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The New Black Pawkeet Slots! What You Need to Know!

by lieutenant_archer


To those of you who are relatively new to Neopets and may not know, back in February of last year, The Neopets Team removed both the Black Pawkeet Slots and the Brucey B Slots from the site. They did so in order to update the two games. Sparking a good deal of unrest amongst fans of the slots, a thread was started on the Games boards, setting out to preserve in everyone’s memories the two games.

Now, at long last, the Black Pawkeet Slots has returned, looking better than ever. Since there are a few changes to the game, and it has been 15 whole months since it was last around, the following is a guide to the new game, to help you understand what is going on should you decide to play. However, do not read this article seeking playing tips, as this is a game of luck and chance, and frankly there is nothing you can do about it but keep your fingers crossed for every spin, or as one user said, shout “BIG MONEY! BIG MONEY!” every time.


Before I begin, let me make clear that this game is only for Neopets players who are age 13 or older! If you are under 13, do not be alarmed if you cannot access the game and cannot play! You are just not allowed to by TNT decree.

The Basics

Playing the Black Pawkeet Slots is quite simple. For each spin, you are allowed to place a wager, upon which any payouts are based. You are allowed to bet 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, or 50 NP per line. You can choose anywhere from 1 line up to 9 lines, meaning your total bet per spin can range from 1 NP up to 450 NP. There is a Max Bet button, which is just a 50 NP bet for each of the 9 lines, maximizing your potential for winning. Select your bet, and number of lines to bet upon, and click the play button to send the slots spinning! This is when the fun truly begins!

What do the Icons Mean?

There are 11 different icons in the game, and each are different. They are: Treasure Map Scrolls, Tankards of Grog, Pirate Ships, Pirate Krawks, Bronze Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Coins, Piles of Treasure, Black Pawkeet Flags, Pawkeets, and Treasure Chests.

For the following payouts, assume maximum bet.

Treasure Map Scrolls:

2 in a row: 50 NP

3 in a row: 500 NP

4 in a row: 2500 NP

5 in a row: 12500 NP

Tankards of Grog:

2 in a row: 150 NP

3 in a row: 1500 NP

4 in a row: 7500 NP

5 in a row: 37500 NP

Pirate Ships:

2 in a row: 200 NP

3 in a row: 2000 NP

4 in a row: 10000 NP

5 in a row: 50000 NP

Pirate Krawks:

2 in a row: 250 NP

3 in a row: 2500 NP

4 in a row: 12500 NP

5 in a row: 62500 NP

Bronze Coins:

3 in a row: 500 NP

4 in a row: 750 NP

5 in a row: 1250 NP

Silver Coins:

3 in a row: 750 NP

4 in a row: 1250 NP

5 in a row: 2500 NP

Gold Coins:

3 in a row: 1250 NP

4 in a row: 2500 NP

5 in a row: 5000 NP

Piles of Treasure:

2 in a row: 500 NP

3 in a row: 5000 NP

4 in a row: 50000 NP

5 in a row: JACKPOT!

Black Pawkeet Flags:

These are WILD! They will count towards anything except the Pawkeets.

Here’s Where it Looks a Little Different

Pawkeets and Treasure Chests play different roles in the new versions of the game. The Pawkeets used to give out neopoints if you got 3 or more scattered across the board. Now, they act as a multiplier in tandem with a win. 3 Pawkeets is a x2 multiplier, 4 is a x3 multiplier, and 5 is a x5 multiplier. You can do the math, I’m sure. Hence, getting enough Pawkeets coinciding with a large win makes it that much larger.

Now to the Treasure Chests. In the old version they had a NP payout for getting them in a row, 500000 NP for 5. Additionally, getting 3 or more across the board would activate a mini game in which you could pick up extra NP or even one dubloon coins. In the New Version, they act as wildcards, so long as there are no non-wildcard icons to the left of them in the line. They also award a scatter bonus for getting at least 3 across the board, causing a message to pop up in the game window saying you have won additional neopoints, ranging from 450 to 3750. The Treasure Piles also award a scatter bonus, starting from 250 NP, and including one dubloon coins. When I won the dubloon, I got a message saying I won a Gold Dubloon, but don’t get too excited; it is just a one dubloon coin.

The Glaring Difference

If you have played this new version, you most likely have encountered the spin limit. While you were rolling along, looking to win back the NP you had lost, you got a message saying you are limited to 250 spins per day. For the first day, the limit was 100 spins, which was bumped up to 250 midday the second day. It is unknown if the limit will change again. This has already caused some frustration amongst those players, including myself, who fondly remember spinning the night away, sometimes losing hundreds of thousands of NP in a single sitting. I for one, am merely glad the Slots have returned. One problem this has caused involves the Black Pawkeet Slots Biggest Losers Hi Score Table. Awarding a trophy to those brave souls who have spent quite a pretty NP on the slots, it was a popular goal in the old version of the game. With the new version, however, the spin limit prevents users from playing until they find themselves at the top of the Biggest Losers list, and instead gives the trophies to those “lucky” enough to consistently fare poorly during their spins. For the first few days, this was outweighed by the potential giant payout, which I will discuss in the next section, but with TNT’s correction of that tiny little error on their part (though loved by everyone), the spin limit is faced with that much less fortitude. Until the limit is removed, or even if it is not, I urge my fellow Neopians to stand strong, and enjoy the Slots anyway, for 15 months is too long to go without a former staple in many a Neopian’s daily routine.


The part you have all been waiting for! The Jackpot! What no one who played the game in the first few days missed was the enormous, rapidly growing jackpot. Reportedly won at around 76 million before the Hi Score Table was reinstated, since then there have been both a 68 million NP win and a nearly 18 million NP win, making many eyes wide and many players wishful. TNT then changed the game to reflect the jackpot of old, often won around 1 million NP.

While the June Hi Score Table Reset will erase the memory of those huge wins, both I and everyone else who paid attention to the game those first few days will remember it for a long time to come, and continue to think about what could have been. Still, winning a 7 figure jackpot is nothing to scoff at, nor is the trophy that is likely to come with it, so keep spinning those slots, and maybe one day you too will win the jackpot and exclaim your glee to all who will listen. Until then, I wish you good luck with the new Black Pawkeet Slots.

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