whole new world of choices and more character space in your posts and in your signature! The Neoboard Pen gives you 100 more characters to post on the neoboards, as well as 25% more character space in your neoHTML and neosignature on your preferences page. That means 100 more characters to say "I love the 400th edition of the Neopian Times!" and 25% more characters to make a font revolving around this momentous publication!

Let's not forget that while we're posting on the neoboards, that our active pet is showing their lovable face. This would be another way of flaunting that well-spent NC! Instead of buying a Green Neoboard Pen, how about buying some items to style your active neopet? This way you can style AND flaunt! Fun, huh?

Feeding Your Neopet

You can actually FEED your neopet NC Mall items? Yes! Well, the edible ones of course. ;) Skeiths, Jetsams and Grarrls have nothing on our inedible NC goodies, I promise you!

As costly as it may be, I would suggest a Birthday Cupcake Tree. Its towering layers and golden glow are sure traits to celebrate the 400th Neopian Times at 250NC. It's pricey, but it's perfect.

If you were looking into something affordable to treat your neopet to, I would lean toward the Heart Shaped Fruit Tart. Shaped like a heart, this delicious treat is sure to express the love for this edition of the Times for just 150NC.

Still not the price you're looking for? Well then, the Happy Chocolate Strawberry is the one for you! 125NC, happy, chocolatey... it couldn't get any better than that!

Playing Games

Do you not like the game that TNT featured today? Do you want to be able to play a different one but still be able to reap the double neopoint reward? Never fear, the Featured Game Ticket is here! All the gamers out there, you are in luck! By purchasing a 150NC Featured Game Ticket, you're able to choose a new game to be featured from a pre-selected game list, just for you, just for 24 hours! Be sure to pick one of the games you're good at, and one that you have not already submitted scores for. And try going for 400 points this time! ;)

Now that we've gone over a few things to spend your NC on, I'm sure you can combine some of the wonderful NC items previously mentioned to total 400NC. I hope this article was able to send you off in the NC Mall in the right direction. Happy 400th Neopian Times, and happy shopping to all the readers!

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