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Support Your Team

by mistress_sama


The Altador Cup is here again and it’s time to support your team with a nice variety of games. We have our old “friends”, Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger, and a new one, Shootout Showdown.


This is a very easy game and my favorite, to be honest. It is really simple. You are the mad fan who is cheering and trying to over-scream the other neopets.


You play it with the keyboard and you need to click the two buttons that are on the bottom left. They are picked randomly: they may be one next to another or from the two ends of the keyboard. You don’t need to press them one after another; if you press them together, that is fine too. Each one press lasts around 30 seconds. You will see the meter down-right going up and your character a little by little getting insane. Under the arrow you have the time left until the end of the game, and at the bottom of the meter are your points. You can see they go up and down.

On the top of the screen you will get a random letter from the alphabet. If you press the letter on the keyboard you will get bonus points and a big boost on the meter. The faster you press the button, the more points. If it disappears, it will show up again, but with fewer points as bonus. The bonus letters show up when you are close to the last field of the meter (the red one) and you will get around three per game.

You can press the Space bar to quit the game and get the score.


Remove the last number of your score and you will see how many neopoints you got.


1. Since the score goes up and down, around the end of the game you can press the space bar when you see the max point you get.

2. Better have some rest between games, since your fingers get tired and click slower.

In short

  • The game starts when you start clicking the buttons.
  • Simple game play.
  • Lags don’t affect the score too much.
  • Takes only 30 seconds to play.
  • The Techo is very funny.


Another fun game, which most of you know from last year. You play the Tuskaninny waitress who is busy serving the always-in-a-hurry fans. You will have to make the slushies, serve them and take the cups.


You have three counters, three machines that make slushies (green, pink and blue) and your character between them. On the top line you have End Game button, then comes your level, the points and five cups which are your lives.


You use only the keyboard. With the up and down keys, you move your character from the three counters. With the left key, you turn it to the counter and with the right – to the slushie machine. With the Space bar, you fill the slushie and give it to the customers.


The customers will come angry and in a hurry not to miss any interesting part of the Yooyuball. A little bubble showing which slushie they want. You have to go to the slushie machine, turn to face it, fill the cup (by pressing the space bar), then going to the counter where your customer is, face it, and slide the slushie to it (with the space bar again). The customer drinks the cup for five seconds. Once the neopet is done, he will leave and slide the cup back to you. You will have to take it by going to the counter and wait to get to the end. It sounds complicated, but it’s not that hard, and you get used to it.

If you don’t get the empty cup, or the customer moves to the end of the counter, you lose a life. You can make five mistakes and there is no way you can get extra lives or bonus points. If you slide a slushie on an empty counter, it will also take a life, so be careful. You cannot carry more than one slushie, but if you have a slushie in your hand, you can take empty cups. Don’t worry if you serve the wrong drink; it will not cost you a life, but will give you less points.

When you give a slushie, it will go to the first customer.

Point system

The math here is easy:

  • Right served slushie = 5 points
  • Wrong served slushie = 2 points
  • Getting empty cup = 3 points

You earn neopoints for your first three submitted scores. For every one point, you get one neopoint.

Strategy and tips

The three counters are not the same. The first one is the shortest and the bottom one is the longest. So try to serve the customers up first for they have less way to go, before they get to you. The same goes for the cups: try to pick the one up first.

When you start to get too many customers, serve them any slushies; don’t try to please them much – any point is better than no point.

On the higher levels of the game, don’t waste your time. When you go to pick up a cup on a different counter, fill slushie from there and serve a customer. If there is one that wants that color, give it to him, if not, to whoever is closer to you.

Remember that to take a cup you need to be facing it. If you stay with your back at it, it will just fall.


Shootout Showdown is the new game in the Altador Cup this year. The game is simple: in sixty seconds you need to make five goals. The faster you make them the more points you get.


You have the net, the ball, and the practice jelly Chia. On top on a stone is your time, your goals and tries.


Use the left and right key to move the ball. By holding down the space bar, you power up your shot, and you can kick in another direction. That’s all, really!


To be honest, I cannot say how the points are exactly counted. You get points for the time left, so try to make the goals as fast as possible (time bonus). You get points if you had powered up your shot and scored a goal (accuracy bonus). After you make five goals, you will see a table showing your scored goals, a time bonus, accuracy bonus and the final score.

For every point, you get around 0.84 neopoints.


Fake-out – This is my favorite and by my experience, the most efficient. Move your ball a little to confuse the Chia and take a shot. Works almost all the time, and you save time.

Corner Pocket – Power-up the ball and while holding the space bar use the left or right key to target the corner. You have to wait for the Chia to move and to get a high power-up.

Center Shot – Not really efficient, but if you wish to play mindlessly, you can try it. Hold the space bar to power-up and shoot. Around 70% of the time, you will score. Pay attention to where the Chia is.

Remember that you can submit as many points as you want. The scores will go to support your team, but you will get neopoints only for the first three, like in the other games.

If you play only supporting games you can still get the avatar, but you will have to play way more, like over 100 Slushie Slingers or over 600 Make Some Noise (this is not the official number, but it must be somewhere around that).

Now go and support your team!
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